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I have some very usual and also some very unusual views on warrior cats. Although you most likely agree with me I invite to see why this might be considered different.
1| I don’t like Mapleshade or her novella. Mapleshade isn’t very sympathetic because she caused her problem in the first place, and then, instead of coping with it or stopping it before it became huge, she has kits. Then she gets exiled, which the clans NEVER do in any other books for just an act like that, and goes to RiverClan with her kits. EVEN THOUGH SHE CAN’T SWIM!!! Shock of all shocks her kits drown even though she makes it to the other side. RiverClan thinks she murdered the kits…. for no reason whatsoever. Her mate uncharacteristically believes this and she is exiled. And then, to solve this, she tries to kill everyone.

2|A Vision of Shadows is worse than Power Of Three. I think this is because it’s just problematic. It’s not really necessary and I feel like the series was supposed to end when Firestar died. But these new books feel gritty, annoying, and all of your beloved characters are now grumps or going to die inside of the series. So, not really fun for returning. Alderpaw feels so much like he’s a copy from 2,000 other book series (including Warriors itself), and Twigpaw and Violetpaw are both introduced late and aren’t really expanded much more than oh, they miss each other/their family. I didn’t care when Twigpaw quote on quote “died.” They ended the main plot of the series prematurely when I was able to write 2 seasons of a fanfic tv show about just surviving after Darktail’s taken over! Which, like Power Of Three’s alternate possible ending (look it up) is definitely a missed opportunity. Book four doesn’t have much to offer except a weird soap opera-like plotline that has Twigpaw interacting with her father and Violetpaw doing what she has done in the entire series- be useless, mope around, make trouble, and make people hate her. The first book is pointless and the wuest does nothing but bring Darktail, which could have been done as literally the prologue for the second book, which woud have now been the first book. And it would make the series better, because then we’d meet our other main characters in the you know- first book that’s supposed to set up the characters, but instead feels like a 300 paged prologue? YEAH. Also, characters like Needletail who just- turns evil for no reason. And Darktail taking over ShadowClan that easily is annoying, YellowCough is annoying, and VIOLETCLAW IS SO IRRATIONAL, ANNOYING, AND STRANGELY BELIEVES ANYTHING ANYONE SAYS.

3| Interclan relationships (other than the first one) are kind of repetitive and stupid. Leafpool and Crowfeather have only gotten together out of desperation instead of real love, and suddenly, they realise that this is stupid and they need to go back to their clans (I’ll admit I liked the ending of that relationship merely because it ends with them noticing it’s stupid.) I don’t like Tigerheart and Dovewing because it’s so fake, and they just love each other because- it’s never explained. Maybe they like how each other look? Seriously, Bumblestripe is just like Tigerheart and is IN THE CLAN.

So that’s it! Now I’m going to get a lot of comments saying, “NO YOU’RE WRONG BECAUSE…”
Opinions, that’s all I need to say.
So um, what do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Please be logical and don’t kill me. Meow.

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    • Yaas The Prophecies Begin was amazing! The original series’ (or first book) are usually always the best ^^

  • Okay, so I see debate in the comments. Good! Sky, you put out good points. Maybe the love was well developed for TigerXDove, but to me it felt a bit forced, and I didn’t really like the forbidden romance trope (mostly because I really disagree with the warrior code. ) I still think that Mapleshade brought it upon herself, and the hallucinations of her kits telling her to kill someone, while she’d think they were real, were still just side effects of what she caused. Also, I think for what it’s worth Violetpaw and Twigpaw have an okay character dynamic, and compared to the recent series the scenes are written a lot better. Remember Deathly Hallows where suddenly Rowling decided to make the book gritty, painful, and emotional to exercise the finalty? Well it kind of feels like they’re trying that with this series, except not doing it right. Also, I stand in my opinion that AVOS has the worst structuring (and considering an alternating team of authors write every book, that’s saying a lot!) and the plot is a snooze really. It’s trying so hard to be dark it forgot what it was. Warriors. The series that has from the first book gone soulcrushingly dark. And it’s not even as dark as the other books! I can see why you’d like it. One issue though that I made was I said Bumblestripe was similair to Tigerheart. Thing is, he was at first. And then he started doing different approaches and got clingy after Dovewing said heck no. I hope to see more thoughts and Opinions soon!

      • She had a forbidden romance in the first place, and then when what she’d been warned about since she was born happened and everything went bad for her (EXTREMELY PREDICTABLY, SHE’D BEEN WARNED HER ENTIRE LIFE!) (Side tangent: This book series doesn’t have the greatest continuity. Mapleshade was exiled from every clan, even StarClan (I’m exaggerating a bit) (Yes I did put parenthesis inside of parenthesis (And yes, it is grammatically correct as well)) yet the other forbidden romances don’t seem to actually get… NOTICED by the Clans. Like, especially in Tigerheart’s shadow. Which I didn’t read because I hate Tigerheart.) But Sky, your opinions are valid. I’m just pointing out that Mapleshade is basically defying her Clan even though she’s been told since kithood this is a bad idea, then keeps doing it until she actually fallsin love with this tom who’s name is so insignifigant to me I can’t bother to remember. Basically I’m saying that Mapleshade had petty problems at first (She kind of had a crush on this random cat), solved them in the worst possible way (Let’s defy Clan orders and go out!), got worse problems (Lol pregnant now), solved that in the worst possible way (Let’s get banned and go to the other Clan even though nobody seems to get banned ever so my reputation is similar to that of the dumbest dog or other creature you’ve seen in your life), so she decided to kill people to cope (did I mention the words worst possible way?)
        I just have trouble feeling sympathy for a character that always got herself in trouble. It’s just my two cents.

  • I honestly sorta agree 😛
    I haven’t read past book 2 in AVOS yet, but I rlly didn’t like the first book, I can see what you mean about 300 page prolouge.
    Great article!

  • Mapleshade didn’t try to kill every cat, she only went after the ones who she believed caused her the most pain. It’s certainly not easy for a mother to lose her children or be turned away by someone who she thought loved her. it’s a really terrible feeling. If I lost my child I don’t know what I would do but in all honesty, she could have found different ways to cope with her loss instead of killing those cats, you’re right about that.

    Violetshine is not useless. I see her similar to her former mentor Ivypool. Violetshine was helping the Clans by giving information to ThunderClan and helping cats escape from the Kin. Then she fights for the Clans against the Kin when the time came. She has more loyalty than Twigbranch (Such a terrible name), by staying with SkyClan instead of changing Clans like her sister because she didn’t feel right in ThunderClan in the beginning and then leaving SkyClan because she didn’t feel she belonged there either. She’s too nosy as seen when she follows the medicine cats to the Moonpool.

    My thoughts on AVoS isn’t my favorite arc honestly, and out of the five books so far, I only like Shattered Sky, and somewhat of River of Fire.
    This whole arc feels too rushed, and the forbidden romances are completely unnecessary. It feels like the romances are too forced.
    Dovewing and Tigerstar is a terrible shipping, and it’s stupid for Dovewing to leave ThunderClan just because she has a mate and kits. I really have no sympathy for that cat. Tigerstar on the other hand is going downhill as well. The forbidden romance should have been over and done with in OotS. I’m sure we’ve all seen and read this, but Bumblestripe started getting creepy when he tried to ask Dovewing to have kits with him and to try again with their former relationship. I have said this once, and I’ll say this again, Ivypool and Fernsong should have had more development. That whole pairing felt too rushed and Ivypool’s names for her kits are just terrible. One of those kits better have powers like Dovewing’s kit, Shadowkit, otherwise it will be just another privilege Dovewing gets.

    • What’s wrong with Dovewing wanting to be with the cat she loves and not wanting to separate her kits from each other and/or one of their parents? Personally, I think that’s what makes her different from a lot of other cats, and what makes her relationship with Tigerheart different from other forbidden relationships. No, I’m not saying the other cats were BAD because they chose their Clans (and Leafpool was also a medicine cat), but I actually love how Dovewing cared so much about her family. She didn’t want to lose Tigerheart, and she didn’t want to raise her kits without a father, and maybe lose them too if they (or at least one of them) decided to join ShadowClan.
      And it’s not like her decision came out of nowhere either. Tigerheart DIED, but he came back to life, so of course she doesn’t want to lose him again (even if he wouldn’t actually be dead this time).
      I also think it was a good decision on the authors’ part. Lots of people want there to be less cats in ThunderClan, and now not only was a forbidden relationship resolved in a different way than most of them are, but there are a little less cats in ThunderClan than there would’ve been.
      But of course this is just my opinion.

    • I agree that Ivypools kits names are kind of ridiculous, but there are so many books that its probably hard to come up with new names. But theres a cat in i think Riverclan named SNEEZECLOUD.

  • I get the feeling that the Tigerheart/star and Dovewing relationship is going to be just like the Bramblestar and Squirrelflight relationship.

  • Okay! I’m kind of late but I’m still gonna share my opinion. First things first I love Mapleshade and her novella! Next, a vision of shadows wasn’t the best of arcs but I wouldn’t say it was terrible, or that the series should have ended. Lastly, I love the inter clan relationships… I live for that but I’ve always been obsessed with forbidden romances.

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