My Favourite To Least Favourite Leaders by Spottedheart

Spottedheart lists their favourite and least favourite leaders from the series.

Art by Fox-Desert.

This is my second article in my little series of my favourite characters and why. Again, if I missed anyone (I know I missed Harestar but I don’t know enough about him for a rank), let me know and I’ll respond with my ranking for them. Sit back, relax, get some fresh-kill, and enjoy!
Firestar (10) We followed Firestar’s path through the first series, and learnt how special, caring, and Conservative he is. He didn’t try to start any battles, but was able to still look strong. When Blackstar tried to mock Firestar when he gave up land, saying how good the hunting was, he responded with “I’m glad to hear that you are getting so much out of a piece of land prey-poor by ThunderClan standards.” He even did what was best for all four clans, leading Bramblestar, his successor, to want to be just like him.
Bluestar (9) Bluestar was a great, strong leader that had to make large sacrifices to save ThunderClan from the evil Thistleclaw. Unfortunately, pressure and a lack of trust made her go insane. Such a shame that TigerCLAW (He doesn’t deserve to be a “star”) lived around the same time as Bluestar.
Thunderstar (8) Thunderstar was a strong cat that knew what was right for him. He may have gave in to joining Clear Sky, but he knew that he made a mistake, twice. He wasn’t a follower, he was a leader.
Tallstar (8) Tallstar was a strong leader that had to learn where his loyalties lay. He embarked on a journey with Jake, Firestar’s father, to join the “visitors” that used to visit the clans. He turned out to be a great leader, saving WindClan from trouble by demoting Mudclaw at the last moment.
Owlstar (8) I don’t yet know him as a leader, only as Owl Eyes, but he was an intelligent, brave cat. You can thank Turtle Tail and Gray Wing for that!
Crookedstar (8) He had to go through some very hard times, his name changing, his mom not loving her, Mapleshade’s vengeance, and the death of Willowshine.
Onestar (8) He may have made some mistakes in his life, like losing his friendship with Firestar and running away from his son’s trouble, yet he was a strong leader that always cared for the safety of his clan.
Pinestar (8) Many may hate him for leaving his clan, and breaking the warrior code, but he didn’t. It was a law afterwards. He may have known it was wrong, and he left his kits fatherless, possibly causing Tigerstar’s wreath, which I agree, is wrong, but he was a strong leader and had a great name in my opinion!
Raggedstar (8) Raggedstar was a caring cat that seemed to be forced to take Foxheart as a mate to lower suspicions, but he was blind of his son’s horror, and was unfortunately murdered by him in the end. Horrible, which is why Brokenstar is near rock bottom of the list. He cared for Yellowfang, and was a rather strong leader, trying to be a good leader.
Shadowstar (7) She was okay in my opinion. She did what was right when she let Graywing (Who should’ve definitely been a leader if he didn’t have his asthma) take leadership with her. She lived where her heart wanted her to go, and overall she was a great leader, treating Gray Wing with the great amount of respect that he deserved.
Heatherstar (7) She understood that Talltail/star needed to go away to know where he belonged after she received that prophecy while she was receiving her nine lives. She understood that he had to go, and she didn’t put up a fight.
Hailstar (7) Hailstar was great to Crookedjaw, not caring about how he looked. When he left, he was welcomed back, an he made a great choice of putting Crookedjaw as deputy, even if Mapleshade rigged it.
Mistystar (7) She is a strong and respected leader, who went through a lot when she was young. *SPOILER ALERT* She did make a mistake of closing her borders though, ignoring the medicine cats’ needs.
Leafstar (6) Leafstar respected Firestar’s decisions when he rebuilt SkyClan. Leafstar has taken SkyClan through some tough times, yet they’ve come out on top.
Skystar (6) Sure, Skystar got better, but at first, he was a horrible murderer. Killing Rainswept Flower, kicking out Jagged Peak when he became lame, and looking away from his own son, letting Gray Wing seem like the father of practically everyone. Again, he may have gotten better, but the past can’t be erased.
Bramblestar (6) I may be as skeptical as Firestar was, but I don’t like and still don’t completely trust Bramblestar. He was trained in the Dark Forest, and almost assasinated Firestar. Also, I don’t like how he split up with Squirrelflight for so long. Maybe Squirrelflight should’ve mated with Ashfur…No way.
Cedarstar (6) He was a good ShadowClan leader that knew what he was doing. I don’t know him well enough to write much more.
Blackstar (6) I don’t know about him. He was able to prove himself, but he was a follower of Tigerstar, and then he took leadership…
Windstar (5) She was a bit overprotective after she had her kits. Sure, you love them a lot and try to raise them in the best environment, that’s why Turtle Tail came back (ONLY TO BE KILLED BY TOM! *Technically*), but she should’ve known that she was safe with Gray Wing’s group.
Leopardstar (5) She became over protective of her clan and didn’t want to work with others after the Tigerstar issue, making her a rather poor leader. If she was just a bit more social, and less like a cranky elder…
Tigerstar -Vision of Shadows- (3) He isn’t loyal to his clan, causing the downfall of it and the joining of ShadowClan and SkyClan.
Brokenstar (-9) He killed kits, he stole kits, he indirectly killed Spottedleaf!
Tigerstar -The Prophecy Begins- (-10) Speechless. He’s absolutely horrible. Why did you kill Firestar and all the others? Rest in peace Runningwind, Bluestar, Redtail, Swiftpaw, Graypool, Brindleface, Firestar, and Gorsepaw.

I hope you enjoyed my list. Until next time, may StarClan light your path!

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  • Leopardstar should be at –9999 because first she joined Tigerstar, than declared the lake belonged to only RiverClan and called other Clans prey stealers for taking fish even though the lake belongs to all the Clans, and they didn’t hunt other prey when they needed it, but in The Prophecy Begins(i think), RiverClan hunts WindClan rabbits for fun, but now they actually NEED it but they don’t. And I hate Firestar because he continuously broke the warrior code, from joining ThunderClan as Rusty and as Fireheart, and still as a leader. He let Leafpool become a medicine cat again just because she was his daughter, even though she broke the medicine cat code.
    Leopardstar: –9999
    Firestar: –5
    Raggedstar: –10 because he spoiled Brokenkit/paw/tail/star way too much, and it was his own fault he died, and he was cruel to Yellowfang.

  • I think Brokenstar should be higher because even though he made some bad choices including killing kits and other weak cats, all he wanted to do was make ShadowClan stronger, he just went about it the wrong way.

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