Why there should be a book on Swiftpaw by Palemuzzle

Palemuzzle talks about why Swiftpaw should get his own book about his life.

Art by Warrior-Junkie

Hi guys! I am new here, so I am going to share something that has been on my mind for a while. I think there should be a book about Swiftpaw, from kit to death. The reason I think there should be a book about Swiftpaw is that he wasn’t really a well-known character and we don’t get much detail about his death. I only remember Swiftpaw being alive for a book, maybe two. We don’t get to see him that much when we do it isn’t for very long. The only thing I remember Swiftpaw for was for being desperate. He was desperate to become a warrior, which isn’t a very good thing to remember. Sure, every cat wants to fulfill their dreams, and I know Swiftpaw’s and Brightpaw’s warrior ceremonies kept getting postponed, and they wanted to prove to Bluestar that they were worthy enough to become warriors.
About his death, we don’t get much detail. All we know is that he fought like Lionclan, which is said by Brightpaw/Lostface/Brightheart. We only hear Brightpaw saying that and that she doesn’t know when the end came for him. Which isn’t very much detail. It’s like Sunstar’s Death. All we get told is that he couldn’t outrun a stray dog out in the forest because he was weak from sickness. We don’t know exactly what happens to them. I don’t know about you guys, but I would like to know more detail about Swiftpaw’s death. I would like to know, how they fought the dogs and how Swiftpaw spent his last breaths. I know most people probably don’t agree, but I would like to know Swiftpaw’s death from his own eyes. Not Brightpaw’s. Flametail, the grumpy, rude medicine cat got a death scene from his own perspective, so why should Swiftpaw not? Swiftpaw’s Death played a HUGE role in Brightpaw’s life for a very long time. His death was a HUGE difference in the books, so why should Swiftpaw not have a book about himself from a kit to death? If any of the Erins are looking at this and might agree, I have an idea for the name of the book, only if you decide to make it.
I’m thinking maybe, Swiftpaw’s Sacrifice. Because Swiftpaw sacrificed his life to save Brightpaw’s. He was kind of like Ashfur. He was only really important when he died ( in the whole clan’s perspective, Ashfur was kind of important in the fire scene). I feel like if there was a book about him, he would seem like more of an important character to the community. When he dies, he is remembered for a short while, but then forgotten. Like Redtail. Sure, we see Swiftpaw in StarClan 1-3 times, but SpottedLeaf, Bluestar, Yellowfang, we see them a LOT in Starclan. All the minor characters like Swiftpaw, in my opinion, are just thrown in the trash and left to rot. So I think he would be remembered, in a better way, and just in general, if there was a book about him. Like I said earlier, I remember him for being stubborn and desperate. I think people would remember him in a better way if his character was more developed.
That is my opinion on why I think Swiftpaw should have a book. If one of the Erins is reading this, I would really like it if you at least thought about it. I know there is a very very slim chance any of the Erins ARE reading this, and an even smaller chance they will make a book based on one person’s opinion, but it would really make my day if you at least think about it. I am very bad at writing conclusions, so I am just going to leave it there, Thank you for taking your time to read this, and Bye-bye!

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