Why I don’t like Firestar and ThunderClan by Rainspirit

Here is Rainspirit’s opinion on Firestar and ThunderClan.

Art by zetapold

WARNING: There are spoilers.

Hello! Today, I’ll be discussing why I don’t really like Firestar and ThunderClan. (No offense given to people who like Firestar and ThunderClan)

First of all, let’s talk about Firestar:
I believe Firestar is Gary Stu (we all have opinions) and here are the reasons why:
1. Firestar seems to always be the hero. Examples: He rescued WindClan after they were driven out by Brokenstar; he figured out Tigerstar’s treachery against Bluestar; he rescued ThunderClan from the pack of dogs; saved his Clan from the forest fire in the camp; led the Clans to defeat Scourge; and used his last life to save his Clan from the Dark Forest
Let’s see… that’s six great contributions he gave to the Clans, BU,T if you pick any other cat, that cat will have less contributions than Firestar had.
2. Firestar is always the noble cat. He always tries to find the most peaceful solution and I know that’s a good thing, but that just makes him be seem as the best leader in the history of the Clans. When the other Clans accuse ThunderClan of stealing prey and whatnot, Firestar always keeps his fur down and acts all calm, not like the other leaders, who will usually react with snarls and growls.
3.Most of Firestar’s descendants seem to also have a great contribution too. Example: Lionblaze and Jayfeather have the powers to save the Clans from the Dark Forest; Leafpool found the Moonpool, and Alderheart tried to rescue SkyClan

Second, lets talk about ThunderClan:
Wow, there are so many things to point out about this Clan…
1. ThunderClan is always the Clan that saves other Clans. Example: Bramblestar saves ShadowClan from the rouges in Bramblestar’s Storm.
2. Like the reason above, after a disaster, ThunderClan always has to go check if the other Clans are all right. Example: Bramblestar sends patrols to check if the other Clans are all right after the flood in Bramblestar’s Storm. Seriously, ThunderClan, the other Clan cats aren’t kits just out of the nursery. They can take care of themselves. This makes me feel as ThunderClan is superior compared to other Clans. No other Clan goes to check the others to see if they are alright.
3. Have you noticed that during a journey consisting of a few cats from all the Clans, (such as the journey to find the sun drown place), the ThunderClan cat always seems to be the leader? Example: During the sun drown place mission, Brambleclaw seems to be the natural leader of the group; When Dovewing (at that time Dovepaw) goes to find what blocked the river, Dovepaw was the leader of the group. Seriously, give ShadowClan, WindClan, and RiverClan a chance to lead.
4. Why is it always a ThunderClan cat who gets a vision to do something and gives a great contribution? Example: Alderheart gets a vision to rescue SkyClan; Brambleclaw gets a vision to find Midnight; and Leafpool found the Moonpool. Come on, StarClan, give the other Clans a vision too.
5. ThunderClan cats are the only cats who have special powers. Example: Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Dovewing have the power of three; and Firestar seems to have an especially strong connection with StarClan.

And that’s it for today! I hope you understand some of my points about Firestar and ThunderClan and why I don’t really like them. I also hope you enjoyed my article!


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  • I REALLY don’t like them! Here’s why:

    1. They get all the attention

    2: They NEVER loose a battle, really!

    3: Because of that smug faced so called heroic Firestar

    4. Because they take in kittypets all the time.

    5: Everything interesting happens in there.

    6. They break the warrior code in every book!

    7. They get every single prophecy.

    8: They act like they own the forest.

    9: They get into every clans business.

    10: They get into every clans territories all the time.

    And worst of all happened in the defeated clan, am I the only one who tried not to cry? That was the saddest thing in the series if you ask me. And that happened because of Thunderclan.

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