Top Five Saddest Warrior Deaths by Shadekit

Shadekit shares their list of the top 5 saddest deaths in the series. Spoilers!

Art by Warrior-Junkie

As you all know, very little cats in the Warriors series die of old age, they usually die of sickness, murder, or side effects of an injury. Let’s focus on some of the saddest and some of the most brutal warrior cat deaths. WARNING: SPOILERS!

5. Moonflower- Moonflower was a heartbreaking death after such a loving mother to be murdered and thrown on the ground. Bluepaw’s reaction bittered me the most. Who deserves to see their mother die right in front of them? Also, Bluepaw wanted to save her mother, tearing at the grass, wailing for somebody to save her. And then her whole personality changed. She then was a bitter cat. Snapping at anyone who was cheerful enough to annoy her. She was grief-stricken for her whole childhood. Also, Moonflower was the best mother in my favor. She always loved her kits, always wanted them to look great. and most importantly, always cared for them. To see such a mother gone was the most miserable feeling for everybody, as she was such a caring figure, and no one wants a mother lost.

4. Spottedleaf- Spottedleaf has always been loved by Firestar, so it just seems so unexpected to see Spottedleaf murdered by a cat from ShadowClan with no intentions. It also seems so fast how it just happens after the reader has just been introduced to a cat who actually has a kind and soothing heart, and in Spottedleaf’s Heart, you get to really know the challenges that she had to go through in her life. Also, In The Last Hope, the battle between the Clans and the Dark Forest, Spottedleaf gets murdered again, this time by Mapleshade. At this time the reader can really go into Spottedleaf’s personality and say, “Wow, she is a gentle cat for other cats, and a caring medicine cat too.” Also when Spottedleaf is killed, you can hear Firestar sob and say how she said she would welcome Firestar when he came to StarClan. This part was so sad, I actually had a permanent hate for Mapleshade forever.

3. Lightning Tail- In Thunder’s Echo, a problem is situated. A pack of dogs is on the loose. Kind of matching the plot of where Tigerstar releases the pack of dogs from Sunningrocks, also causing major mayhem and deaths. This one in Thunder’s Echo is more of a tragic event instead of a widespread massacre. Lightning Tail has been one of my favorite cats since I first read Dawn of the Clans. He was sadly killed by his wounds, and so did Thunderstar, but he had nine lives, so he came back. The part that saddened me the most was where Thunderstar said how it wasn’t fair that he got his life but Lightning Tail didn’t. This really showed the friendship between Thunderstar and Lightning Tail, they were raised as kits together, and if I was to be separated from a best friend, I would be miserable for the rest of my life. Another part that saddened me is when Violet Dawn had kits, and Thunderstar said how Lightning Tail would have made a favorite out of one of them. It brought back so many memories and really made me emotional about what Lightning Tail could have had if he wasn’t murdered by the dogs.

2. Gray Wing- First of all, Gray Wing was a cat who was looked up at from almost all cats. He was a noble, and loyal cat. His personality is almost just like Firestar’s, which is also why he was honored, and why his death was so sad. The thing is, that he didn’t die from natural causes, which would also be better for Slate, who mourned over Gray Wing so much, and if Gray Wing died later, maybe Slate would be a little happier as she could spend more time with Gray Wing. Slate was one of my favorites in Dawn of the Clans, and when Gray Wing died, then in Moth Flight’s Vision she became a concealed character, hiding in the corners, depressed. This is also what made it so sad when Gray Wing died. If Gray Wing lived longer, would he become a leader? The thing is, well, I wish.

1. Hollyleaf- Although Hollyleaf is a just murdered in Omen of the Stars, where we just get introduced to her after Lionblaze finds her in the tunnels, we know a lot about her past in The Power of Three. When she gets out of the tunnels, her personality has changed. She was a jealous, intolerable cat to an accepting cat who then understood every motive. So I thought that since Hollyleaf was a great cat now, it seemed so sudden she would die at the book right after she came back. No cat ever really got to spend time with Hollyleaf before, there, she was gone again. To see that Hawkfrost killed her, it was so depressing to see my unfamous cat strike again. Hawkfrost deserved to die! (Yay Brambleclaw!)

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