Why TigerxDove Isn’t So Bad by Moonpaw

Moonpaw defends Tigerheart and Dovewing’s relationship. Spoilers for Tigerheart’s Shadow and AVoS!

Art by Kell-2K

Spoilers for Tigerheart’s Shadow and a bit of AVoS!

I used to dislike Dovewing and Tigerheart, and especially their ship. I disliked their characters in general, and felt like we didn’t need another couple with different clans. When Shadowclan was seeking refuge in Thunderclan’s camp in DD, I was disappointed to find that Dovewing and Tigerheart’s bond was growing once more. I was upset when they ran away together, and I believed it was forever since the book ended with them still away from the clans.

Now I have recently finished reading the book Tigerheart’s Shadow. At first I was hesitant to read it, seeing as it would clearly have a lot of drama with their relationship and whatnot. But as I read further into the book, I became more and more interested. Seeing their relationship from the view of a father torn between his mate and his clans shone new light on the couple. When he chose to initiate a quest to find his mate and abandon his clan, it showed pure devotion to his love. He left his clan knowing that he may never return, and that if he did, he may lose the respect of his clanmates and his position as deputy, but he did it anyway.

He wanders on aimlessly, being driven by the need to protect his mate, and how vulnerable Dovewing was as a pregnant she cat traveling alone in search of something that they don’t even know if it for sure exists. When he eventually finds her he feels overwhelming love and relief knowing that she was safe. They experience much together, and raise their kits well. And I never learned how strong their love was until reading this book. Tigerheart remains extremely loyal to his clan, and eventually convinces Dovewing that it’s time for them to return to the clans.

During the journey they continue to show powerful love for each other and their kits. When Tigerheart was dying it made me upset. Dovewing was desperately trying to keep him alive and persisted until Tigerheart gave in to the darkness. Dovewing and the group carried Tigerheart’s body all the way to the Moonpool, their last chance to save Tigerheart. Once Tigerstar gained his nine (technically eight because he already used one) lives, he returned to his clanmates. Dovewing shows her burning love for him by leaving Thunderclan to raise their kits together in Shadowclan.

So in conclusion, I would say that Tigerheart and Dovewing isn’t such a bad couple. I have grown to love them and now TigerxDove may be one of my favorites. They have showed burning love for eachother, enough to leave their clans for the other.

What do you guys think? Do you agree? Disagree?

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  • Okay, so I have no reason to like this couple. The only book that I havn’t read that has a lot of them in it is Dovewing’s Silence, bit really Tigerstar’s Shadow is more about them. And I hated it. Every moment of reading it. Why is he not dead already? Why is Shadowkit named after Shadowclan? Why would you name a kit Pouncekit? Why does Dovewing get to be another main character? Why did they make this stupid book?