Who Would Make The Best Thunderclan Deputy? by Flowerpaw

Flowerpaw analyzes different ThunderClan cats to see who would be the best deputy. No spoilers for AVOS!

Art by WoofyDragoncat68

Hey guys it’s Flowerpaw here, also known as FlowerRain but I would prefer if you called me Rainy! Every clan leader goes the deputies. Some are good and some are bad, like Tigerstar. But which Thunderclan cat make the best deputy? I will talk about cats only from Into the Wild until Omen of The Stars because I am only only book two of Vision of Shadows. Anyways, let’s begin!

I have already picked out the cats we will begin with so I won’t have to go through each Thunderclan cat. All the cats I am about to list have at least one good quality to them. That doesn’t mean they would be a good deputy. It is possible that any of these cats could be like Thistleclaw or Tigerclaw but to speed things up a bit I didn’t include any cats that were mentioned as “evil” or “power hungry”.

Round 1! Let’s begin!:

Longtail (before he became blind)

Okay. This seems like enough cats to start off with. So in round 2 we will take off half the cats we have right now, which is five cats. This round we will be looking at their flaws. The flaws are listed right next to the cat.

Runningwind- Halfclan
Ivypool- Used to fight and be associated with cats from the Dark Forest
Birchfall- Also used to fight and be associated with cats from the Dark Forest
Lionblaze- Not used to pain and may want to start battles easily as he loves fighting in battles
Cinderheart- Is overwhelmed with the knowledge of herbs and might want to have more kits
Hollyleaf- Is jealous of not having powers
Mousewhisker- Is half rogue
Foxleap- Is young and naive
Honeyfern- Might want to carry kits one day
Longtail- Stubborn and once had an association with Tigerstar

Note: I’m not saying that having kits is a flaw, but rather meaning that they wouldn’t be able to be deputy for long. If they were to have kits, they would give up their position.

Okay. That was quite hard honestly. Now I will list the cats again but is they have an X next to them then they’re out.

Round 2!:

Cinderheart X
Hollyleaf X
Mousewhisker X
Foxleap X
Longtail X

That was HARD. I just couldn’t imagine some of these cats as deputies. Unfortunately they are out but win the “Good Sportsmanship” award for trying! Next round we will be taking three cats off. This time, though, I will be mentioning their strengths, not their flaws. Let’s begin!

Runningwind- Is loyal and fought for his clan when needed, which caused his death.
Ivypool- Is strong and independent, knows what’s best for her clan
Birchfall- Noble and strong warrior, is still young and has a long life ahead of him
Lionblaze- Strong and fears no other clan
Honeyfern- Brave and kind, would get along with other clans

Okay let’s get ready for the next round. Again, if there is an X next to them then they are out. Only two cats will be left after this round.

Round 3!:

Ivypool X
Birchfall X
Lionblaze X

We have been left with two, noble warriors. Honeyfern and Runningwind. I will go into each of their characters, look at what I’ve written, and then decide who would make the best Thunderclan deputy.

Runningwind is a kind and loyal cat. He sticks up in what he believes in an looks at a cats gifts, not flaws. He would risk his life in order to save his clan. He became friends with Fireheart(star) even when everyone else doubted him and their friendship lasted even after she travelled to Starclan. He would agree with and respect his leader and become the deputy that every leader would want.

Honeyfern is a kind, considerate cat. She would risk her life for others and avoid battle at any costs. She would get along with the other clans and make sure no other clan is in harm as well. She would follow her leader’s requests with no hesitation. Honeyfern would make a good deputy.

And the winner is………………. (examines each cat carefully)


He kind of reminds me of Whitestorm, a deputy who is respected by other clans and their clanmates. I would say what Runningwind would be like as a deputy but it seems as if I already wrote about it up above ^ !

That’s all! I hope you enjoy my little deputy election and I will try to comment a poll for public choice as soon as this is posted. Comment who you think should’ve won and if I forgot to enter any cats that I should have! If I get 8 or more requests for cats then I will make another best deputy competition! Anyways, have a meowy day and Rainy is out!

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  • i legit jumped out of my seat thinking this article was by me 😛

    great article! 😀

  • Runningwind isn’t half-clan, sorry. I believe you are thinking of Windflight, the half WindClan half ThunderClan warrior from Bluestar’s Prophecy.
    I don’t think Honeyfern would make the greatest deputy, I see her more as a Ferncloud kinda cat, but you’re opinions are completely valid.
    I really like Ivypool as leader, so yeah. I don’t see any weaknesses really (don’t go and point and weaknesses pleaseeeeee I don’t want to get mad at anybody…). Well, except how jealous she was at Dovewing, though it turned into a good thing that she trained in the DF.

    But nice analization and article!

    • Ivypool has matured a lot from when she was an apprentice. I’m not sure on whether or not I want to see her as leader, but she would make a good deputy.

    • It was Moon, it was a mistake I should’ve fact checked. A lot of people do like Ivypool, and she is probably going to be the next deputy of Thunderclan, but at the time this article I haven’t even read the last book of OoTS, so my opinion has changed since. I never saw Honeyfern as a Ferncloud kinda cat, but her character wasn’t fully developed when she died, so I don’t know what she would’ve turned into. I do know that I didn’t think she was a Ferncloud, but I don’t think we’ll ever find out 😛

  • 1. Runningwind is one-sixteenth windclan. Not halfclan.
    2. Is being Half-Clan a bad thing? Mistystar is a great leader!
    3. Hollyleaf would be a great leader. I love Hollyleaf, I’m behind her for anything 😛
    4. Ivypool turned her back on the Dark Forest.
    5. Mousewhisker would not make a good leader, (not becuse of rouge heritage) buuuuuut Firestar was a Kittypet; did that make him a worse leader?

    • Responses:

      1. I used to think he was halfclan, my bad.
      2. No it is not, but it is put into consideration.
      3. I do too think she would make a great leader, but not everyone trusts her after what happened.
      4. I know, but at the time of writing this article I hadn’t read Last Hope, and I think she’s too quick to make decisions. That’s my opinion though.
      5. No… I’m not saying being half of anything makes one a bad leader/dep, I’m saying it’s put into consideration when a leader is picking a deputy. I’m not saying it’s a flaw either… maybe I should’ve made a ‘Consideration’ round… but what has been done is done.

  • Lionblaze should be deputy!

    1# he is actually alive!

    2# he would make a very strong leader after Bramblestar dies

    3# he was once part of a prophecy, like Firestar

    Does anyone else think Lionblaze should be the next deputy/leader of ThunderClan?

  • I agree, however Runningwind is not half-clan (his parents are One-eye and Halftail), and Bluestar stated that Runningwind does not have the patience to be a mentor. this means he can’t be deputy. However good reasoning.

  • Brackenfur – Old
    Birchfall – Bossy, trained with dark forest
    Hollyleaf – Killed Ashfur
    Snowfur – Quickly came a queen and would not get out of the nursery (until Blufur showed up and forced her to hit a Monster)
    Eaglepaw – apprentice
    Dappletail – Cranky
    Mousefur- Very cranky
    Molewhisker – Windclan, Loner and Skyclan blood

    Eaglepaw X
    Dappletail X
    Mousefur X

    Brackenfur, Loyal, Kind, would avoid battle
    Birchfall, Young and Good at fighting
    Hollyleaf, Bound too the warrior code (too bound)
    Snowfur, Knows what a leader would be like eg. her sister was leader
    Molewhisker, Young, Loyal, Avoid battle.

    Brichfall X
    Hollyleaf X

    Bracenfur: Understands What it is like to lose something, trained lots of apprentices, wisdom, SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPER LOYAL.

    Molewhisker – Young, Loyal, Trained an apprentice.

    Molewhisker X


  • Reading this made me so happy, thank you for making my child Honeyfern one of the finals! 😀
    Great article!

    I’m so proud of you, Honeyfern!