Who is the best character in Warriors? by Cherryclaw

Cherryclaw lists some of the beloved characters from Warriors.

Art by CinderpeltsCandy

I’ve seen this topic being tossed around. Whether it’s in forums, videos, or the youtube comment section. I think it’s time we settle this! So in case you haven’t read the title the issue on the table is who is the best character in Warriors? I’m sure that we can unanimously agree on a great character! But, some people are definitely hate on this character, that’s to be expected. Popular liked cats I’ve collected are
I’m sure there are more cats that are extremely loved by the fandom, but they’re probably slipping out of my head right now. Some cats I’m personally rooting for are
Mousefur – She literally called her own clan meeting. If that doesn’t deserve respect I don’t know what does. I also like her whole grumpy elder thing going on! She’s one of my favorite background characters.
Alderheart- A worrier done right! A very relatable character! While most of our protagonists are confident. Alderheart worries about the prophecy and if he’s doing thing correctly and it’s a nice breath of fresh air!
Squirrelflight- I have low self-esteem and seeing such a confident and sassy character is so inspiring! I also love in The Apprentice’s Quest that Alderpaw was shocked to find out that his mother was like as an apprentice! He describes her as “business-like” and seeing like Squirrelflight’s growth from a stubborn know-it-all apprentice to a great, loyal deputy is wonderful!
Firestar- I’ve seen people accuse him of being a Gary-Sue and as much as I want to disagree with that it’s true. But he’s super interesting to read in The Prophecies Begin! As a kittypet we learn about the clan just like he does. He’s a just cat as well as a great leader. He has his faults out of the first arc! When Greystripe disappears he doesn’t choose a new deputy right away! And because of that the clan suffers! For all my PJO fans I’ll connect that flaw with Percy’s fatal flaw. They’re both extremely loyal to those close to them and make painful choices due to this.
Thanks for reading and feel free to leave your favorite cat(s) in the comments!

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