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I’ve tracked down important information about upcoming Warrior books:

  • The Path of a Warrior is another collection of three novellas. These will feature Shadowstar, Redtail, and Tawnypelt, and they have been written by the very lovely Clarissa Hutton, who has been working with us on Warriors for a long time.
  • Book one of series seven will be called Lost Stars.
  • The 12th super edition, which I’ll be writing later this year, is about Squirrelflight.



  • Bonjour Kate Cary pouvez un jour sortir un autre manga comme the rise of scourge ?
    Dsl de parler en français

    (Embix’s translation: “Hello, Kate Cary. One day, could you release another manga like the Rise of Scourge? Sorry for speaking in french.”)

    • Le manga en couleur de SkyClan and the Stranger sort en mai. Il y aura aussi des manga dans l’hors série Squirrelflight’s Hope (Super Edition: Squirrelflight’s hope [seulement dans la version en anglais]). Je sais, quand je les lisait en français j’étais tellement enragé du manque de manga dans les hors-séries!
      Juste pour dire, mon nom en anglais est Leafpaw, mais je l’ai changé pour ce commentaire.

    • Well I’m not Kate or anything, but we won’t really know for sure. I don’t know if he would choose either because of his personality. It might just tear him apart

  • If there were an unusual cat to join the clans I think it would be a Maine Coon or a norwegian forest cat. So majestic. (and heavy)

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