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Dockcloud lists five intense moments from the first arc.

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We can all agree that the first series of Warrior Cats, The Propechy Begins, was a phenomenal start to the books. These books were so editing to read, and it was a great way of introducing the Clans. Today, I am going to be picking out my personal favourite INTENSE scenes in the first ark. 🚫WARNING🚫: spoilers ahead. 🔥DISCLAIMER🔥: this is my personal opinion. Share your’s in the comments below! Now, without further ado, settle down in your nests, grab a snack off the fresh kill pile, and let me begin.

5: Brightpaw and Swiftpaw.
This moment was not much of an intense moment, but more of one that takes your breath away. This scene takes place on pages 249 – 253 of Dangerous Path. In this moment, our breath is taken away as Cloudtail and Fireheart discover the lifeless body of Swiftpaw and the hardly breathing Brightpaw. We soon learn that a dog had attacked the after they went to fight them themselves, but Swiftpaw had taken his life to protect Brightpaw. This scene is not only shocking, but scary. The readers have no idea who or what has done this, especially as this chapter draws to a close. At the end of this scene, we hear Brightpaw rasp her first words after the attack, and some terrifying ones indeed: ‘Pack pack, kill kill.’ Not only are these words ominous and eerie, but it signifies to the reader that this is more than just an enemy ThunderClan are dealing with. Not only that, but Fireheart had heard these words before. I personally was terrified reading this scene, and I remember hiding under my floral-print duvet covers. It really gives off a few hints to the reader, without giving away all of it. This is only my opinion. What did you think of the mysterious words: ‘Pack pack, kill kill’? Tell me in the comments below!

4: The fire
Just hearing the word ‘fire’ make a your skin prickly. This intense scene took place on pages 279 – 303 of Rising Storm. The sudden unexcpectancy of the fire shook everyone reading, and worried everyone about what would happen. This scene starts normally until Fireheart sees an orange colour on the horizen, he figures it can’t be the sun, so what was it? Smelling smoke, he comes to the conclusion it is a fire, and he calls for everyone to leave the camp and manages to usher even the elders out of their dens. In the midst of all this chaos, many notable occurancies happen, such as: Bramlekit stuck on a flaming tree; the death of a few cats such as Patchpelt; and the fact that Yellowfang hadn’t been seen since the fire had gone out. Fire is feared by all cats so it was understandable that the Clan was agitated. The reader faces the constant worry of their favourite cat dying, and for me, that is excactally what happened! Although the fire eventually was put out by the rain, the cats of ThunderClan still moarn for the loss of their friends several books later. I honestly thought this scene was very well put together, and it created the purr-fect mood for the moment. I was very upset about Yellowfang’s death – she was definatly one of my favourite characters. According to a source, one of the writers stated that Yellowfang’s death was their least favourite death to write! So, did you like this scene, or was it just too said for you? Leave your answers below!

3: Brokenstar’s attack
Although Brokenstar is one of the most menacing characters in the books, it was still a suprise to see his get up and attack ThunderClan, attempting to kill them head on. This fighting-packed scene is found in Fire and Ice on pages 294 – 307. It all starts when Tigerclaw had sent a patrol to attack ShadowClan when Fireheart realises that Brokenstar had been the one trespassing on ThunderClan territory. He is about to warn the deputy, when all of a sudden, Brokenstar and a band of rogues attack! His unexpected attack was well planned, and he even had other cats to back him up! After fighting and the rogues have fled, Fireheart is left in a battle with Brokenstar. He triumphantly defeats him in battle, though sparing his life. The sudden power surge that aided Fireheart in battle was very strange, but he used it to the best of his abilities. Once he had been defeated, it was decided at the end of the chapter, that Brokenstar would stay, but would be called Brokentail. This was a very strange decision, but it led to other sudden events. If I was Bluestar, I would of gotten rid of Brokentail while I still could, but it depended what that meant for the future of ThunderClan. I like how they stripped him of his leader name: that was very loyal. What do you think of the decision to keep Brokentail? Would YOU have done that? Tell me in the comment section!

2: Tigerstar’s death
This moment was so close to becoming number one! I was originally going to make it number one, but I changed my mind. This scene takes place on pages 274 – 278 of The Darkest Hour. Because of how unexpected this scene was, it was about 1 millimetre away from being in the top spot! Here in this scene, we read about Tigerstar using a band of rogues, known as BloodClan, to try and chase away (or kill) ThunderClan and WindClan. But Tigerstar had NO idea what was coming. Tigerstar commands for BloodClan to attack. Nothing. They do nothing. After leaping at Scourge – the leader of BloodClan- and calling him a traitor, Tigerstar meets his doom as Scourge slices through his throat and into his stomach. Every cat is rendered speechless and the once mighty Tigerstar dies nine times; killed by a tiny kittypet. Even Firestar isn’t happy! Not only is it strange about how powerful Scourge was, but I was dumbfounded as I realised that Tigerstar earned nine lives. He was killed nine times by tiny Scourge. Honestly, this scene took my breath away, and it was written so perfectly. This was a crazy death (one that I personally don’t want to live). Was it a good way to die? No or yes? Explain why below!

Honerable mentions:
Before I tell you the 1st place, here are a few honourable mentions:
Bluestar telling Stonefur and Mistyfoot they are kin; Stonefur’s death; Fireheart stopping the battle between WindClan and ThunderClan; and Rusty’s fight with Longtail.

1: Tigerclaw’s betrayal
As well as I saw this coming, it was probably one of the most stunning scenes in the whole first ark. This amazing moment takes place in Forest of Secrets on pages 309 – 325. After Brokentail is allowed to stay in ThunderClan, everything seems fine, until Tigerclaw turns onto his own Clan, letting a gang of rogues freely try and kill their cats. Brokentail joins in the fight, despite his usability to see. Tigerclaw thinks his plan is going amazingly, so he turns onto Bluestar, threatening to kill her over and over and over again. Before he can, Fireheart heroically leaps in to save her, managing to take control of Tigerclaw for the time being. He is held captive as ThunderClan decide what to with him: they eventually exile him, yet they still worry for their safety. This turn of events also makes the reader think: ‘If Tigerclaw wasn’t trustworthy, who else isn’t?’ This scene was so breath-taking, and Fireheart did a great job. Did you think this was going to happen? Tell me below!

Thank you ever so much for reading this; I appreciate it so much. So, do you think I missed out an intense event? Leave a comment telling me what YOU think should’ve been in this list! I’d like to point out I haven’t read the 1st ark in a while, so I probably missed out loads. Anyway, hope you enjoyed, and have a great day! – Dock

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  • NOOOOOO TIGERSTAR IS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER !!!!!! (I even stopped reading « The Darkest Hour », the last book in TBP, because I didn’t want Tigerstar to die. At least not his nine lives at once.)

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