Book News!

I’ve tracked down important information about upcoming Warrior books:

  • The Path of a Warrior is another collection of three novellas. These will feature Shadowstar, Redtail, and Tawnypelt, and they have been written by the very lovely Clarissa Hutton, who has been working with us on Warriors for a long time.
  • Book one of series seven will be called Lost Stars.
  • The 12th super edition, which I’ll be writing later this year, is about Squirrelflight.



  • Tawnypelt yes! Shadowstar yesyesyes! Redtail is a really interresting choice! But Squirrelflight, though? Haven’t we seen enough of her? Maybe it’s about her dealing with Jay, Lion and Holly and all of that stuff. Maybe we get a reason for why her and Bramble got back together? I kinda sort of hope she dies at the end but also noo!

    I was hoping one of them would be about Riverstar, though. But all four are great choices.

    Lost Stars is a great name! Can’t wait to hear more about the next series!

    Btw, is Clarissa Hutton also the author who wrote Thunderstar’s Echo?

  • My view on all this

    Novella choices, AMAZING Love Shadowstar, Love Tawnypelt and Redtail needs more focus

    Book Nmae – ohhhhhhhhhhh coooooooooolllll

    Super Editions – Noooooooo Squirrelflight doesn’t need more focus, she has had so much focus already, I’m sure the actual book will be great, but we just really need some new character focus, that’s why I love the Redtail novellla

  • Awesome novella choices! I’m particularly excited for Redtail’s point of view. I must say, though, I would prefer a super edition about a cat that hasn’t really had a point of view yet… What would be really compelling would be a Needletail super edition. I’d love to really get inside her head sometime. I also think a Onewhisker/star super edition or novella would be interesting, too. Something or someone more relevant to the series at this point, in my opinion.

    Are you able to provide any hints about the seventh series yet? I’m extremely interested in the point of views to come!

        • Isn’t Ravenpaw dead because in The ultimate guide he gave Bramblestar nine lives.
          Sol,if he is alive, would be old.
          I personally think this character is Hawkfrost.
          He was never killed in the dark forest, but was chased away , I think.

          • omsc I was called Sandstone before I almost get a heart attack I thought it was me 😛

        • ravenpaw?
          NO ravenpaw is a good cat
          and sol have yellow eyes the impostor have blue eyes
          barley is good cat too
          Ashfur maybe? Dark blue eyes

  • OMSC OMSC!!!!!!!! Yaaayyyy thank you Kate I love you! 😃😍😛🎉🎉 I absolutely LOVE Squirrelflight!!!!! Ahhhh I am freaking out! And yes thank you I love Redtail and miss him so much even though he’s a minor character. And yes both Tawnypelt and Shadowstar are amazing characters! Yeeet!! Also “Lost Stars” is a cool title! Can’t wait!

    *freaks out and jumps up in down*

  • When will all these books come out? 😀 And when will the titles for the SE and novellas be revealed? When will the novellas take place?

    EDIT: Awesome Lost Stars comes out the day before my birthday this time! (next year) 🙂

  • AHHH I’M SO EXCITED! I always thought Shadowstar deserved her own novella, and I was always pretty interested in Redtail. The Squirrelflight one seems interesting. I can’t wait to know more about it! 😀

  • YAAAAASSSS TAWNYPELT NOVELLA! About time she gets some much needed attention after so long!

    Also I’m hyped for the Squirrelflight SE. She was my favorite TNP character and PoV and I do hope to see her feisty self again.

  • Its always great to see more Redtail stuff! And all the other characters getting their stories are interesting as well.



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