• Si x Brokenstar
      Si x Tigerclaw
      Si x Hawkfrost
      Si x Ashfur
      Si x Scourge
      Si x Mapleshade
      Si x Sol
      Si x Thistleclaw
      Si x Darkstripe
      Si x Darktail
      Take your pick!

  • I do not understand Claudium or Raydia. Both are terrible.

    Claudium is boring and overrated, and Callum regretted trusting Claudia after she tried to KILL them and Phoe-Phoe as well.

    And Claudia and Rayla were enemies from the start, it would be honestly toxic and terrible and just really “no” in my opinion.

    People think Hawk and Ivy are gross, so let’s bend that towards the terrible Raydia.

    “Hawk [Claudia] never shows any kindness towards Ivy [Rayla] unless it’s manipulative!”
    “Hawk [Claudia] tries to kill Ivy [Rayla] and her friends [Callum, Ezran, Phoe Phoe, Ellis, AND Ava]!”
    “Hawk [Claudia] is evil and tries to make Ivy [Rayla OR Callum, or both of them] evil too!”

    You may think it is, but neither Claudium or Raydia are good or healthy.

    So yep, no offense by anything

    • My Top 4 Wings of Fire Ships!
      1. Fathom x Indigo: AHHHHHHHHH so cute!!! I never shipped Darkstalker x Clearsight from the start, and these two are just…

      2. Glory x Deathbringer: adorable as well. Both really want to protect each other and are super loyal.

      3. Tsunami x Riptide: again, another strong, smart couple.

      4. Moon x Winter: okay, so I know that Qibli x Moon is the popular choice, but I love how Winter sees Moon, would sacrifice himself for Moon, in the 7th book. And then how he eventually accepted that Moon loved Qibli (not an Ashfur here)


    Since when was Bramblestar/Feathertail, Bramblestar/Leafpool, Dovewing/Foxleap, Stormcloud/Cherryfall things??? EXPLAIN

    • You’ve never heard of Dove x Fox? I used to ship them when I was younger, mostly because they were both very kind to each other. And I believe Storm x Cherry became a ship in Bramblestar’s storm.

    • I have no idea about Bramble x Feather, I’ve heard of Bramble x Leaf but don’t like it, I LOVE Dove x Fox, it’s really cute, and I think it was mentioned in Bramblestar’s Storm that Cherryfall and Stormcloud are really close and would become mates and have kits or something like that.

  • What, in your opinion, are the most underrated ships?
    My list:

    -Wind Runner x Gorse Fur (Ahh I love this so much)
    -Petalnose x Rainfur
    -Feathertail x Crowfeather (Well, maybe not underrated, but it does get hated on a lot and I do think it deserves more love :3)
    -Birdflight x Cloudstar (I love this a lot too 😛 )
    -Ryewhisker x Cloudberry
    -Princess x Oliver
    -Moth Flight x Micah (So good!)
    -Leafpool x Sorreltail
    -Pebbleshine x Hawkwing
    -Grey Wing x Slate
    -Stormfur x Brook

    • Yes Wind Runner x Gorse Fur, Feathertail x Crowfeather, and I also ship Ivypool x Antpelt

    • All of these ships are pretty underrated! Especially Bird x Cloud, Storm x Brook, and Hawk x Pebble!
      We Know

  • AHA! I found this Moth x Pool quote today:

    Squirrelflight turned back to look for Leafpool and saw her racing across the shore to join Hawkfrost’s sister, Mothwing, who was the RiverClan medicine cat. The beautiful golden tabby twined her tail with Leafpool’s, excitedly telling her something that Squirrelflight was too far away to hear.
    -Twilight, page 74

    • Aw 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
      We Know

  • What are some strange ships you ship?

    -Whiteclaw x Sedgecreek
    -Jayfeather x Willowshine
    -Brambleberry x Featherwhisker

  • I quite like Nina x Benny from In The Heights! It’s a sweet ship <3
    We Know

  • In the We Bare Bears episode ‘Bubble’, I was convinced that Panlie was going to become canon! Unfortunately, it didn’t, but I still think Panda and Charlie would be a sweet couple! <333333333
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