Why Brackenfur Deserves a Special Edition by Boulderstripe

Boulderstripe shares their idea for a Super Edition on Brackenfur.

Art by Cat-Patrisiya

Today, I, Boulderstripe, will be talking about why Brackenfur deserves a special edition.

Brackenfur is one of my favorite characters in all of Warriors, and I have three main reasons on why he deserves a special edish. The first one being how old and experienced he is. As of Darkest Night, I believe he is the second oldest cat behind Graystripe, after (*spoiler alert*) Purdy dies. ( I was so sad about that) So it would be cool to see his point of view from his old forest home, with Bluestar being leader, his mentor Graystripe going to RiverClan, and the fight with BloodClan. Then we can detail him going to their new home by the lake, and how he feels about all that, growing up in the forest home. My second and main reason is how he deals with all the grief in his life. When I started brainstorming about this, I realized how much grief he has had in his life. (SOME SPOILERS COMING UP) Let’s start off with his mother, Frostfur. She stays behind during the Great Journey, claiming she would only slow them down. Next, his mentor, Graystripe. First off, he leaves him for RiverClan. Then he is captured by Twolegs on the journey, never to come back. (He did eventually). Then his sister, Cinderpelt, lamed by a monster, and forced to give up her dream of being a warrior, and died to the claws of a badger to protect his mate Sorreltail. His other sister, Brightheart, her face ripped apart by dogs. Then, when he makes it to the lake territory, he is relieved and hopes for a new beginnning, which he achieves with his kits, Honeyfern, Cinderheart, and Poppyfrost as his first litter. Grief strikes again, with Honeyfern being killed by an adder. Then his next batch of kits, Lilyheart and Seedpaw, barely remember their mother, Sorreltail, who was killed in the Great Battle. Not only that, but Seeedpaw drowns in Bramblestars Storm. AND NOT ONLY THAT, BUT HIS BEST FRIEND DIES TOO. Dustpelt is killed by badgers towards the end of the book. And there is one quote especially that shows their friendship, and how much he depended on him. (I don’t remember exactly, but it was something like: “Hey Dustpelt, can yo— oh I forgot, he’s in Starclan now”, or something like that). Also, three of his apprentices are no longer with him: Tawnypelt gone to ShadowClan, Hollyleaf killed in the Great Battle, and Icecloud, died in the greencough outbreak after the Great Battle. Now, after aaaaallll the grief he has faced, how he goes through it, and how he can go through patrols and still be a warrior, I will never understand. Also, I kinda wish Brackenfur was deputy instead of Brambleclaw, because I think he deserved it more, but of course StarClan HAD to send an omen for BrambleClaw. It would be nice to see Brackenfur have that honor, but he is still one of the best warriors, and a senior warrior nonetheless. That’s it for my vouch for Brackenfur to have his own super edition.

(P.S. This was my first article, sorry for it being really weird and run-onny)

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  • I do think Brackenfur is a great cat and deserved better. Firestar was the one who basically mentored his and not Graystripe. His sister suffered greatly and he felt like a failure because he couldn help her.

  • I agree! Brackenfur is amazing. He has always been good and pure and has always fought for the right side. He deserves more recognition.