Star Warriors: Relating Warriors Characters to Star Wars Pt. 1 by Sparktooth

Sparktooth compares the world of Warriors to a galaxy far, far away…

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What’s going on, my fellow bloggers? Sparktooth is flying in from a galaxy far, far away! (XD) So for this article, I decided to compare two of my favorite series in the whole world (but Harry Potter isn’t far behind 😛 ): Warriors and Star Wars! So I’m gonna be comparing which characters from Warriors match Star Wars characters.

Major spoiler warning for Star Wars! If you haven’t seen all the Star Wars movies, do yourself a favor and watch them, then come back to this article. 😉

Firestar & Bramblestar/Luke Skywalker.
I’m sure you weren’t expecting me to pick two characters for Luke. Now let me explain.
First we have Firestar. Firestar is the outsider who is training to become a warrior with the help of a wise master. Now read that sentence over again, but replace ‘Firestar’ with ‘Luke’ and ‘warrior’ with ‘Jedi.’ They both face many challenges along the way, with Firestar dealing with Tigerstar and his scheme while Luke rebels against Darth Vader. In the end they both achieve what they were fighting for, with Firestar becoming leader of ThunderClan, and Luke becoming one of the greatest Jedis.
Now for Bramblestar. I chose him to be another character who fits Luke Skywalker because they too have similar stories. Bramblestar’s dream was to be leader like Firestar. Luke’s was to become a great Jedi. But they both faced the battle with the dark side because of their evil father’s trying to persuade them to join the dark. Tigerstar constantly visited Brambleclaw in dreams, trying to show Brambleclaw he could make him leader. While Vader always tried to contact Luke, persuading him joining the dark side and become a Sith Lord. In the end they both choose the right paths, but sadly Bramblestar didn’t get to redeem his father.

Bluestar/Princess Leia.
Oh, yes! Two of the most kickbutt females in these two series. Bluestar isn’t a ‘pretty kittypet who cowers as warriors defend her.’ Much like Princess Leia. They are both very take charge, feisty, and have that no-nonsense attitude. Bluestar lost her mother, Moonflower at a very young age. Leia lost her mother, Padme, barely after she was born! As we continue, Bluestar had to cope with the loss of so many of her family members, like how Leia had to cope with Vader destroying her home planet: Alderaan. They both worked so hard to get where they ended. Bluestar went from orphaned apprentice to leader, and Leia went from orphan to General.

Oakheart/Han Solo.
If you didn’t already know, Han Solo is my absolute FAVORITE character from Star Wars! So it makes sense why Oakheart is also one of my favorite characters. They are both very smooth, suave, and don’t really think twice about breaking the rules. I say this mainly because of his relationship with Bluestar is so much like Han and Leia’s. Oakheart was very interested in her, and dropped a lot of hints. It really irritated Bluefur, causing her to be angry around him most of the time. But eventually she realized her true feelings for him. Sound familiar?

Ha, ha! This is probably my favorite match on this list. Where do I start with these two? They are both very funny, loyal, kind, etc. Graystripe loves to eat, so does Chewie! Graystripe is also noted in the books for having a very thick pelt. Chewie’s also pretty scruffy XD. They also are very strong and protective, and would defend their friends at any cost. These characters are like soulmates.

Alright, this will be last one I mention in this part. These two characters are very similar. They were both discovered by our heroes in each series because they were sent to find them. StarClan sent the six cats to Midnight saying she would hold the answers they seek. Obi-Wan told Luke he needed to find the Jedi Master Yoda to complete his training. Midnight and Yoda are both wise, mysterious, and each talk different from everyone else! Not to mention you don’t know it’s them when you first meet them. The six cats all thought midnight would be a time, not an actual animal, let alone a badger! Yoda doesn’t tell Luke who he is right away. But when you finally figure it out, you see all the wise things they both have to say.

Alright, that’ll wrap it up for this one! I will complete the list soon.Part 2 should come out fairly quickly after this one. Comment below if you agree or not, or maybe some Warriors characters you think would fit Star Wars characters! May the Force be with you! 😀

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