What the future may hold…. by Willowpaw

Willowpaw share some predictions about AVOS. Spoilers for AVOS and Tigerheart’s Shadow!

Art by Daisywolf13

Willowflight here! I’m super new to BlogClan, so I haven’t really shared some of my ideas for the future.
Note: This is all ideas about the rest of the A Vision of Shadows arc, and arc #7. Spoilers for Tigerheart’s Shadow and all of the A Vision of Shadows books. Theories created between the releases of Darkest Night and River of Fire. Wow that sounded official.

River of Fire ideas:

Warrior names:
Finpaw: Finstrike? Finheart? Finsplash?
Twigpaw: Twigberry or Twigleaf
Dewpaw: Dewleaf?
Reedpaw: Reedlight, or Reedheart, because Reedshine is taken
Nectarpaw: Nectarfoot, Nectarheart
Fringepaw: Fringewhisker
Gravelpaw: Gravelclaw
Palepaw: Palefur, Palepool, Paleflower
Fidgetpaw: Fidgetwhisker? Fidgetleaf?
Snakepaw: Snakefur, Snakeflash, Snakesplash
Whorlpaw: Whorlpool (he he), Whorlfoot
Flowerpaw: Flowerpetal, Flowerfall
I can’t wait to look back in a few books and see how wrong I am here…..

Things I want to happen:
Bumblestripe getting a mate
Development of Sorrelstripe, Hollytuft, Fernsong, Larksong, Leafshade, and Honeyfur. None of them are more then a name and a little bit of book time to remind us that they still exist.
A little more time with Jayfeather and Lionblaze because I miss them after two arcs of their PoV.

More fun stuff:
Molewhisker: will he join SkyClan? Based on the journey to find missing SkyClan Clanmates, Molewhisker seemed nicer then he ever was in ThunderClan. I think he was happy there, so….. maybe?
Sandynose: Will he demand Finpaw returns to SkyClan? Will this turn ThunderClan and SkyClan against each other? Will they fight? Will Twigpaw and Violetshine meet in battle… again?
Rowanstar/claw: Will he give up on the search for Clanmates? He seems hopeless at this point. What about when Tigerheart/star comes back? I feel like I cheated when I read it, like oh no now I know a possible ending to AVoS. Since Tigerheart and Dovewing left in Darkest Night, I’m assuming they won’t come back until the end of River of Fire or the beginning of #6. Is Rowanstar going to give up leadership just like that?

I hope there is a seventh arc, because I will probably cry so hard if there isn’t. Assuming and praying that their will be, here are some protagonists I like the idea of.
Main Protagonists:
Ivypool and Fernsong’s kits
Shadowkit, Lightkit, and Pouncekit
Blossomfall’s kits
Brackenfur or Bumblestripe (even for a novella)

Once again, just a few ideas! Let me know what you think!

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  • I like the ideas I would really like lionblaze and jayfethers veiws also I would love for some of the really minor charactors to just disappear there are to many characters in Thunderclan.

  • Yikes, I don’t really want a future like this (XD) No I’m kidding, I stopped reading warriors at shattered sky but still, are the new books justified? From what I’ve heard about Tigerheart’s Shadow and Darkest Night, they suck, but apparently River Of Fire didn’t?!?!?!?!? I’m confused. Also this was going to be the last series at one point. That’s been true with every series. Do you think it’s a false alarm again?

  • Ok so here is the future:
    Finpaw – Finleap, Twigpaw – Twigbranch (HOW DARE U BRAMBLESTAR ok but i dont think its that bad), Dewpaw – Dewsrpring, Reedpaw – Reedclaw, Nectarpaw – Nectarsong, Fringepaw – You are correct, Gravelpaw – Gravelnose, Palepaw – Palesky, Fidgetpaw – Fidgetflake, Snakepaw – Snaketooth, Whorlpaw – Whorlpelt, Flowerpaw – Flowerstem

    No, Bumblestripe is still single. Development of background characters probably won’t happen, except Fernsong being Ivypool’s mate, but that’s still very little. Jayfeather and Lionblaze, meh.

    Molewhisker is still in ThunderClan. Sandynose stays put. Rowanclaw dies. Tigerheartstar returns and becomes leader.

    Bristlefrost, one of Ivy and Fern’s kits, is the protagonist. Shadowsight is a medicine cat now, and the protagonist. Pouncestep and Lightleap are sorta background characters now, but they are still there. Stemleaf of Blossom’s kits is pretty major in the series. Bumblestripe is a supporter of Fake Bramblestar, and Brackenfur is now an elder.

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