• Hey!!!!!!
    I’m going to do a short story contest!
    Claim one of these random ships and write a short story about it! The winner gets a secret page!
    Firestar x Tigerstar 1
    Bluestar x Spottedleaf
    Graystripe x Longtail
    Darkstripe x Ravenpaw
    Dustpelt x Sandstorm
    Yellowfang x Nightstar
    Brokenstar x Tallstar
    Cinderpelt x Crookedstar
    Leopardstar x Silverstream
    Cloudtail x Brightheart
    Mistyfoot x Feathertail
    Stonefur x Stormfur
    Brambleclaw x Scourge
    Tawnpelt x Redtail
    Oakheart x Lionheart
    Whitestorm x Runningnose
    Barley x Blackfoot
    Onestar x Brackenfur
    Princess x Brindleface
    Graypool x Thornclaw
    Goldenflower x Littlecloud
    Runningwind x Mousefur
    Swiftpaw x Boulder

    • 🎵I’m takin’ this horse by the reins, makin’ Redcoats redder with bloodstains!🎵(Turtlepaw🐢🐢🐢) says:

      Hey, just letting you know that Mousefur and Runningwind are actually siblings, so writing a ship fanfic about them would be really… um, questionable. ^^
      A Winter’s Ball

    • I did the only cannon one: Brightheart and Cloudtail
      note that i did NOT read a dangerous path so i might get some things wrong

      PART ONE

      Lostface sat in the elder’s den, thinking about what had happened. She looked up at the midnight sky, hoping Swiftpaw was watching over her. She drifted to sleep, hoping the night would go by quick. She awoke on a rock, it was high above the ground. A dream? Lostface wondered. She looked down. It was Swiftpaw, fighting dogs all alone! If I didn’t agree to go I wouldn’t have my scars, but is this what’ve happened? They surrounded him, as the young apprentice tried to attack the dogs. He was covered in blood, and she swore he lost a leg. Then a dog threw its slavering jaw around Swiftpaw’s neck, and he fell to the ground. “No” she cried, “No I don’t want to watch this all over again!” The dogs started to feast on Swiftpaw’s body, Lostface felt her heart splitting in two. She looked away and caught just a glimpse of Swiftpaw’s spirit looking at her. Then she suddenly jolted awake. “Are you ok?” Halftail asked, “You’ve been whimpering a lot” “Oh, it was just a bad dream” Lostface said while looking at her paws. I can’t believe i actually woke them up she thought in embarrassment.

    • Hm…I’ll try BrokenstarxTallstar

    • Lionheart found that he missed Oakheart more than he’d thought he would. To most, it would seem that they hadn’t been anything more than acquaintances. They rarely spoke at Gatherings, and they were in different Clans, occupied with busy lives of their owns. No one would have ever guessed the truth behind Lionheart’s deep pang of heartache that accompanied him finding out about Oakheart’s death.

      Frostfur was the one for Lionheart, he’d known she was since they were apprentices. He would never give her up for anything, and he knew she loved him just as much. Their kits meant everything to him, and he would never regret having them. Lionheart had also heard rumors that Oakheart had a mate and kits of his own. That was one of the first things the two of them had ever talked about, kits. Lionheart hadn’t had his and Frostfur’s yet, but Oakheart was happy about his.

      Lionheart didn’t notice his subtle feelings for Oakheart developing right away, and he wasn’t sure what caused them. Oakheart’s love for his kits, Oakheart’s loyalty to his Clan, Lionheart’s own hope of maybe someday being a deputy like Oakheart was, it could have been millions of things. But he had a secret crush on the RiverClan tom, something that he was fearful to ever mention to anyone.

      (part one, plan on writing one or two more parts)

      • oak x lion part two/final part

        It was never any sort of obsessive thing, he’d never once considered leaving his Clan or leaving Frostfur. But his silly little feelings for the RiverClan deputy were something that liked to cling to the back of his mind. He’d have dreams every once in a great while where somehow, someway, Oakheart would mention crushing on him too.

        But now Lionheart knew for certain, what he should have known since the beginning. Oakheart had died in the Sunningrocks battle, and Lionheart would never be able to even ask him jokingly if his crush had been reciprocated. He wondered how he could be so sad to let go of a little fantasy that hadn’t ever been anything more than in his head in the first place.

        But, unbeknownst to Lionheart, Oakheart was smiling down upon him from StarClan, so proud of him for rising to deputy status of his own, proud of him for being so loyal to his Clan, his mate, and his kits. And, Oakheart wasn’t sure if he’d ever admit to it, for in his heart he would always wait for Bluestar, but he’d crushed on Lionheart for a short time as well.

        the end 🙂

    • Part one of my Graypool X Thornclaw fanfiction!
      Thornclaw shifted in his moss bed, trying to get comfortable. I can’t sleep, he thought. Something was bothering him. He tried to sleep, but before he knew it, his sister Brightheart woke him up. “Wake up, you lazy furball! Firestar wanted you to help lead a patrol with Whitestorm, Brackenfur, and Sandstorm!”
      Thornclaw groaned. “But I barely got any sleep!” he complained. The truth was, he couldn’t rest because he kept thinking about Graypool, the RiverClan elder that had died recently. Although she was moons older than him, Thornclaw really liked the old cat and he wished he could have gotten to know her better.
      He sighed.I’ll never be able to tell her now, he thought gloomily. If only she were younger… As he walked across the clearing, his thoughts about Graypool grew sadder. At least he had visited her a few times. Thornclaw slowly padded through the gorse tunnel, followed by Brackenfur, Whitestorm, and Sandstorm. He sighed again. This time, Brackenfur noticed. “What’s wrong?”
      “Oh, nothing…” Thornclaw replied, looking at his paws as he walked. Brackenfur looked unsure. “Well, it sure looks like something’s wrong. You can tell me,” he assured. “I won’t tell anyone.” Thornclaw stopped and looked up from his paws. “Well, I, I, I… I miss Graypool.” Brackenfur looked confused. “Graypool? That elderly RiverClan cat? Thornclaw, but why…?” Thornclaw didn’t reply. He kept walking, catching up to Whitestorm and Sandstorm.

      • Part two:
        Thornclaw walked through the forest in search of prey. Whitestorm, Brackenfur, and Sandstorm, the cats patrolling with him, had already caught three pieces each, but Thornclaw had caught none. “What’s wrong with you today?” asked Whitestorm. “You’re usually great at hunting!” Thornclaw didn’t want to answer. Fortunately, he didn’t have to. Brackenfur replied instead. “He misses Graypool.”
        Sandstorm cocked her head. “Graypool? But-”
        “Yes, I know, she’s from RiverClan!” Thornclaw interrupted. “I don’t know why,” he sighed. “I just…” His voice trailed away, unable to say anything more. Before any of the other cats could reply, Thornclaw stalked off. Not even paying attention to a mouse scampering by, he climbed down the ravine, into the gorse tunnel, into camp. “Hey, Thornclaw!” called Graystripe from across the clearing. “What are you doing back so early?”
        Thornclaw didn’t say a word. He just bounded through camp, to warriors den. What am I doing? he asked himself. Why am I being such a mouse-brain?
        As he curled up, he thought about the day. Surely Firestar would punish him. He felt an urge to go back patrolling, but he drifted off to sleep. When he opened his eyes, he wasn’t in the den. Where am I? he thought. When he looked around he saw nothing… until a cat caught his eye. Thornclaw gasped. “Graypool!”

      • Gray X Thorn: Part Three (final part)
        Thornclaw gasped again. “It- it’s you!” Graypool nodded her head, amused. “Yes, it is,” She stepped closer to him. “I have come because I have realized how much you’ve missed me. Even the entire RiverClan is not as sad about my death as you are.”
        “Really?” asked Thornclaw, surprised.
        Thornclaw was overjoyed. “Oh, Graypool! It’s so great to see you again! I’ve missed you so much that I stopped patrolling!” But then he grew sad again. “Oh, what will Firestar do to me?”
        “That is something you will have to find out yourself,” Graypool replied. She rested her muzzle on Thornclaw’s head. “I love you, Thornclaw.”
        “Me… me too,” he whispered. He wanted to stay like that forever, just him and Graypool. But he knew he couldn’t. It was just a dream… a dream from StarClan. Then Graypool spoke again. “In the future, Thornclaw, you will have a mate.”
        “What? But I love you, and I couldn’t love any cat more than you!”
        Graypool shook her head. “No. You will love your future mate more than me.”
        Thornclaw was heartbroken. How would he love a cat more than Graypool? “It is true,” sighed the old cat. “But I’ll never forget you.” She pressed her muzzle to his, then slowly disappeared. Thornclaw looked around for her, but she was back in Silverpelt, still watching over him. After Thornclaw woke up, Firestar did punish him, as he thought. He had to do an apprentice’s work: Check for ticks on the elders.
        But he soon got back to catching more prey than anyone, and, as Graypool had predicted, he mated with a young she-cat Blossomfall. No matter how much Thornclaw loved Blossomfall, he never forgot Graypool entirely, and he still visited her in dreams. Each time, he wanted to stay like that forever, just him and Graypool. But he always remembered it was just a dream… a dream from StarClan.

    • I’ll claim Yellowfang x Nightstar, if I can! <3
      Here is my story! 🙂

      Short story contest entry
      Part 1

      "This cough won't go away!" Nightpelt gasped, coughing between the words he spoke. Yellowfang's heart twisted in grief. She wished she could do something for Nightpelt. It was torture to watch him suffer like this.
      "Try and calm down. Focus on the good things. Focus on your breath." Yellowfang whispered, her feisty personality suddenly calm and gentle.
      -What's happening to me?- Yellowfang thought, her fur tingling. She leaned forward, stroking Nightpelt's flank with her grey bushy tail. Nightpelt's coughs started to fade, and his breathing steadied.
      "Thanks." He sighed, sinking to his paws. "I don't know what I'd do without you, Yellowfang."
      Why was Yellowfang so hot?
      Stop! She ordered herself. I'm a medicine cat, for StarClan's sake.
      "Here, eat these." She barked, pushing some foul smelling herbs toward the black tom.
      Nightpelt gave the herbs a sniff, then tentatively lapped one up and chewed.
      He gave another sigh, and resting his head on his paws, he dropped into a deep sleep. Without having to worry of Nightpelt waking up, Yellowfang drew closer to him. His night-black fur, his shining green eyes like dew dappled leaves- his warm laugh and his kind spirit that so warms her days. And when he coughs- it feels like she's not breathing, and it's not from her power StarClan had granted her. It's from love. And when the strange twisting, bouncing feeling in her chest, like a bubbling stream, that isn't from illness either. It's from love.
      Yellowfang sighed. She couldn't hide it from herself anymore. She had to give it. She loved him. But did he love her?

    • Short story contest entry
      Part 2

      Nightpelt lay, motionless inside the medicine cat den. Yellowfang felt panic wash over her. She had never felt this helpless.
      Nightpelt just had a huge coughing fit, he could barely draw breath into his lungs. Yellowfang had given him some of her best herbs, and he seemed better now, though he looked weak and miserable, curled up in the nest, shivering, barely conscious. Yellowfang thought he might not make it to the morning.
      She curled down next to him, licking his face soothingly. Her eyes clouded.
      “Nightpelt?” She whispered softly. “I know I’m not supposed to love. I’m a medicine cat. The code forbids it. But Nightpelt, you are like no other cat I have ever met. You are kind, and sweet, gentle, and smart…and I love you..with all my heart. I could never ever deny it.”
      Wet tears soaking her fur, Yellowfang gently stroked Nightpelt’s flank with the tip of her bushy tail.
      Nightpelt suddenly twitched his ear.
      “I…love…y…you too.” Nightpelt rasped weakly, without opening his eyes.
      “Shh, sleep. You’ll be all better in the morning. I promise I’ll keep you safe.” Yellowfang said, emotions surging in her chest like violent waves crashing to shore.
      “I promise.”

    • Short story contest entry
      Part 3

      “Nightstar! Nightstar!” A tiny she-kit bounded up to the strong leader’s paws. “Yellowfang taught me how to chew herbs together! It was so fun! But they tasted so bitter!”
      Nightstar purred, giving his daughter a quick lick.
      “Good job Moonkit! Maybe you’ll be a ShadowClan medicine cat one day!”
      “Really? That’s great!” Moonkit bounced up and down on her paws, her yellow eyes shinning bright.
      “Really.” Nightstar said.

      Yellowfang had found a cure for Nightpelt’s sickness. Fresh mountain air and a mixture of valley herbs had cured his everlasting cough. He became leader after the horrible rule of Tigerstar, who had come to rule the Clan after Raggedstar.
      Nightstar was fair, and kind, and a great leader for ShadowClan.
      And Moonkit, his and Yellowfang’s daughter, was eager and clever, but also gentle, all good qualities of a medicine cat. She didn’t know Yellowfang was her mother- but the time would come soon when she would know. And till then, everyone was happy- most of all, Yellowfang and Nightstar.
      The end.

      Hope you liked it! <3
      It felt great to write again! 😀

    • I’ll do Dustpelt & Sandstorm!

      Part 1

      Dustpelt stared at Sandstorm’s leafy green eyes, his heart aching with love for the soft-furred pale ginger she-cat. Sandstorm pressed her warm flank against his, and she rubbed her muzzle against Dustpelt’s. Dustpelt purred as Sandstorm settled by his side, and her sweet breath dragged him into sleep. He knew that the beautiful she-cat would be his mate one day. For sure.

      “Hey Fireheart.” Sandstorm’s voice startled him. Creeping out into the shadows of his den, he felt shock raking over his chest like a blow as he saw Sandstorm approaching Fireheart outside the den. Dustpelt bared his teeth.
      “Hi.” Fireheart seemed surprised to see Sandstorm, but he nuzzled her cheek and shuffled closer to the purring she-cat. Dustpelt’s world spun. Sandstorm’s eyes were different now that she was gazing at Fireheart. They were more loving and dreamy, and when she had gazed at Dustpelt, they held nothing but friendliness. Dustpelt wanted to rake his claws over the ginger tom’s face. He was taking everything from him! “I couldn’t sleep,” Sandstorm confessed, and licked his ear fondly. Fireheart gently nudged her affectionately, and mewed “I couldn’t either.” Dustpelt felt all the energy draining out of him. If Sandstorm loved Fireheart, then there was nothing he could do. Sorrow stabbing his heart, he buried his nose into the soft moss of his nest and sobbed, heartbroken.

    • Part 2

      Sandstorm felt her pelt prickling uneasily as she spotted Dustpelt’s sad amber eyes gazing at her from the shadows of their den. Deep down, she knew that she loved Dustpelt, but when her gaze caught Fireheart’s warm green eyes, nothing mattered for now. She felt Fireheart rest his head on hers, and Sandstorm nuzzled his chest affectionately as she inhaled in his scent.

      “Er…hi, Dustpelt,” Sandstorm stuttered. She tried to read Dustpelt’s gaze, but the usually so welcoming pair of yellow eyes were cold. “What?” Dustpelt snapped, looking impatient. Hostility glistened in the two balls of glass. “Um…well…” Sandstorm began, but Dustpelt cut her off. “If you don’t have anything to say, excuse me.” The tabby tom pushed past her, and when Sandstorm turned around, he was nuzzling Fernpaw. The flecked gray apprentice looked overjoyed and purred, but when she caught Sandstorm’s angry glare she shrank back, trembling. Dustpelt noticed this too, and as wordlessly snarled at Sandstorm, he shielded Fernpaw from her.
      “You love Fireheart, not me! So why do you care if I like Fernpaw? Stop being such an arrogant furball!” Dustpelt hissed. Sandstorm took a step back, hurt. Dustpelt whipped around and touched muzzles with Fernpaw again. The pale ginger she-cat turned to the gorse tunnel and ran, sobbing. Dustpelt’s words had cut through her heart like an unsheathed claw. She howled to a tree, sorrow stabbing her chest endlessly.
      “I loved Dustpelt. Why did it ever come to this?”

    • Part 3

      Dustpelt purred as he touched noses with Fernpaw, but a part of his heart felt…somehow empty. Yes, he loved Fernpaw-she was kind, caring and beautiful, but she wasn’t Sandstorm. Feeling uneasy, he murmured good night to the sleepy gray apprentice and padded out of the apprentices’ den, looking up at the stars. His mind flashed back to when he had hissed at Sandstorm. Guilt flooded over him, recalling how he had been so snappy and horrible to the pale ginger she-cat, who had done nothing but spend time with a tom she loved. Why did was he being such a monster?
      Shaking his head, Dustpelt squeezed out of the gorse tunnel. He didn’t want to hunt, but perhaps catching prey would make him feel better.
      “Going for a night hunt?” Cloudtail asked. He was on guard duty today. Dustpelt nodded. Cloudtail grinned, nudging him. “Good luck.” Dustpelt playfully nudged him back, mewing his thanks. Being with the funny white tom always made him feel happy. The moon floated above the crow-black night sky, and the violet tinge on the stars sparkled beautifully. An owl screeched nearby, making his fur bristle. Then, the hot stench of the feathered bird made his nose hurt.
      “Sandstorm!” He screeched, as he spotted the ginger she-cat fighting the owl desperately. Her frail claws raked over the bird’s wings, but the owl hooked its talons into Sandstorm’s matted pelt and fluttered its wings, ready to take off.
      “No!” Dustpelt roared, and leaped onto the bird’s back and viciously clawed at it. It let out an ear-splitting howl, and shook Dustpelt off before taking off, beaten. “Are you okay?” Dustpelt asked Sandstorm, panting on the ground.
      “I’m fine,” she mewed weakly. “But I have news to tell you.” Her eyes glowed with a new emotion. “I’m expecting your kits, Dustpelt.”

    • Dust x Sand forever

      It had been nearly five moons since Scourge had killed Firestar and taken over the forest. And from that, three moons since Scourge had murdered Ferncloud and cuased Sandstorm and Dustpelt to leave. They had been living in a gourge, where this cat called Sky had met them and told them about some group called Skyclan. He came every full moon. Almost two season’s had passed since Sandstorm’s love had died. She missed him with every breath, but she had Dustpelt, and the two of them had grown closer. Then, one day, DUstpelt told her to stay in the den, and he would go hunting. Normaly, Dustpelt needed her help to hunt, but Sandstorm did as he said and waited. In the aternoon, Sandstorm walked out o the den, and down to the pool at the edge of the gourge for water. “What are you doing!” Dustpelt yowled as he saw her by the waterfall. “Getting a drink. I don’t need your protection! I’ve done this before!” She snapped as he raced down the cliff with two peices of prey in his jaws. “It’s not you I’m worried about. But you also have to think of the kits.”

      This is part one !Part two will be out soon!

    • Part 4

      Dustpelt affectionately nuzzled Cherrykit and Honeykit as Sandstorm drew them closer with her tail. “They’re perfect,” he whispered. Sandstorm purred as she brushed a leaf off Cherrykit’s tortoiseshell-and-white coat with her tail. Fireheart didn’t mind at all that Sandstorm and Dustpelt were mates; he just congratulated the two cats although Dustpelt had noticed an edge to his voice.
      “Get out of here!” Squirrelkit yowled as she barrelled into Honeykit. Sandstorm and Fireheart also had had kits: Squirrelkit and Leafkit. Cherrykit squealed and pounced on Squirrelkit, screeching, “ShadowClan invaders!” Honeykit yanked Leafkit’s tail.
      “I couldn’t ask for more,” he murmuerd.
      “Me too,” Sandstorm mewed, and touched muzzles with him.

  • The Results Are In!
    So, thank you to Peakspots, Shimmerkit, Mountainpaw, Drizzlepaw, Daydream, and Swanflight for your wonderful stories! Now to the winners.
    In third place we have . . . Peakspots!
    Here is your secret page:
    In second place we have . . . Mountainpaw!
    Here is your secret page:
    And in first place we have . . . Shimmerkit!
    Congratulations, guys! It was a very hard decision. Once all the winners have seen this then a new contest will start up!

    • *dramatic screams* WHAAAAAAAAT?!!!!!! I…. I actually WON?!!!!!!! Sparkpaw you didn’t have to… omigosh THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I DIDN’T THINK I WAS THAT GOOD OF A WRITER!!!!!! w0w. Congratulations Mountainpaw and Peakspots for being in second and third place! (I still can’t believe it… wow….)

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