Analyzing Ivypool as a Character In Omen of The Stars by Flowerpaw

Flowerpaw analyzes Ivypool in Omen of the Stars.

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Hey guys! it’s Flowerpaw here! I’m also known as FlowerRain but I would prefer if you called me Rainy! I find that Ivypool is a really deep and important character. One that Hollyleaf could not live up to (in my opinion). So I decided to analyze Ivypool even more and make an article about her. Here we go!

In Omen of The Stars Ivypool played an important role as spying on the Dark Forest. In the first book or two in Omen of The Stars she was jealous that Dovewing thought she was more important than her and she spent more time with Lionblaze and Jayfeather. I don’t have an exact quote from the book but I do remember that in the first book of Omen of The Stars when Dovewing was talking to the senior warriors about hearing the beavers and nobody believed her. Ivypool thought that Dovewing was just trying to get attention. This can prove that Ivypool thought of her sister as someone who would make up stories to get attention. Ivypool later got even more annoyed when Dovewing was chosen to look for the beavers.

This, unmistakably, led Ivypool to the Dark Forest, where she was trained to kill and was made to believe she was helping her clan. This brought a new stage to Ivypool’s character development. She now believed that she was just as special and important as Dovewing. Yet after starting war between Shadowclan and Thunderclan she regretted her decision.

After Ivypool found out about Dovewing’s powers and the danger of the Dark Forest she vowed that she would spy on the Dark Forest’s plans and tell Lionblaze and Jayfeather about it. She didn’t tell Lionblaze and Jayfeather about it though. There are not many scenes, if any, of Ivypool telling others about heir plans. Ivypool saw herself as an independent cat and thought that Lionblaze and Jayfeather didn’t need to know what she saw there. So by the time the battle started, the others didn’t know any information (though this isn’t mentioned in the books). Ivypool also attacked, and maybe killed, cats to get the Dark Forest’s trust. So when Ivypool went against them, Hawfrost was surprised and attempted to kill Ivypool. Ivypool would’ve been dead if it wasn’t for Hollyleaf though. Unfortunately, Hollyleaf died from Hawfrost’s attack. I think that it would’ve been more heroic if Ivypool had died though, as she risked her life for the clans and Hollyleaf just came back in the last book.

What do you think? Should Hollyleaf had saved her or would it have been better if Ivypool was killed? Comment and I will be sure to reply! Have a meowy day and Rainy is out!

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  • Okay, Ivypool is by far one of my favorite characters, up there with Jayfeather and GrayWing. But I can honestly agree that I think it would have been quite epic for her to die (but nuuu I dont want her too) But Another Idea I got was after I watched Buy the Stars (map for Hollyleaf and Ivypool on YT) I thought it would have been cool for Hollyleaf to survive and for her and Ivypool to become close friends over their similarities such as: Being outsiders among their sibling(s), both willing to do whatever it took to help their clan, and also both feeling like they were either unforgivable or corrupt enough not to go to StarClan, (If you have even read Hollyleaf’s Story, then you will remember she debated whether she was worthy to go to starclan, and we can all assume Ivypool ran that past herself a few times as well.

    Thats my opinion!

  • It would have been really cool if she died (even tho she’s my fave character and i dont want her to), but she was a great mentor to twigpaw and her daughter, Bristlefrost would never have been born.