Deputies That Should Have Been Leaders by Dusklight

Dusklight lists some warriors that could have been good leaders.

Art by sunnyblossom-designs

Hello, Dusklight here! This is my first article, and today I’ll be going into deputies that I think would have worked as leaders. There are many warriors that could have been leaders (*achem* Brackenfur) but for now, I’ll just focus on the deputies.


After Firestar became leader, he was assigned the task of choosing the deputy. He was convinced to choose the obvious choice – Whitestorm, perhaps one of the most wise and experienced cats there is. It was a pity when he died in battle – Graystripe would make an excellent leader, but I don’t think he could ever replace Whitestorm.


Russetfur is probably one of the longer-living cats, for sure. She was a rogue at first, but preferred Clan life and decided to join ShadowClan. She was a loyal, strong warrior, eventually becoming Blackstar’s deputy. I personally think Blackstar lived too long – Russetfur should’ve gotten a chance to be leader! She was old when Lionheart killed her (in battle), and I think we all saw that coming eventually. But that doesn’t make it any less disappointing.


I think we can all agree Stonefur’s death was honorable yet sad (he was the one who was murdered because he was Half-Clan, remember?)

His sister, Mistystar, is a wonderful leader in RiverClan’s history, but Stonefur had the same potential as she did. He was wise, brave, forgiving, along with about a million other positive qualities (I honestly think they would make better leaders than Bluestar herself! I’m not really a Bluestar fan, but that’s for another topic) Anyway, it was unfair, and I blame his death on Leopardstar.*cries*


Oh, Tigerclaw, why did you have to kill such a brave, good-hearted warrior? I don’t think Lionheart would be one of the best leaders ThunderClan has had, but he was probably the best choice out of all of the Clan at the time. Definitely better than Tigerclaw, fox-heart that he is!


Another deputy influenced by Tigerclaw’s actions. He was Nightstar’s deputy, but when Tigerclaw (then Tigerstar) took over the Clan, he lost his power. This is similar to Lionheart – we don’t really get enough evidence to see if he would make a good leader or not, but at least it would be better than Tigerstar! It wasn’t until I started looking into possible cats for this post that I realized how many lives Tigerstar affected.

Well, that’s it. Do you agree? Do you disagree? Do you have any other cats you think should have been included in this list? Leave a comment!

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    I believe that Crowfrost (Rowanstar’s deputy in the first two books of A Vision Of Shadows) would have made an amazing leader as Crowstar if Rowanstar died of Yellowcough in that time instead of Crowfrost.
    Crowfrost was kind enough to allow Twigpaw(Twigbranch) to return to Thunderclan after her being kept hostage by Shadowclan to get Thunderclan to get Windclan to give Shadowclan the lungwort to help them with the cough. He was a great mate to Dawnpelt, and I believe that Crowfrost would have abandoned his mate when she abandoned Shadowclan for “The Kin” when they took over Shadowclan to stay with his leader, Rowanstar, and help build Shadowclan back to it’s greatest.

    Rest In Piece, Crowfrost. You shall be missed.