Sorreltail’s Novella by Sorrelpaw

Hihihih i, I’m Sorrelpaw, commonly known as Sorzi. My warrior name: Sorrelstream. I LOVELOVELOVE that name, it’s so great! And you can easily translate it into a wonderful top-notch Tribe name: Sorrel That Drowns in Stream. I have considered renaming myself Sorreldrownstream to better fit my Tribe name.

Two warriors characters that I can immediately think of who share my prefix: Sorreltail and Sorrelstripe. Both “Sorrel”s like me. Actually, Sorrelstripe was named after Sorreltail. Which makes Sorreltail the most important character who has the prefix Sorrel. I’m so proud to share the prefix!

I’m not the only BlogClanner who is proud to share a prefix with a Warriors character, though, I’m sure. If you like, for example, Tigerstar, you’re BlogClan name might be Tigerflower (okay maybe that’s more like a TigerclawXGoldenflower ship name). But you get what I mean, right? I really really hope I’m not the only one who named myself after a character. Because then I’d really seem weird.

Anyway back to the article! Ahhhhhhhhhh! Sorreltail’a epic epic epic yass we all agree (or not). I think she deserves to get her own Superedition or at least Novella for being so amazing. And if she does, it should be called Sorreltail’s Sacrifices, because she certainly seems to have sacrificed quite a lot.

Her most notable sacrifice was probably in the aftermath of the DF battle, where she LOST HER LIFE. She lost her life. No wait lemme rephrase. She SACRIFICED her life to be with her beloved kits. Oh StArClan is that not so amazing? She sacrificed her own life to be with her kits.

But some of you might argue that it was STUPID. Why would you sacrifice your whole life for a few heartbeats with your kits?! Why not get your wounds patched up to spend more moons and seasons with your kits and mate? Why didn’t Sorreltail do the obvious…?

You see, this is why we need a novella for her. Maybe it was because she was so desperate to make sure her kits were safe that she did not care about or heed her injuries. Maybe she thought that her injuries were way to severe for her to live any longer and wanted to see her kits one last time before she died. I don’t know… Maybe, maybe maybe. This is why we need a novella. So that we can know the motive behind Sorreltail’s life-changing decision.

And then, look at one of her earlier sacrifices. Okay I admit she was kind of forced into this sacrifice and it isn’t really a sacrifice at all, but recall when Sorreltail’s warrior ceremony got delayed when she got into an incident. But she worked hard and yay became a proud and respected warrior in the end. She didn’t show any jealousy to her brothers for becoming a warrior before her. She didn’t. She acted like life was goooooood.

Yet I mean, she couldn’t have just REALLY been so tranquil, could she? She must’ve felt something in her heart. And what did she feel? omg we totally need a novella to tell us that. If she did feel jealous, how did she HIDE IT?!?! I can’t hide jealousy. I could use a couple of lessons from her. Okies kidding.

I don’t see why Sorreltail can’t have her own Novella. Mistystar got one and Mistystar wasn’t much special before we read the Novella. Okay, she was special. Bluestar kind of tossed her away as a kit and Stonefur died. Well Sorreltail’s mother died and her brother died, too! And who said that only tragic characters got to have a Novella? A novella should just be interesting and who says Sorreltail’s novella can’t be interesting? She could fall in love with a ShadowClan apprentice and sacrifice her love for the sake of her Clan in the end (to go with the sacrifice theme). The possibilities are endless 😛

Well-a, I guess I’ve chattered enough. Haha I’m probably one of the few who want Sorreltail to get a novella. But in case she dooooes…. Wouldn’t Sorreltail’s Sacrifice be amazing for a title?

Bye <3
Keep faith and eat lollipops and love Sorreltail!
~Sorzi (call me Sorzu)

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