• If you’re bored and want to ship some characters, trying going to https://tiermaker.com/ and searching a ship tier list of your favourite fandom!

    This can go for characters and pretty much anything if it’s on the website 😛

  • A buncha ships:

    | | The Dragon Prince Ships | |
    Amaya X Gren (I know it won’t be canon but still)
    Callum X Rayla (From the start, I loved it as soon as I saw the Netflix cover [from Season Three I learned later, it was Callum and Rayla])
    | | Archibald’s Next Big Thing Ships | |
    (Look I know this is a show for toddlers but I like it)
    Archibald X Bea
    Archibald X Roxlyn
    | | Percy Jackson Ships | |
    Percy X Annabeth
    Also, I would ship Claudia X Ezran if Ezran was older (or Claudia was younger)

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