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Hey peoples, it’s Sorzi typing this thing, and it’s ARTICLE TIME!! This article is a very special one, because I’m writing it during my unofficial Warriors Appreciation Week!

It’s sort of a little tradition that I have with a couple of my friends, kind of to remember the first time I ever read and shared a Warriors book with my friends. During this week, me and my Fellow Fan Friends (that’s alliteration btw) reread Fading Echoes, which was the first book we all ever read. We also hold silly, crazy but amazing Appreciation Week meetings, which I LOVE, because we get to eat Doritos while we read and talk and watch Harry Potter or the Hunger Games or Divergent 😛 And THEN we each write an Appreciation Article that is exactly what it sounds like!

For this year’s Appreciation Week Article, I’ve decided to one here on BlogClan to share with everyone else! I might do this for every year that I’m on BlogClan 😛 Basically on the article we put the things that we first think of when someone mentions the word “Warriors”.

Appreciation Week Article
By Sorrelstream
2018 Feb 23 (The Eighth Appreciation Week)
Title: Never-fading Echoes

Three main points in this article I shall mention!!

First: Mapleshade

Mapleshade’s life has been a great point of debate between me and my friends (not so much a debate on BlogClan though because it seems that most BlogClanners adore Maple): was she right, or was she wrong?

I strongly insist that she was RIGHT. Maybe not 100%-ly right, because I’m sure she didn’t have to turn out so brutal. But she’s mo righteous than Appledusk ever was! Why? Because she broke the Warrior Code (that’s a kind of artificial law), but Appledusk went against common moral rules! He was the father of MAPLESHADE’s KITS yet when Mapleshade and her kits sought help from him at RiverClan, he REJECTED HER for REEDSHINE!! And I bet he never told Reedshine about his relationship with Mapleshade, which is like cheating.

So, Appledusk broke laws of morale. Mapleshade broke artificial laws. Which one is more important, artificial laws or moral laws?

Firestar broke artificial laws, but he was morally correct and thus he became respected. So technically, Mapleshade’s mistakes are more excusable than Appledusk’s.

Two: Don’t Turn Away Now
Here we are
Don’t turn away now
We are the warriors that built this town,
Here we are
Don’t turn away now
We are the warriors that built this town
From dust.
~”Warriors” by Imagine Dragons

One of my friends played that song once during another Appreciation Week, and I reallyreallyreally like it! Its tune is great and so are the lyrics. So somebody mention “Warriors” and immediately the song starts playing in my head.

Three: Fading Echoes
Since the first warriors book I ever read was “Fading Echoes”, it feels highly appropriate to put this in as one of my points.

It was an amazing book, to be honest, and I was especially fascinated with Dovewing and Ivypool’s emotions, which seemed very real because I myself often experience them!!

You know, this book was actually the one that made me want to read the whole Warriors series, and it was also the one that made me adore Dovewing. Dovewing, is, really, amazing. At least in Fading Echoes she was.

But the most important point overall was that it was what lead to me love Warriors as I do, it was what lead me to love it enough to find BlogClan 😉 I shall probably read and reread the book again and again until I can memorize the whole thing!! I’ve already read it 103 times. (I keep track of how many times I read Warriors books).

Fading Echoes had created never-fading echoes in my mind!

So here’s in appreciation to Warriors and all the people who ever contributed to writing the books!

And THIS concludes this terrible article.

Byeee and keep faiiith

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  • Great job! I love how you guys have a “Warriors appreciation week.” I AGREE WITH YOU ABOUT MAPLESHADE!! 😀

  • Fading Echoes is also the first book I read! I read two chapters of Into the Wild first, but then I went to the library, and I saw Fading Echoes, and I’m like oh! It’s the second book! (You can imagine how confused I was!)

  • This is awesome !!
    I feel really appreciated
    (Y know cuz my nickname is Maple and all, I cant decide whether you put that in on purpose or whether I’m just weird noticing it)

  • Nice article! I totally agree about Mapleshade. Her and Appledusk went past everything to be with each other. Then he just ditches her. Also I love Imange Dragons. I’m actually on Fading Echoes, I read a lot of it, but it was a school library book, so I had to return it. I went to the public library to check it out there, but they had like every other book. I think that the (MAJOR SPOILER) tree crashing into camp and Longtail dieing and Briarpaw/light having her legs mobilized was one of the saddest moments/couple of chapters.

  • I think there should be an official warrior appreciation week on the blog, because why not🤷‍♀️? Great article, btw👍

  • Great article! I agree with everything here. think we should make Warriors appreciation week official on Blogclan! That would be awesome! 😀

  • I honestly don’t like Mapleshade. She had no justifiable reasons behind her selfish actions and her victims DID NOT deserve to get brutally murdered. I’d go into rant mode but I’m feeling lazy so take and accept my lazy comment.

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