A Guide To Starting BlogClan For New Members by Brightwing

Brightwing offers a how-to guide to all new members. 

Hi there all new members! I’m Brightwing and welcome to the all amazing BlogClan 😀 Here is a guide I made to help you get to grips with BlogClan.

First of all, you should probably come up with a name for yourself since that will be what is shown every time you comment. You might already have a name for yourself if you’ve been on other warriors websites or if you’ve always just had a warrior name for yourself.

If not, that’s fine! I recommend thinking of your favourite prefixes and suffixes and putting them together. Other tips on finding your perfect name can be found here, on one of my previous articles: https://blogclan.katecary.co.uk/2017/01/06/all-about-warrior-names-and-how-to-make-the-best-one-by-brightwing/ Having a unique name definitely helps people to remember you. What I did was simply think of my favourite characters at the time and blend their names together. They were Brightheart and Dovewing by the way, if you were wondering ☺

Next, you can put it in the name box that comes under your comment box – it’s above email and website. You do need an email to post comments, but not a website. If you do have a website that you own, or like, then go ahead and put it in 😀

Now you should probably go and get yourself a wordpress account, which can be made by clicking the red ‘log in or register’ text on the right hand side when you click the ‘Blog’ tab on the black bar at the top. So go ahead and click off this article onto the page where it lists all the recent articles and Clanniversities and such, and then click register once you have clicked the log in or register text.

Hopefully you will get the account and then you can give yourself a profile picture. This can be done on Gravatar, which the link is in blue on the wordpress account page.

Once you’ve done that, back on your wordpress page you can write a signature for yourself in the box at the bottom of your account page. Don’t forget to click Update Profile ☺

Great now you’re all set up 😀 You can comment anywhere on the Blog now, but I would recommend going on the Say Hi page first. This can be found under the New Member? tab on the big black bar on the top of the page. You’ll see what other people have said there, and you’ll soon get the hang of it.

Go explore every corner of the Blog! Each page has a description of what it is about at the top of it’s page, which is very helpful, so make sure to read them before you comment. You can be put on our allegiances too, which can be found under the New Member? tab as well. If you want to reply to someone’s comment, you should click the blue reply button on their comment or your comment might appear further down the page and no-one will see it.

Here’s some questions I’ve answered that might help you even more:

Why does it say: Your comment is waiting in moderation?

This means that your comment is waiting to be checked by moderators so that it can be posted on the Blog. Comments don’t appear immediately for people to see – they have to be checked first. Also, while it is being checked your comment might disappear for you as well, and if that happens it just means it’s about to be posted. However if it still doesn’t show up after a day or so, then you can ask after it because sometimes that means it has been put in the spam folder for some reason. The spam folder is fondly called by BlogClanners the Spam Monster ☺

What are secret pages?

Secret pages are created by the mods (moderators) and they are pages that can only be found by clicking on pictures at the top of pages. On these secret pages people create their own Clans, which you should definitely go join! Remember that not every picture reveals a secret page, only some do, and that makes it all the more exciting!

What is the Name That Apprentice page all about?

This does have an explanation on the top of the page but some people still get confused, like me when I first joined 😉 . Name That Apprentice (or NTA for short) is a game we play on BlogClan where Icy gives us 6 apprentice names we have to give the warrior suffix for. For example she might give the names:


And you need to give them warrior names like:


Every round of NTA is normally posted each Sunday, depending on if Icy is busy or not. Remember to click reply to her comment!

What are Text Codes?

Text codes are used to give your writing a cool look. You can do bold writing, red writing, italics and writing with a strike through. Here is how you can do them:

bold writing = (strong) your text (/strong)

italics = (em) your text (/em)

in red = (code) your text (/code)

with a cross through it = (strike) your text (/strike)

But where I’ve put brackets in the code, you use angle brackets. (Look them up ☺ ) Happy typing!

How do I do emojis on the Blog?

If you have a device that has emojis on it’s keyboard, then you can use them. But if not, then you can still use 6 simple emojis. Here they are, and how to put them in your text:

☺ = a colon ( which is this : ) and a bracket facing the colon like this ) with no spaces in between
😀 = a colon and a capital D with no spaces in between
😛 = a colon and a capital P with no spaces in between
😉 = a semi-colon (which is this ; ) and a bracket facing the semi-colon with no spaces in between
😮 = a colon with a lowercase o with no spaces in between
☹ = a colon with a bracket facing away from the colon like this ( with no spaces in between

I hope that makes sense!

How do I get a mentor?

If you would like a mentor to help you around, you can say that you would like one on the Allegiances Chat page under the Need Company? tab. However you might not find a mentor for a while as there is always more mentorless apprentices than possible mentors.

Just to point it out, having a mentor is not strictly necessary and is mostly just for show. But if you’d want one, then I’m not stopping you 😀

How can I become a BlogClanner who everyone knows?

There are many different ways to do this, such as:

– be active, which means commenting pretty much daily
– being friendly and welcoming new members in
– writing articles
– making a fan fiction (two tips on this one: making a BlogFic – a fan fiction about BlogClanners – helps, and making a joint Fan
Fiction with others helps too)
– making up a warriors game
– chatting on the Tavern and Live Chat

I hope you enjoyed this article and it helped you to get settled in on the Blog ☺ If you have any more questions, you can put them as a comment to this article, or you can just ask them anywhere; everyone is very friendly on BlogClan and will hopefully be able to answer your questions! Thanks for reading and sorry it was so long 😛

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