Jar VI: The Choosing

This one-of-a-kind video was made by our lovely Iceflower (🙌❤) and reveals the next writer and editor for Trailing Stars, Chapter 23! It’s also the newest installment in the critically acclaimed Jar Saga. 

A certain someone makes a guest appearance. 😉 I won’t say who exactly, just that she’s small, fluffy, and black-and-white (not a miniature cow, but just as adorable 😛 ) . . . 

Enjoy!!!!!!!! 😀

yee be warned




The writer for Trailing Stars, Chapter 23 is Winterwhisper and the editor is Sorrelstream! CONGRATS YOU TWO!!! 🙂

(Please confirm you’d like the role within the next week! That way we can get this train chugging along!)



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