Top 5 Favorite Warriors by Sharpfang

Sharpfang shares their top five favourite Warriors.

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Hi everyone I’m Sharpfang! I’m obviously new, and very obsessed with this book series. So ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, now hold on tight because this idea is so unoriginal it will blow you away…. My top five favorite warrior cats. Have you been blown away? Also there are spoiler because why wouldn’t there be?

5. Tigerstar: Oh no, I already see the people coming at me with pitchforks and torches. But like honestly, if you love villains as much as I do, then it’s hard not to LOVE the biggest villain in the series. I know, his intentions were how do I put this. Bad? He was a pretty lit character in the time he had. You’ve really got to give this dude some credit.

4. Cloudtail:I love this floofly boi so much you don’t even know, I’m literally screaming as I’m writing this. Just the way he was with Brightheart literally kills me everytime I think about it. I also thought it was cool how he didn’t believe in Starclan, and the fact that he’s Firestar’s nephew. He’s just a great character and I will forever love him.

3.Yellowfang: It’s simple, what is there not to love about Yellowfang. She’s got all the qualities that makes me love her. She’s grumpy, has a good backstory, KILLED HER OWN SON, and was like one of the greatest cats to come out of the series!

2.Goosefeather: Best medicine cat hand’s down (Sorry Yellowfang). He was a bit nutso but, honestly his novella was great. He sees dead cats for Starclans sake! Also when he heard all those prophecies, I fell in love.

1.Clear Sky: Okay now before you start screaming at me, let me just say this one simple thing. I don’t care that he is the reason every character I knew and loved died, HE WAS AMAZING. I get it he was jerk, he killed tons of people, and he obsessed over borders. HE WAS JUST TRYING TO LEAD HIS CLAN, but the only thing I really never liked about him was, ALL THE MATES, and the fact that they ALL DIED.

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  • Good job! I like Tigerstar as a villain. He was a pretty major villain and I think that his story is pretty interesting.

    Cloudtail, Yellowfang, and Goosefeather I all like! 🙂

    I’m not Clear Sky’s biggest fan nor am I his biggest hater. I don’t like him really, but I give him a bit of credit because I guess I can see some good in him.

  • OMG YESSS!!!!! I agree with all of these except for Tigerstar (I don’t have an opinion on him other than that he was a good villain, haha).

    Yay! I LOVE Cloudtail too! 😀❤️

    And CLEAR SKY!!! Yeesss thank you!!! Finally someone who likes him! I know I’ve only read like the first book of DotC but he’s my favorite character in the book/series.

  • I like Tigerstar as a villain, he’s just not one of my favorites (even though Darkstripe is 😛), but one of my favorites is Hawkfrost, who wouldn’t even exist if Tigerstar didn’t.

    I love Cloudtail!

    I like Yellowfang, and I don’t really have an opinion on Goosefeather.

    I haven’t read Dawn of the Clans, but Clear Sky does sound kind of interesting.

  • I agree with Cloudtail, Yellowfang and Goosefeather. I hate Tigerstar and Clear Sky. Tigerstar – he had started with an ambition to become leader. He finally became leader of ShadowClan, and he didn’t stop trying to doom all the clans and kill cats for no reason. But without the first arc would most likely suck so… Clear Sky – He killed so many cats! MAJORish SPOILER FOR MOTHFLIGHTS VISION: I hate when he kills Micah. Mothflight is so sad. He was too busy fussing over borders when all they were trying to do was save a cat. They eventually did, but Micah died in the process. She felt like she couldn’t go back to WindClan. END OF MF VISION SPOILER ALERT: And he killed many more cats. I did like him in the beginning though. I love Gray Wing. He’s my favorite character.

  • Nice article.

    I agree with Tigerstar. He was a good, intimidating villain who had a lasting impact on the series as a whole.

    You’ve made me want to read Goosefeather’s novella now. It’s one I’ve never got round to reading, though I own the novella collection it’s in, but the ‘heard the prophesies’-thing sounds interesting.

    I’m mixed on Clear Sky. His redemption arc, I thought, was very good, but his character was let down and written poorly in Moth Flight’s Vision as a result of that book being written, I believe, before Path of Stars. So, his character came across as inconsistent and didn’t show the same level of progression that had been produced beforehand. Nevertheless, I did enjoy his character toward the end of DotC.

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