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Kindheart shares a theory on how smart the Clan cats are.

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Hellooooo Blogclan!Kindheart here with another theory article!!! Now in my last one I suggested Bluestar might have depression….and before that I thought Mapleshade might have schizophrenia….So I’m basically the Game theory of warriors now…SO HERE I AM TO DO ANOTHER THEORY *listens for groans* huh thought there would be more! Okay moving on.

Something that’s always bothered me is the fact that Warriors are extremely intelligent for cats (Yes this is a fake series, I know. But I love over analyzing things! I love making things work in the real world and giving it logic okay?!) In fact they border on human intelligence. So let’s figure out if thats possible and how!

First thing, I’m measuring this by the ability to solve puzzles, adapt to new situations and communicating needs in a social group okay? Good.

The brain of a domesticated cat is about 5 centimeters long and weighs 25-30g. Okay let’s take the typical cats height and weight (60cm long and 3.3kg) then the brain would be about 0.91% of their total body mass. Which is pretty impressive, however humans have a brain that is 2.33% of our body mass. Scientists believe that the bigger the brain the smarter the animal. This is not proven however. So all that doesn’t really help us at all. We don’t need these numbers. We need to know how they think and solve and if it would fit in warriors.

What we need is right here. In controlled experiments scientists tested cats understanding of Object Permanence. Which means are they aware an object is there even when it’s not visible. The answer is yes. Cats showed they are fully developed in this. Sometimes even surpassing human children. However they also discovered that cats don’t understand cause and effect the way humans do. The way they figured this out is, they tied a treat to a string and the cat had to pull on the string to get the treat. That worked fine the cat got the treat. But when they added more strings the cat could not consistently pull the same string to get the treat. They never seemed to understand that the one middle string would give them the treat.

On that note Medicine cats are totally possible! Why? Because cats have complex dreams. They can remember long sequences of events while sleeping and a dreaming cat that has a nightmare will let out muffled screaming or wake up in the middle of the nightmare and not only remember the nightmare but wake up screaming. (That scene in the manga for Greystripe? It’s just like that!)

Speaking about memory, as a whole they have great memories. The memory of a cat has been demonstrated to remember information and remember it for up to 10 years. All the while adding more information to it. Seeing as cats in warriors live around that long (in years not moons) then it’s safe to say they can at least remember everything. However individual intelligence, age, and even their relationships with humans can effect their memory. That’s just long term! Cats short-term memory can last up to 16 hours, especially when it comes to remembering where they put their food, and considering it takes me 3 seconds to forget where the heck I parked my car that’s pretty darn good! That also means that when they bury it and leave they could definitely find their way back to it.

Now lets get to the subject of kits. I actually don’t have anything to nitpick here. The kits are totally plausible. Everything they do is right. They play fight to gain hunting skills and to prepare themselves for the roles they’ll take on. actually the first two-seven weeks are the weeks where kittens actually fully bond with cats. So when Brokenstar started training kits as young as three moons old, he was actually stopping the bond of mother and kit from happening. That’s why Badgerfang wanted to please his mentor more than his parents.

Cats don’t exactly have observational learning though. Some tests where done where a cat was placed in a box and it had to do something to get out. The times they did get out it was by chance. They figured this out because, one cat got out then the next it did it it took much longer to get out. So that part where they got caught in the twoleg cages and put in vans? They wouldn’t have been able to remember how to open them all over again. They would have opened them by chance each time. Which is kinda amazing that they did….

However thats not to say that Warriors is not possible. In fact their intelligence is very much possible. They (like humans) have depth perception. and while researching this the only problem I could find was in fact the observational learning. Everything else is sound. Cats do live in colonies or “clans” in the real world. In these colonies there is generally a leader. Sometimes these colonies get into fights over territory. Cats learn how to fight from other cats. They can communicate with each other. Although they probably would never wonder where one cat went unless it was a kitten. Not to mention that if a colonies territory was destroyed they wouldn’t stick together they would split up.

So the only problems I see is the great journey, the freeing of the cats in the twoleg encampment, and them trying to figure out where one of their own went. Honestly these three things have a lot in common. And because of that they have a simple solution. Evolution. It is very possible that they simply evolved. Because these three things have something in common it makes it easier to believe that they simply evolved to include those three things.

Huh well…That went surprisingly well! Warriors is plausible! This was a fun article let me know what you think on the plausibility of warriors, did you enjoy the article? any flaws? Until the next Artcile! Cyo 😉

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