Where do Rusty’s dreams come from? by Sunpaw

Sunpaw shares a theory on where Rusty’s dreams came from. Spoilers!

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Hey everybody, Sunpaw here and today I’ll be trying something different: a Warrior Cats Theory! Today’s theory will be: Where did Rusty’s dreams come from?
Major spoiler warning if you haven’t read Warriors.
Be warned.
So are you still reading? If you are, it either means you’ve read it or you haven’t and don’t mind spoilers.
In the sixth book of the first series, Darkest Hour, Firestar said to Cinderpelt “I’ve had prophetic dreams since I was kittypet, but I’m not sure where they came from.” Or something like that, then Cinderpelt replied “In the end, all dreams come from StarClan”. SO I’m going to see if she is right or not.

So the first option is: SkyClan’s Starclan, this’ll be one of the shortest options, so if rusty never came to the forest and became Firestar, SkyClan would’ve never been restored. Also, Brambleclaw would’ve never became deputy so he would’ve neve became Bramblestar so he wouldn’t accept violetkit and twigkit into ThunderClan. If he didn’t, they would’ve died on the Thunderpath and Twigpaw would’ve never took SkyClan to the forest

Then the second option is The Tribe of Endless Hunting: So if rusty never came to the forest Graystripe wouldn’t’ve gotten helped to bring his kits to RiverClan and Feathertail wouldn’t’ve saved the Tribe of Rushing Water from Sharptooth.

The third option is: The Dark forest If rusty never came the forest, he wouldn’t’ve met Sandstorm to have kits so they can have kits so prophecy can come true, so the Dark Forest can rise. According to Rock, if the three had never been born the dark forest wouldn’t’ve got the power to rise. Also, Tigerstar would’ve never been sent to Dark Forest because Scourge killed him to show his power to Firestar.
The last option is: StarClan: What Cinderpelt said, so the evidence is: If the three hadn’t been born, the dark forest might’ve risen without any protection so the clans would be destroyed, also Firestar would’ve never convinced the clans to go on the great journey because he wouldn’t exist with the clans. Finally if he didn’t come to the forest, Tigerstar would be leader of ThunderClan because there was no one to prove him being guilty.

I’m trying to say that this right, for all I know it could be all four. When I didn’t consider StarClan, like I did during the beginning I was thinking the Dark Forest but now I’m still going towards the Dark Forest. Tell me in the comments what option you think is true and until next time Sunpaw out and don’t forget, have fun!
P.S This is just for fun, so no hate please?

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  • I think some SkyClan ancestors gave the prophecy to Rusty/Firepaw/Fireheart/Firestar so they could restore SkyClan.

  • This is very interesting! I’ve seen another article like this which was quite similar. I honestly like all four and think they both have good points. See guys?! This is why we needed Firestar. Because without him nothing that happened would have happened. =) There are pros and cons that happened when he came but still Firestar plays the biggest role like ever. He may be a Gary-sue but without him Warriors would be dead 😛 (well I mean things would be different is all I am saying but you get the picture)


    • I disagree with him being a Gary Stu. He had his flaws, not everyone liked him especially in the first series.
      He didn’t succeed at everything and was ‘all powerful’, in fact in Tigerclaw’s novella tigerclaw notes how afraid Fireheart was despite trying to look confident.

      Gary Stu’s have no flaws and everyone loves them. Firestar didn’t succeed at everything, it was even noted that his compassion would’ve been ill suited for the journey to the sun drown place in comparison to Brambleclaw’s leadership. Firestar had his strengths and weaknesses and yes he was well respected after a while, accomplished a great deal and was overall a great leader but he worked hard to accomplish it and was often criticized by others for his actions particularly other clans.

  • Nice article 😸! I think the dreams are mainly from Starclan, but I also think that all those ancestors have some relationship between each other, and they may sometimes share information to achieve something (but I’m not sure about Dark Forest 😛), e.g. leading Rusty into Thunderclan. So the Tribe of Endless Hunting and Skyclan’s Starclan,and even Dark Forest might also help to make the dreams. These are all my imaginations but maybe possible 😜.

  • I think StarClan is most likely, but the other three are possible, too. And who knows, maybe all four are essentially the same thing, only that they have different names and different occupants.

  • I think they came from starclan
    – tigerstar always wanted firestar gane always
    – It had been stated that starclan and the darkforest cant see to far into the future and twigpaw and violetpaw are to far ahead so are jayfeather and rest
    – if the darkforest could see that far ahead they would have seen that their failer
    – skyclan could be a possibility for being restored just not for twigpaw and violetpaw it’s to far ahead
    (I think that skyclans starclan)

    • I would assume the Dark Forest would be too stubborn to care about their downfall and also, Firestar received the prophecy about the Three right after the first arc.

  • I seem to have misunderstood Rock’s meaning after reading The Last Hope. Rock stated that it was ALL THE CLANS remembering their ancestors that caused the Dark Forest to rise, not just the Three

    • And I seem to have misunderstood that as well. When the three were born they lit the darkest fires according to midnight.

      I’m sunpaw

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