Does ShadowClan Deserve Being Called the Cold and Cruel Clan? by Rainpaw

Rainpaw discusses if ShadowClan really is the cruel clan that some people think it is.

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Recentlly, I’ve been seeing some people who think ShadowClan cats are mean or cruel, so today, I’ll be sharing why ShadowClan cats in my opinion, are not like that.

First of all, if you read the description of ShadowClan, their warriors are cunning and proud. (Notice that they are very proud cats).
Now, imagine that you are the leader of ShadowClan. What would you do if some other Clan (namely, ThunderClan) barges in without permission to help (at least that’s what they think are doing) you doing a battle? I would be snapping at them to back off since its none of their business in the first place. ShadowClan warriors are proud that way. They don’t want some other Clan helping them unless they ask for it.

Secondly, notice the Clan’s name. They are called ShadowClan for a reason. After all, they can sometimes be a little bit mean, but hey, that’s partly why they’re called ShadowClan.

Thirdly, some people think that the leaders of ShadowClan are all bad leaders. That’s not entirely true. Sure, Brokenstar and Tigerstar were very bad leaders, but also look at Tall Shadow. She was a wise and kind leader. In my opinion, at that time, the Clan that most fitted the description of ShadowClan would more likely to be SkyClan (look at Clear Sky), but that’s a whole other story.

Fourthly, ShadowClan cats are known to be very suspicious when it comes to border crossings and all. But again, think about it. If you were the leader of ShadowClan, wouldn’t it be good to know that no other cats are trespassing on your land and stealing your prey?

My last reason is that think of what ShadowClan has been through, and you’ll know why they aren’t very friendly. Back in the old forest, Brokenstar nearly destroyed his Clan, making even kits go into battle for no reason. After he was taken prisoner by ThunderClan, ShadowClan had Nightstar, who was a kind but weak (by that I mean that he was old and died soon after becoming leader) leader. Then, a new leader, Tigerstar, arose, and ShadowClan probably thought that they would at last have a strong leader who would lead them back to the most powerful Clan they once was. But, as you can see, Tigerstar only created more problems. After Tigerstar was gone and everything was back to normal, you’d think that ShadowClan would be more suspicious then any other Clan about welcoming cats in, right? Then, after the Darktail crisis, ShadowClan would have to be kind of mean when other cats talk to them. All in all, I’m saying how they have actually suffered a lot more than the other Clans have (except for SkyClan).

And that’s it for today! I hope I have changed some of your thinking about ShadowClan and hope that now you understood why ShadowClan cats are sometimes cold when they are communicating with other cats.

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