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Defending Thistle`Claw! by Stormspark

Stormspark shares why they think Thistleclaw wasn’t that bad of a character.

Art by Lithestep

Heyyyyy Guyssss Its STORM Here! With My 2nd Article (Hopefully This Comes out After The First one :P)
Today I Will be Defending Thistle`Claw (One Of My fave Characters :P)In My Eyes, hes Pretty Innocent!! I Hope I can Convince Some Off You, Also, These Are Just my Opinions, So Dont get mad At me ๐Ÿ˜›

Ok, So! As i Said, Thistle Claw, Yea, i Was Walking Somewhere With My dad And I Started rambling On About Thistle`Claw And How He Was innocent (Mostly) And Yea, Now i’m Doing THIS!

Ok , So Lets Start With the Tiger`Star Training, he trained Tiger`Star. Practically Everyone Knows it. BUT! Its Not His Fault Tiger `Star Took The Training So Far. So basically, Thistle gave Tiger A lot of Fighting Training (From What I Know) And Tiger Was Practically Obsessed With Fighting From There On, Thistle Also Taught Him Lots of Advanced Moves He Shouldn’t Have Been Taught At His Age. That’s My Explanation on What Thistle Did Envolved With That Training. The Rest Was Purely Tiger Taking it Too Far.

So Now! Onto The Blue`Star Giving Up her Kits, Thistle Claw APPARENTLY Causing her To have To, Yes, he Did Cause It, but He Didnt Do it deliberately!!

Ok. This ExplanatioN is Gonna Be Pretty Short. Did he Ask For Blue`Star to Have Kits? No! Did he Ask For Cedar`Star To Like Him? No!! Its not his fault!! (If Im Offending You In Any Way By the Way, Sowee… *Huggles* )
So Therefore, Its Not His fault!!! He May have Been Ready To lead The Clan into Fights, But Ill get To That in A Second

Guys, im really Sorry, i cant Really Say Much About Thistle Wanting To Fight, This is An Article Defending Him, Yet The Biggest Reason,I can Say Nothing… Im Really Sorry About that, But i have A Little to Say
Its Not Liek he Was A Mini broken`Tail, Eh? he WOuldnt Make Kits Apps ๐Ÿ˜›
And he Just Was A Lil Agile, he Wouldnt Go fake Stuff So he Could Fight, hes Not that bad ๐Ÿ˜›

Anyway!! the Big Reason, The FInale, Is!!!*Dumrole*
He Killed 30+ Cats!!! How can She Defend That? You’re Wondering(No, Seriously, You Are)Well,..
He Wasnt In His Right Mind!! Lemme Explain
he Loved Snow`Fur, he Loved her, he Just Did.. He had A Kit, And Everything!And When She Died,he Well, Went Crazy. Lost His Mind, if You Will, And Started Killing Cats Like Mad.. So, ya See, It Wasnt His Fault, It Was Moon`Flowers, For Giving Birth To Snow`Fur ๐Ÿ˜‰ No Jk, It Wasnt Anyones Fault, Thistle Got very Over Whelmed, He Got TOO Over Whelmed, i’m not Saying If The person You Love Dies You Can Go Murder Loads of People!! Im Not Saying What he Did Was Acceptable, But im Not Saying it Was His Fault Either…

So Guys Thats It For Today, I Hope I can make A New Article Soon, But Y’Know, These Thinks Take Time To: Get Reviewed By Mods, Written, And Even To Think Of the Ideas!! So I Wont Realese Them TOOO Often, But Not To rare, If You have Anything You want Me To Do An Article On, Just tell me In The Comments!! (I Spent About An Hour On This, halp)
BANG! And The Storm is GONE!

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  • My problem with Thistleclaw is that, yes we don’t know too much about him, but what we do know is he was brutal and willing to kill. He learned how to kill in the Dark Forest, knew what he was doing there and kept going back. He had almost no good intentions like cats like Ivypool when she went to the Dark Forest. He knew what happened there and he accepted their training and planned to use it for less than honorable plans. Of course there’s that creepy thing with Spottedpaw too that is disgusting and awful, but that is an obvious bad. In the argument above, it was stated that it wasn’t his fault he killed cats. I mean how was it not? It was his claws that led to their deaths and his words of encouragement and planning. And saying he wasn’t in his right mind is no excuse for bad behavior or committing crimes. Ashfur and Mapleshade could be argued as not in their ‘right minds’ but that doesn’t make them any less responsible. They still committed crimes no matter the excuses they or others used. While I can agree with the previous statements and points made, this one excusing Thistleclaw from his actions is something I can’t. For example, Breezepelt does lots of bad things and he attempts murder. Because he has a strict dad does not make him any less responsible for training in the Dark Forest or trying to kill a pregnant cat. The same goes for Thistleclaw. He is at fault for his crimes and he did kill cats, that’s something he did canonically do. Whether you want to look at it before or after his death, he still did bad things. He brutally ordered the attack of a kit, nearly killed Oakheart, trained to kill cats, eventually killed cats, and that’s something he should definitely take accountability for.

  • I actually semi agree with you. I feel like once cats are in the Dark Forest, they lose the humane – or should I say, catmane – part of them and become pure evil, which is sad because they never even get a chance after death. ๐Ÿ™

    Also, Tigerstar One like fighting even as a kit! Yes, Thistleclaw may have done too much battle training, but each mentor has opinions and what’s most important and Tigerpaw only really started learning to most advanced moves because HE WANTED TO.

    But I will say that Thistleclaw isn’t totally justified and did do bad things while alive. I hold almost no grudges against DF cats AFTER their deaths, as the Dark Forest makes you lose any good in my opinion. Anyways, Thistleclaw wasn’t a wonderful cat, but he isn’t a terrible freak like some people think he is.

    Side note – he wasn’t one of the main cats that made Tigerstar go evil. Tigerstar was. Pinestar was. Thistleclaw was THE LEAST.

    • I agree that Thistleclaw wasn’t the only cat responsible for the way Tigerstar turned out, but I give him a bit more credit for it. Tigerstar never “went evil”: it was a gradual process that began with the disappearance of his father. However, it was also not too late: with the right mentoring, Tigerstar could have grown up to value virtue and honor, not power. Thistleclaw did not provide this necessary mentoring, and therefore contributed more to Tigerstar’s early “corruption”.

      • I agree. Also, it seems that mentors play a bigger role in young cats lives than the parents do in some cases. I felt like Tigerpaw and Thistleclaw had more of that kind of relationship. Also Pinestar leaving didn’t make Tigerstar evil, he did that on his own. If someone is abandoned by a parent or has abusive or absent parents it doesn’t mean that they will become a genocidal lunatic. That’s Tigerstar’s own fault. Not saying Pinestar didn’t boost his behavior, but it can’t entirely believed that it’s his fault. Look at Pinestar’s novella, his options were leaving or killing Tigerkit. Those aren’t really good choices, but it can be argued he made the right one.

  • There’s things that Thistleclaw can’t control and was not totally his fault, but it’s clear that he’s desiring for power. How he react when Bluefur became the deputy showed that. He’s also battle-thirsty. He’s claws were still outstretched when he died in his own pool of blood. When he’s alive, he allowed /instigate Tigerpaw(star) to hurt the defenseless kittypet, who appeared as Scourge later. Besides, I don’t think he’s right to keep Whitekit(storm) away from Bluefur(star). I know he thought Bluefur is dangerous to him and his kit, as he thought she was the main reason why Snowfur was dead and she was blocking his way to be the clan leader, it’s not right for him to do that. He’s somehow teaching Whitekit to isolate others (lucky he didn’t succeed ๐Ÿ˜บ). Nice explanation in your article though ๐Ÿ˜‰.

  • I agree with you on most of this, but I can’t say that Thisleclaw wasn’t partially responsible for making Tigerstar who he is. Thistleclaw did allow Tigerstar to train advanced moves, even if Tigerstar wanted to. But nice article! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 1. Mentors have a large influence on their apprentices. The apprentices look up to their mentors and want to be like them. They are taught that their mentors must be some of the greatest warriors in the Clan to be able to train younger cats. They are taught that they should do everything their mentor says without question, therefore making the young apprentice think their mentor’s actions to always be acceptable and right. Thistleclaw impacted Tigerstar greatly. If Thistleclaw hadn’t been such a murderous cat, perhaps Tigerstar would be a more honorable warrior. However, it is true that Tigerstar is in control of himself, and he chose to lead an evil life. (Pinestar also influenced Tigerstar, making him feel like he had something to prove).
    2. You’re right, it wasn’t his fault that any of those things occurred. But the future of ThunderClan wouldn’t have been bright if Thistleclaw had become deputy. He was too quick to unsheathe his claws, and his hunger for blood and power was too great.
    3. Saying that he became crazy when Snowfur died is no excuse for the deaths of 30+ cats. Plenty of cats have lost loved ones and not gone on a rampage. Thistleclaw was already bloodthirsty from the start. It was quite Thistleclaw’s faultโ€”he was the one who chose to kill cats. Snowfur dying isn’t a very good motive and doesn’t justify Thistleclaw’s actions, just like in Ashfur’s ordeal. I’m not going to excuse Thistleclaw’s crimes because he lost his mate, and there is no changing my mind about that.

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