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Goldenpaw looks at some of the villains from the series.

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Hello, BlogClan! This is Goldenpaw, formerly Galaxypaw. Today, I will be doing an overview of several villains in the Warriors series. I hope you like it! (SPOILER WARNING!)

Mapleshade is one of the best-loved villains out there. She has a good backstory and motive, but a poor way of carrying it out. If you don’t know her, she was a ThunderClan warrior in love with a RiverClan tom. She had kits with him and tried to take them to his Clan where they would be safer. Unfortunately, her kits drowned. She went back to ThunderClan, but her leader found out she had a RiverClan mate and banished her. She went to RiverClan, hoping for refuge, but Appledusk (her mate) tattled on her to HIS leader. He claimed innocence and then Mapleshade found out he was cheating on her for a RiverClan she-cat named Reedshine. She got mad and declared revenge on Reedshine’s kits with Appledusk. She eventually got her revenge by tricking Crookedstar when he was an apprentice and basically killed his family. She was a loyal warrior, but her anger got the best of her and destroyed her.

Tigerclaw is either loved or hated by most. Personally, I don’t really have an opinion. He tried to take over the forest, not caring who he hurt in the process. He killed several cats and caused the deaths of several others. Not to mention that he seriously hurt Cinderpelt. However, his ambitious nature has a cause. As an apprentice, he had the extremely ambitious, ruthless Thistleclaw as a mentor. He made the young Tigerpaw want power. Once, Thistleclaw made Tigerpaw come very close to killing a kittypet kit. Bluefur (Bluestar) had to make him stop. Later, Tigerclaw just wanted to make his mentor proud. However, an ambitious mentor is no excuse for what he did. He tried to kill his leader, and so he deserved the DF.

Oh, boy. Here we go. Brokenstar. Hated by most. I personally like him. He has a unique character. And before you tell me he was a maniac with no reason, hear me out. He did have a backstory, actually. If you have read Yellowfang’s Secret, you might know it. His real mother could not care for him, so Lizardstripe took care of him. She was not a very good mother, and called her kits “brats.” She was ambitious as well. Her kits never played with their “brother” Brokenkit. He had a sad kithood. Yellowfang hoped he would become a medicine cat like her, but he wanted to be a warrior. His father, Raggedstar, never saw how evil Brokentail was, and made his son deputy. Raggedstar died, and Brokentail became leader. He framed Yellowfang and she was banished from ShadowClan. He also tried to take over the forest, but in a much crueler way than Tigerclaw. He was overall a horrible cat and didn’t really have a bad enough story to back it up.

Ahhh, yes. Scourge. Now, I don’t know much about his backstory, so bear with me on this one. As a small kit, he had two siblings, Socks and Ruby. They bullied him sometimes. He snuck out and almost got killed by Tigerpaw. Later, he somehow became the leader of a huge group known as BloodClan. He was ruthless and mean, and ruled over his cats with an iron paw. He allied with Tigerstar to take over the forest, planning to kill his former attacker. He killed Tigerstar at the Great Battle with a single swipe. Later, Firestar killed him. He had a really good story, in my opinion.

Oh, geez. I really hate Sol. He was raised by a single mother who told him and his siblings all about the “Sky Warriors.” She later snapped at him about how they were not real, causing him to run away. When Modern SkyClan was formed, he was eager to join. At that point, it was a small but well-formed Clan. (Firestar and Sandstorm had already left.) He was a terrible learner, but Leafstar did some one-on-one training with him. After a while, he improved and was doing well. At the Gathering that night, he called out and asked Leafstar to make him a warrior. She explained that it was not the right time for a warrior ceremony and that he would have to wait. He took that as Leafstar telling him he was not good enough to be a warrior, and vowed revenge on all the Clans. He felt like his dream had come true, then had been shattered. I understand that, but he seriously overreacted. He later somehow found his way to the lake Clans, and made them basically worship him. I think if he had stayed in SkyClan and had become a warrior, he would have been a good warrior, but he just had to go and ruin it by getting revenge.

Snake and Ice
Snake and Ice are members of BloodClan. They are the brothers of Barley, the barn cat. When Barley and his sister Violet were caught living together, Barley was punished by watching Violet die. The killers were Snake and Ice. They killed their own sister for power. This is just horrible, in my opinion. She lived and went to live with a kittypet named Fuzz. She lives happily there, is what is assumed.

I think we can all agree that the rabbit who blinded Longtail is pure evil. No explanation required.

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  • Great article! I agree with everything you said 😀 The part I most strongly agree with is that evil, monstrous rabbit.

  • Sol is probably my favourite villain. He uses his intelligence over tooth and claw, and he has a very interesting backstory. I used to love Mapleshade, but her evil kick-butt character was ruined for me by the amount of people defending her and saying what she did was okay. She hardly counts as a villain anymore /:

  • The rabbit was obviously the worst of ALL OF THESE! Like, C’MON GUYS!

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