Jake:the Kittypet Who Needs More Love by Wrenkit

Wrenkit takes a look at Jake the kittypet.

Art by Awkwardos

Hello everyone! I’m Wrenkit and in this article, I am going to discuss how Jake is a very important character. So,yes Jake is a kittypet, but if there was no Jake,think of all the things that would affect.
First of all,Firestar and Princess wouldn’t have been born. Think of all the things that would cause. The Clans would be doomed without Firestar. And they would be doomed,all because Jake wasn’t born and didn’t give birth to Firestar and Princess.
Secondly,Tallstar and WindClan would be in trouble. In Tallstar’s Revenge, if Jake hadn’t come with Talltail,he might be dead or lost. And when they came back,Talltail wanted to live with Jake,but even though Jake wanted to live with him so much,he knew that Talltail would never be happy there. That shows that even though Jake longes for something,he cared about others and knew that it was not right.
Lastly,Pinestar would not be happy. In Pinestar’s Choice,if Jake hadn’t encouraged Pinestar to be a kittypet,think of how sad Pinestar would be when he stayed a Clan cat. I know some of you are screaming right now”BUT PINESTAR IS A CLAN CAT! IF JAKE HADN’T BEEN BORN,HE WOULDN’T HAVE MET JAKE AND WOULDN’T BE ENCOURAGED TO BE A KITTYPET!” Well yes,but you can blame Jake’s mother,Crystal,for his birth and Pinestar was happy to be a kittypet,he was even willing to change his Clan name from Pinestar to Pine. If you don’t want Pinestar to be a kittypet,don’t blame Jake for encouraging someone’s dreams. That also shows that Jake is caring and kind.
Also here are some reasons people might not like Jake.
1)he is Scourge’s father
2)he is a kittypet
So,lets start with Number 1. Since he is the father of an evil cat does not matter. Your relative may be evil,but that says nothing about you. Take Pinestar for example. He is the parent of Tigerstar,but is Pinestar evil? No. And even if he was the father of Scourge, he is also Firestar’s.
Okay,Number 2. He is a kittypet,but he is very brave. The life you live in doesn’t mean you are bad. Like some people live in the city,while others in the suburbs. That doesn’t mean we are bad and shouldn’t be liked. And he is a very brave kittypet,for he went with Talltail and was friends with Clan cats. A lot of kittypet would be scared when they saw one,but Jake wasn’t.
Anyway,that’s the reasons why some people don’t like Jake,but really,what is there not to like?

Goodbye and may StarClan light your path,always

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