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Flowerrain shares their top 10 least favourite cats.

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Rainy here! Ok so I know a bunch of other people have made an article like this but I really want t make one about my least favorite characters. Please comment if you agree or disagree with the cats I am about to list!

10. Brokenstar

Reading Yellowfang’s Secret made me realize that he didn’t really have a true point in becoming evil. Unlike Mapleshade and being kicked out of her own clan and her kits drowning. He kind of just came out of the blue. His mentor treated him well and Yellowfang gave him love too. I understand that Lizardfang was mistreating to him but I don’t see why he would end up killing his father because of that when his father treated him like he was better than everyone else (which I guess ould be another reason he turned evil). His father didn’t mistreat him like Lizardfang so why did he kill him? Oh right to become leader for what reason? I don’t know. He didn’t want to take over any other clans. He just wanted to bully them and steal their territory. Which, by the way, he didn’t want to do until he became leader.

9. Hollyleaf

She used to be my all time favorite character, until she came back in The Forgotten Warrior. It was just kind of awkward. Her brothers didn’t tell her anything because she didn’t have powers, yet, in the Power of Three she got to know everything. Even Ivypool got to know what was going on. Hollyleaf deserved to know. Her not knowing probably made the whole thing more awkward and then her dying in the end made the whole thing of her coming back a waste.

8. Clearsky

At least kind of redeemed himself. He just came from a place where cats kept dying from hunger. He now has plenty of prey, but for some reason needs more, so he murders a bunch of cats like Minty (I’m pretty sure that’s her name) in order to get more territory. Then he tries to redeem himself after the big battle. He doesn’t murder anymore cats but he is rude to thunder and is a jerk to his cats. Then he steals Star Flower from Thunder… don’t even get me started on that.

7. Snake

He gets kicked out of Clearsky’s camp. Thunder leaves with him and tells Snake that not everyone acts like and agrees with Clearsky. Thunder showed him kindness. But then Snake joins Slash, and tries to attack every cat that was nice to him! Agh that really bothers me.

6. Sol

Ok he’s a pretty cool character. He serves his purpose and has a really cool backstory and history with Skyclan. But he is still manipulative, backstabbing, lying, jerk. He made a leader, A LEADER who has received nine lives from STARCLAN, stop believing in Starclan! He also tried starting a war between two clans (I forget which ones) using the three and turned Windclan into jerks to make them attack Thunderclan through the tunnels.

6. Heathertail

Forbidden, apprentice love. Lionpaw (blaze) was only doing good for his clan y telling Heatherpaw (tail) that they couldn’t hang out anymore. Lionpaw (blaze) was still excited to be with her in Starclan. But no, Heathertail had to make it so much more complicated and Lionblaze (he is a warrior now) started to fear that he would kill her.

5. Onestar not Onewhisker

Onewhisker was great, Onestar is not. He is a jerk and wouldn’t let Shadowclan have the herb they needed from the moor in Thunder and Shadow. In The New Prophecy after a fight he said he would no longer be a jerk yet he still stayed one. That’s the only reason I hate him. He is a jerk.

4. Leafpool

Darn you forbidden love. Great when the ships aren’t horrible but they can turn awful when the ships are. Leafpool and Crowfeather. I can’t imagine sweet Leafpool with Grumpy Crowfeather. And the worst part is that I know Crowfeather and Leafpool still love each other! That brings me to number 3…

3. Crowfeather

I loved his grumpy attitude in The Prophecies Begin but it got out of control in Power of Three. It did get a little bit better in Omen of The Stars and on wards though. He was really rude to his son, Breezepelt. He became in love with Feathertail, became mates with Leafpool, and then shortly afterwards became mates with Nightpelt with less than a moon in between each other. He still has feelings for all three of them though, which makes things even worse.

2. Breezepelt

He had so much potential. His father was really rude to him and the Erin’s could’ve used that to make him a really cool villain. Instead, they made him a really lame childish one that wants to destroy the clans for no reason. Murdering his half brothers and sister and possibly Leafpool? Ok with me. But he had no reason to destroy all of the clans!

1. Dovewing

If they had just kept Hollyleaf it would’ve been so much better! She always whines and is in another forbidden love relationship! Why!?! She complains about having and loosing her powers. She feels that she has too much pressure on her yet she loves being the hero. I don’t want to get into a rant so I’ll stop here.

I hope I didn’t rant too much! Please comment if you agree or disagree with anything I said about some characters! Have a meowy day! 😀

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  • Well, I agree with some of these. I hate Brokenstar, Clear Sky, Sol, Snake, and Breezepelt, but I also disagree with several. Hollyleaf?! WHY?! I love Hollyleaf. I cried when she got killed by Hawkfrost. Also, Hawk Frost didn’t make your list. Here are my top 10 least favorites:
    9. Sol
    8. Snake
    5. Tigerstar
    1.HAWKFROST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 How dare he kill Hollyleaf?!

    • I actually like Darkstripe, Scourge, and Hawkfrost (and Breezepelt, Sol, and Onestar (and I like Tigerstar and Thistleclaw as villains too, just not as much as I like the first five I mentioned)) I do love Hollyleaf!

    • Omg, Totally agree with you. Hollyleaf is my child, and I wish she was one of the three instead of Dovewing. I even named my cat after Hollyleaf (her name is Holly!🐱🤗)

  • Here’s my list:
    10. Bramblestar
    9. Stormtail
    8. Feathertail
    7. Spottedleaf
    6. Briarlight
    5. Nightcloud
    4. Appledusk
    3. Millie
    2. Breezepelt
    1. Dovewing

  • mine is

    10: Firestar- he is so overrated
    8:Mapleshade- she is overrated
    7:Tigerstar2- he is not even a vilin but named after one and well i he sucks!!!!!!!
    6:Tigerstar- he is LAME
    5:Crowfeather- he has been alive way too long
    4:Raggedstar- yellowing deserved better
    3:Leafpool- she loves crowfeather
    2:Squirrelflight- she is overused and overrated
    1:HAWKFROST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- he killed the only cat i relate too HOLLYLEAF NOOOOOO I STILL MOURN UR DEATH

  • Here are mine:
    7-Bramblestar(boring *yawn*)
    5-Lionblaze(cheesy, only cares about Cinderheart and CHEESY)
    4-Dovewing(winy, annoying)
    3-Palebird(bad mother)
    2-Millie(REAL bad mother)

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