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    March 22, 2019 at 8:06 pm

    Mousewhisker x Ivytail (ShadowClan) is such an underrated crack ship

    ❤️ HazelxFox Ship Captain ❤

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    March 22, 2019 at 9:02 pm

    Repost because I feel like it 😛

    Here’s my headcanons for Spiderleg x Whitewing

    ~ Spiderpaw makes fun of Shrewpaw all the time, and Squirrelpaw, who finds Spiderpaw popular and cool, does too. Whitepaw, the last member of the trio, doesn’t, secretly crushing on Shrewpaw

    ~ Squirrelpaw has a crush on Spiderpaw, who has a crush on Whitepaw. It all goes in circles.

    ~ Squirrelpaw leaves with Brambleclaw, and Whitepaw and Spiderpaw are distraught, but that brings the other two closer

    ~ She comes back, and the Clan agrees to leave

    ~ Shrewpaw gets hit on the Thunderpath

    ~ Spiderpaw is the most hurt, feeling as if he was a terrible brother

    ~ Whitepaw is also anguished, as she never got to express her true feelings

    ~ (seventeen from Heathers kicking in :P)

    ~ Whitepaw finds Spiderpaw outside in the middle of the night. She tells him that everything will work out fine. They fall out a bit over that, and Spiderpaw screams that he loves her. Whitepaw is taken aback, and falls silent.

    ~ They become very close

    ~ Some moons later, they lose close contact, and Daisy joins the Clan.

    ~ Whitewing watches Toadkit and Rose kit sadly from the nursery

    ~ Birchfall and Whitewing start going on patrols together, making inside jokes, and she begins to feel happier, as if her ‘rainclouds’ dissapear.

    ~ They confess to each other, and soon, the kits are born.

    ~ Spiderleg is upset, and he and Whitewing get into an argument. Whitewing says that he was the one who had kits first. Spiderleg says that he hadn’t really loved Daisy, and that he still wanted to be with her.

    ~ Ivypaw gets assigned Spiderleg as her mentor, and Birchfall asks if Whitewing asked Firestar for that to happen. Whitewing gets annoyed and replies quite rudely, no.

    ~ They argue over Whitewing still loving Spiderleg and Birchfall says that she can be with him if she wants, and their relationsip has ended.

    ~ Like in the series, Daisy decides that mating with Spiderleg was the wrong decision.

    ~ Whitewing is completely empty, and Spiderleg notices. He pretends not to care, but after a while, they start to develope a relationship again.

    ~ Whitewing and Spiderleg become mates, and have three kits (Or something 😛 )

    ~ They both die in the battle with the Dark Forest, side by side

    Oof that was long
    And terrible 😛


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