Star Warriors: Relating Warriors Characters to Star Wars Pt. 2 by Sparktooth

Sparktooth strikes back with a sequel of their previous Star Wars article!

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away bloggers…
Sparktooth wrote the Part 2 for comparing Warriors characters to Star Wars characters. I hope you enjoy it. 😛

Big spoiler alert for Star Wars, like in my last article! But I need to say it just in case. 😉

Lionheart/Obi-Wan Kenobi
Well, these are both great and wise masters, educating the at-moment naive apprentice. Obi-Wan was the one to convince Luke that leaving Tatooine and joining the battle against the Empire. Lionheart’s words really convinced Rusty to decide to leave his housefolk and join ThunderClan as an apprentice. They both were very wise and kindhearted. It was very sad when both of these characters died fairly early the the first episode(or book) of the series.
“You have a good heart, one day it will make you a stronger warrior”

You probably just scratched your head, confused. Well, just because character traits and stories are similar doesn’t mean they’re gonna be the same gender. Lionblaze was chosen for things bigger than he ever knew, and had a power within him he didn’t truly understand. Rey was the same. For a while both of these character’s parents were a mystery, and it really took a toll on each of them. They also were both very good with their powers without much training, of course they learned to control it with more training. They each had to overcome their problems, and face the evil looming over them.

I’m sure a lot of you know why I matched these two. Poor Ravenpaw was scarred from what he saw on his first battle. Finn just couldn’t bring himself to kill anyone for Kylo Ren and the First Order. Both of them did the only thing the were really good at: run. Tigerclaw was out to kill Ravenpaw and pretty much the whole First Order was hunting Finn, calling him a fugitive. Both of these characters prefer to disappear somewhere safe instead of standing and fighting. Luckily, both of them get over their fear and stand to fight against their pasts.

Tigerstar/Darth Sidious.
A lot of you were probably thinking Tigerstar would be Vader. But I see him as being more of a Darth Sidious, aka the Emperor. Sidious forced many to join and manipulated many to do his bidding and build his Empire. Tigerstar manipulated so many cats and built his own army in the Dark Forest. They both stopped at nothing to get what they seeked. Each had their own puppets to take care of other work for them, a couple examples for Tigerstar would be Hawkfrost and Darkstripe. While for the Emperor, some would include Darth Maul and Darth Vader. They also were both betrayed and killed by someone they hired for their work. Don’t get in the way of these leaders!

Hawkfrost/Darth Vader.
Hawkfrost was a somewhat arrogant apprentice, who had a craving to fight and to lead. Anakin Skywalker, who would eventually become Darth Vader, was also like this before he came a Sith Lord. It’s a shame not as much people have watched The Clone Wars on Netflix. In that show(which is one of my fav shows, btw 😛 ), Anakin isn’t the creepy, annoying “I don’t like sand,” character in that. He is take charge, ambitious, and always ready to fight headon. Much like Hawkfrost, who soon became a powerful figure in the Dark Forest with his father. The only difference between these two: Hawkfrost never got to redeem himself.

Breezepelt/Kylo Ren.
We are going to end it with these two. Kylo Ren and Breezepelt were both manipulated to join the dark side. They each had an epic struggle trying to cope with thinking the way to prove themselves would be to rid themselves of their family and everything that made them ‘weak.’ Breezepelt attempted to murder his father, Crowfeather, after Tigerstar told him to. Much like how Kylo Ren murdered his father, Han Solo, by Snoke’s orders. Unfortunately, Kylo Ren succeeded(How DARE you kill my fav character!?). But eventually Breezepelt came around. Let’s hope we can say the same for Kylo Ren in the next Star Wars movie.

*Cue the ending Star Wars credits music* Well, that’s gonna finish part 2 for this article! Did you agree with all of them, or are there some you would change? Thank you for reading and may the force be your ally, always! 🙂

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