Analyzing Mistystar: her life by Snowstorm

Snowstorm takes a look at Mistystar’s life over the course of the series.

Art by Spottedfire23

So hi! Snowstorm in. Today I’m going to analyze Mistystar, starting from Mistykit. So here we go!
Starting off from Mistykit. First let’s trace her ancestors. So Bluestar was her mother. So right off the bat, she’s related to Moonflower, Snowfur, Whitestorm, Stormtail, and Goosefeather. Therefore she is also related to Daisytoe and Rooktail. Flashnose was Daisytoe’s mother, so Flashnose too. So now let’s focus on her RiverClan side. Oakheart is related to Crookedstar, Rainflower, and Shellheart immediately. She is also related to Silverstream, Minnowkit, and Willowkit. Therefore she is also related to Stormfur and Feathertail. Stormfur’s kits, Lark and Pine, are also her kin. She is also distantly related to Appledusk and Reedshine, seeing that Crookedstar, her uncle, is related to them. Okay, enough about ancestry! Sorry if you’re getting bored.

Anyways, Mistykit is born in the ThunderClan nursery to Bluefur. She has a blue-gray coat. Her two littermates are Stonekit, a gray tom, and Mosskit, a white she-cat with gray splotches. Goosefeather speaks to Bluefur, telling her she has a father who would raise her kits for her. He convinces Bluefur to give her kits up to become deputy instead of Thistleclaw. She takes them to Sunningrocks during the night, a moon after they were born. Mosskit dies of cold and lack of strength along the way. Mistykit wonders why Mosskit isn’t coming with them. Bluefur says that she’ll come back and get Mosskit later. She tells her two remaining kits who their real father is, Oakheart of RiverClan. When they finally reach Sunningrocks, Oakheart takes them from Bluefur to RiverClan’s camp. He gives them to Graypool to raise as her own, telling her that they were found in the snow and if he hadn’t rescued them, they would have died. Mistykit and Stonekit forget about Mosskit and believe that they are the kits of Graypool. Then Mistypaw begins her apprenticeship. I don’t know anything about this part, so I’m going to skip it.

Eventually, Mistyfoot becomes a warrior, along with her brother, Stonefur. At some point in her warriorship, she has kits with Blackclaw, a smoky black RiverClan tom. Her kits are named Perchkit, Primrosekit, Pikekit, and Reedkit. After that, Fireheart and Graystripe rescue two of her kits during a flood. Then Perchkit dies somehow, and I’m not sure how. Then they begin their apprenticeship, and Pikepaw and Primrosepaw die also. Reedwhisker is her only kit that makes it to a warrior status. Then Crookedstar dies. Leopardfur takes over as leader, naming Stonefur as her deputy. Then there is a dispute over Sunningrocks. Stonefur and Mistyfoot have cornered Bluestar and Bluestar cannot bring herself to fight her kits. Fireheart practically flies down the rock, yowling that Bluestar was their mother and that they cannot harm her. The news shocks Mistyfoot and her brother. Then Bluestar dies after being forgiven by her kits. Stonefur tells RiverClan that Bluestar is their mother. They are trusted less now.

Then Tigerstar rises to power. He and Leopardstar form an alliance. Tigerstar says that halfClan cats cannot be tolerated. Darkstripe, now banished from ThunderClan, tries to kill Stonefur. Blackfoot eventually jumps in. Stonefur is killed. ThunderClan rescued Stormpaw, Mistyfoot, and her apprentice, Featherpaw. After the battle with BloodClan, Mistyfoot becomes deputy. The Great Journey takes place. Leopardstar dies afterwards.

Now we are moving into leaderhood. Mistystar receives her nine lives and discovers Mothwing doesn’t believe in StarClan. Getting home, she appoints Reedwhisker as her deputy. When the Great Battle starts, she allies herself with the other Clans to fight. The Clans win. Life goes back to normal. Mistystar is still the reigning leader of RiverClan. Long live Mistystar!

Okay, I am open to any comments! Please comment below! Hope you liked it!
Snowstorm out.

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