My Top Ten Favorite Warrior Cats by Stormberry

Stormberry shares their top ten favourite characters from the series.

Art by Vialir

Hi! This is Stormberry with my first article! I am fairly new here so…. yeah. This is my first article so I figured I’d do a general topic.

10:) Pebble Heart
I really like Pebble Heart he was that kind, gentle kit. I am sort of like him so I guess I felt a connection towards him.
9:) Cloud Spots
Cloud Spots. Cloud Spots. Cloud Spots. My close to fav Medicine cat. I don’t really have that much to say about him.
8:) Yellowfang
Man! I have a lot of Med. cats in here! I like Yellowfang’s sharp tounge and that she can be affectionate at times.
7.) Graystripe
I feel like Graystripe was a really good friend towards Firestar. I thought Firestar needed that friend at the moment;)
6.) Graywing
I love Graywing! He is my favorite DOTC cat! I cried for 10 min. when he died. I feel like he suffered in his life to. *cough* Clearsky *cough* stealing the *cough* she-cats *cough* he liked *cough cough* (but not all of them! Ha ha ha ha ha)
5.) Scrouge
I love Scrouge! He is awesome and stuff like that! I cried when he died. I think it was because he was black cat and I had a black cat at the time. So I guess that I felt a connection towards him.
I loooooooove Leafpool! She is my fav Medicine cat! She is so awesome! She even admitted that she wasn’t sorry about any of the mistakes she made! I almost cry every time I read about Leafpool giving her kits away. *hysterical sobbing*
3.) Hollyleaf
I know, I know. Hollyleaf tried to kill Leafpool. Okay. I don’t suddenly start hating a character because they tried to kill one of my favorite characters. At least she didn’t go Tigerstar crazy. I’ll get you Hawkfrost!!!!!!!!! (I find it a little creepy that some people like Hawkfrost because he is “handsome”) (no offense)
2.) Bluestar
Yay! The leader of the year. I really like Blusestar but her backstory is soooo sad. Her (SPOILER ALERT) Mom, sister, and kit died in BP. All of you Bluestar haters can listen to me for another sentence. Yes. She went crazy, but wouldn’t you if the last cat/person you trusted to help you lead betrays you?! I know I would.
1.) Firestar
Oh My Gosh. Firestar. The FIRST Warrior Cat you get to know. I f you read the books in order. I just love him. He is awesome and cool and leader of infinity. He is NOT a Gary-Stu. He made TONS of mistakes in his life! And he is also the father of Leafpool. (Bonus!)

So I hope you enjoyed and I might think about making another article! Stormberry meowout!

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  • Pebble Heart: Eh, I’ve literally only read Moth Flight’s Vision, so I don’t have all too much to say. But I love how he was so kind and understanding towards Moth Flight after Micah died, so there’s that! 🙂

    Cloud Spots: Again, he’s another two-part-name character. Honestly, I don’t really know. I guess his personality is okay… I don’t really have too much to say about this cat.

    Yellowfang: I really did like real-life Yellowfang! She was so brave when she kitted by herself, and after I read Yellowfang’s Secret, I started to feel way more sympathetic towards her. Raggedstar treated her like mouse-dung after she told him she was going to be a med cat! But StarClan Yellowfang? Gosh, I don’t even have a word to describe how stupid she is!

    Graystripe: Uhhhh….. No. I don’t really like Graystripe. Lots of people like him because he was loyal. But no. He was not loyal at all!!!! First, he mates with a RiverClan she-cat. And after she dies, he JOINS RiverClan to be with his kits! THEN he refuses to hurt Firestar in a battle, and that’s being disloyal to RIVERCLAN. That act of kindness towards Firestar gets him booted out of RiverClan. (SPOILER!) Then in Graystripe’s Vow, when he goes on his little wander, that’s sort of betraying his Clan while they’re in a crisis! I just… Don’t like Graystripe. At all.

    Gray Wing: I don’t have anything to say about him. I know nothing about this cat. 😛

  • Scourge: I feel bad for him since he was treated horribly by Ruby and Socks, but that doesn’t make his actions okay. Killing should not be excused, even if it’s a brute like Tigerstar you’re vanquishing.

    Leafpool: Eh… Leafpool’s okay. I mean, she’ll never make it onto my top ten or anything, but all of her lies she did for the best. But, again, Leafpool’s not my favorite. She literally hid in the shadow of most of the other medicine cats (Ughh!) and mated with a cat from a different Clan!!! *Sigh* Leafpool broke the medicine cat code a lot. And that’s why she’s not a good character for me.

    Hollyleaf: I’m nuetral on her. She is smart, and when she switched from med to warrior, she knew what her destiny was supposed to be. But, yet, she is OBSESSED with the warrior code, up to the point when it gets annoying. And it was so petty when she ran away because of Leafpool being her true mother. She IS kind of a petty character mostly as she goes through life. But, what made her shoot up on my list is the fact that she sacrificed herself for Ivypool. That was a brave thing to do, and I personally think she should have been the fourth cat because of that.

  • Bluestar: I feel bad for her because of her family members dying, but in the late first series, she went crazy, and started being a jerk to Firestar. She even wouldn’t make old apprentices warriors! But she seemed to come to her senses when she sacrificed herself to save Firestar.

    Firestar: No. Just no. This character is not a Gary-Stu, like you said, but that doesn’t mean he’s awesome. He has something I call “main-character-itis”. That basically means that you’re mentioned waaaaaayyy too much. 😛 And Firestar “comes back” lots of times. He was okay in the first series, because that’s when he develops. To add to that, he gets his own super edition, Firestar’s Quest. And THEN he gets to be the fourth cat. THEN after he dies, he gives a prophecy to I forget who. Just… Firestar is not a Gary-Stu, but he’s overused.

    That was a great article!!!! 😀

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