Why I Love Sun Shadow by Cheetahpaw

Cheetahpaw talks about one of their favourite cats, Sun Shadow. Spoilers for DotC!

Art by ginger-wishes (Tumblr)

Hello! I thought that today I would write an article about one of my favorite characters of all time, Sun Shadow. I wouldn’t call him necessarily underrated, but I do like to spread love for my little boy Sun Shadow as much as I can.
So as we all know, Sun Shadow was an Early Tribe cat like a few of the other founding member of the Clans. However, he arrived on different circumstances than all the other former Tribe cats. His mother was Dewy Leaf, Moon Shadow’s former mate. Moon Shadow left the Tribe to follow the Sun Trail along with the other travelers, leaving his mate Dewy Leaf with their unborn kits. As we all know, Moon Shadow was killed because of the fire that occurred when the Early Settlers were first beginning to live in groups. Sun Shadow, not knowing this, had always wished he had been born when the cats left so he could join his father.
So, onto why I love Sun Shadow so much. Sun Shadow was a kind cat that yearned for adventure and his mother’s love. His mother had found a new mate in Sharp Hail, leaving him empty and wanting to follow in his father’s paw-steps. Sun Shadow knew that Quiet Rain was hurting without her kits and looked after her and cared for her when they both decided to leave the mountains.
Even though it is a long journey, Sun Shadow pulls through all while helping Quiet Rain. He wanted to meet his father more than anything and faced more hardships then most cats could face. Sun Shadow chose to help Quiet Rain and search for his father even though he knew the journey would be perilous.
When Sun Shadow does return to the forest, he is devastated by learning of his father’s death, but decides to stay in the forest anyway without giving up on what Moon Shadow would have wanted. When Quiet Rain was injured, Sun Shadow helped her and stayed with her, up until her death. True, with all the stress of Quiet Rain and Moon Shadow’s death, Sun Shadow starts off his time with the Early Settlers to be pretty shaken up, which is understandable.
Sun Shadow then becomes a part of the Early Settlers and becomes a kind and respected cat. He helped find Gray Wing’s kits when they were missing, and he was kind to most cats.
Sun Shadow soon becomes the first deputy of ShadowClan, making his mark and leaving his father proud from where he lies in StarClan.
So that was the end of the article! Sorry if I rambled, because I tend to do that. I hope everyone has a great day!

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