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Pinestripe who is the mother of twin chickens 🐔🐔 (Peach🧡 and Cherry❤️ )
January 26, 2021 12:48 am

I just figured out I ship BlossomfallXToadstep!

There are so many reasons I love this ship!
As kits, they often quarreled and Toadkit teased Blossomkit, but they still seemed like sweet friends.
Blossompaw’s siblings said that Blossompaw had a crush on Toadstep, and even though she was annoyed and said she didn’t, I think she really did like Toadstep- just not her siblings’ teasing.
They are often seen together as young Warriors, and when Blossomfall is upset with Bumblestripe and Dovewing, she stalks away to be with Toadstep instead, which shows that she finds comfort in him.
Lastly, if you look at their lives they really have similar stories. Blossomfall’s mother Millie neglected her, and so did Toadstep’s father Spiderleg. They could really understand and comfort each other about this.

I love them together! <3333

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