Time To Rank The Medicine Cats! by Spottedheart

Spottedheart ranks the medicine cats of the series.

Art by Rainingskittles

I’m back with another ranking. This time, I’m with the medicine cats. Again, this is my opinion, feel free to tell me your opinions in the comment section. Enjoy!
Spottedleaf (10) A kind, loving cat. She gave her life to save kits from Brokenstar’s treachery, and then died for the final time saving Firestar’s mate Sandstorm from Mapleshade. Many may hate her for trying to steal Firestar from Sandstorm, but in the end, she saved her. That is heroic.
Cinderpelt (9) A bright, caring cat that never lost her energy and enthusiasm. Even after she broke her leg in a trap that was meant for Bluestar. She understood why Leafpool left, and was able to cope with the knowledge that she was going to die later that book.
Yellowfang (9) She never stopped caring for whatever clan she was in. She tried to save kits from Brokenstar in ShadowClan while they were in battles, and in ThunderClan when Clawface killed Spottedleaf and ran away with the kits. Yellowfang tracked them down. She also saved some cats from the fire that burned through the forest. She was always loyal.
Jayfeather (9) Jayfeather may have had a rough start knowing that he had to be a medicine cat, but that helps make him, him. He has the best remarks/ retorts, yet is still kind to the cats that he is caring to. The ThunderClan cats find it empty when Jayfeather isn’t being his grumpy self.
Alderheart (8) I really like how Alderheart cares for Twigpaw and Violetpaw(Shine) when they were in ThunderClan. Always checking in on them and playing with them when they were kits. Alderheart himself seems to receive a few too many prophecies, he’s like the new Firestar, except Firestar is the best and nobody can replace him.
Pebbleheart (8) Pebbleheart always took care of his foster father after Gray Wing suffered after the fire. He always knew what herbs to use. On Gray Wing’s death bed, Pebbleheart was able to confirm the names for all of the groups (Gray Wing should have been Graystar). He was also commonly described as a smart cat that had dreams from StarClan (I think it was StarClan, or it was the Tribe of Endless Hunting). I haven’t read anything about him but Dawn of the Clans, so he may have other amazing parts, but that is all the evidence I have.
Leafpool (7) Leafpool shouldn’t have run away, especially with a cat from another clan, (Kind of reminds me of Dovewing and Tigerheart), but she came back and knew that it was a mistake to have left, and tried to make up for it by working harder. I felt bad for her when her kits wouldn’t talk to her after they found out that she was their mother.
Goosefeather (7) It wasn’t his fault that he went insane. Everywhere that he went, there was a StarClan cat cutting off his path. Sure, it was funny and cute when he knew where his siblings were hiding, but of course, it eventually made him go insane, knowing prophecies that won’t even be fulfilled in his lifetime. Poor Goosefeather, he wouldn’t kill a sibling on purpose.
Echosong (7) Echosong was a strong cat that was able to learn relatively quickly from what Sandstorm had to teach her. She lead her Clan through hard times and was able to treat most diseases, yet she wouldn’t give up with possible solutions. Too bad she didn’t make it to the lake.
Puddleshine (7) I don’t know about him. I gave him a seven because he had to do a lot of work, and was pressurized with multiple hard decisions and consequences (The loss of Tigerheart, the turn of ShadowClan to Darktail’s “kin”). The issue was, he wasn’t chosen as a medicine cat. StarClan sent no sign, and Leafpool was left with a rather clueless kit. He has a cute name though! (Puddlekit, Puddlepaw,Puddleshine)
Barkface (7) Barkface was seen as a fun, smart kit from Tallstar’s point of view. He cared for his clan and was almost always there for Tallstar, even when he ran away.
Runningnose (6) Runningnose had to lose his mentor early after Brokenstar framed Yellowfang and kicked her out of the clan, leaving the clan in the hands of Runningnose, who turned out to be a great medicine cat.
Flametail (6) Flametail had a short life after falling into ice cold water without Jayfeather being able to help him. Jayfeather was then falsely accused of murder, and Flametail was brought to StarClan and was forced to tell the medicine cats that Jayfeather tried to save him.
Kestrelflight (6) It seems like all of the medicine cats had to endure hard times. Kestrelflight wasn’t allowed to share tongues with StarClan when Onestar closed his borders, and had to endure the suffering of losing a cat to the dark forest.
Littlecloud (6) Littlecloud… I don’t know much about him, (He wasn’t really a major character), but he had to go through the trouble of losing his only apprentice (Flametail) and then dying without a replacement. Causing Leafpool to become the ShadowClan medicine cat.
Mothwing (6) Mothwing is full of problems. She doesn’t believe in StarClan, and I think she was improperly made a medicine cat from Hawkfrost telling/ sending a sign that Mothwing should be a medicine cat. Without a relationship with StarClan, who are you?
Hawkheart (2) You are a mean medicine cat! You murdered a cat and found it okay! You scared Bluepaw because… I’ll stop myself before this article gets removed for inappropriate language, but I really, really hate him.
Like always, if I missed someone and you want the amazing Spottedheart to rank them on the Spotted Scale! (Like the name?)
Thank you for reading! If you found my first three articles boring, stay tuned because I’ll soon be out with a completely different, more interesting article (Hint Hint: It’s about my favourite medicine cat and my favourite leader. Basically the two people that make up my name! Until next time, may StarClan light your path!

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  • Good job. Could you rank the accident med cats?

    The truth is is that I highly disagree with you about Mothwing. Why should you be judged so harshly by something that you didn’t even know about? Mothwing WAS actually stopped from being a medicine cat by Mistystar, but turns out that she was destined to be a medicine cat because she regained her position. Mothwing has worked hard for everything she has and for not crumpling completely. I respect her for that.

  • I would rank Mothwing higher. I love her a lot and she is an amazing medicine cat even if she doesn’t believe in StarClan. It was all Hawkfrost’s fault for that. She was a great friend to Leafpool too. And I totally sympathize with Mothwing. I mean she has a tough life, being pushed around by her brother and being born of a rogue and a villain. Hawkfrost seriously jacked up her faith which is why I don’t like him very much. If Hawkfrost had stayed our of it, Mothwing would have made a great warrior or meddie (whatever StarClan called her to do/be). But it makes for an interesting plot. Mothwing did her best, okay? I mean it’s kind of hard to build up your faith once it has been crushed or once someone makes you realize “it’s not true.” I mean it’s kind of sad and makes you think it was all for nothing. That’s how Mothwing felt which is why she decided that StarClan wasn’t real and her brother just made it up so that she could be his minion to control.

    Anyway enough of this rant. Great article!

  • So, there are a few cats I have a problem with in terms of ranking here.

    1. Spottedleaf- She broke up Firestar’s brotherhood with Graystripe because Spottedleaf told him that a cat “Would betray you.” She also would constantly nag Firestar for no reason. For example, he just smells her scent and wakes up.
    When Spottedleaf was alive, she “loved foolishly” with a dark forest cat and never even told anybody about what had happened!

    2. Littlecloud- He was saved by Cinderpelt and decided to be a medicine cat like her. He always tried to help out when he could and became a great healer.

    3. Mothwing- Broke the odds by being the first medicine cat atheist. She can heal cats just as well as any medicine cat can and if starclan does play a role in it, she has Willowshine to help her. It is confirmed that even if Hawkfrost hadn’t given her a fake sign, starclan would’ve sent one anyway.

    • Spottedleaf obviously meant Tigerclaw, Firestar was just too dumb to see it. So now it’s her fault that Firestar was being an idiot? Also, what would she have said? “Oh yeah this dude trains in the DF?” Bluestar knew that something was off about Thistleclaw, as did a few other cats, and did they tell?

      I agree with your other points.

      • Firestar actually already knew Tigerstar was acting suspicious and had him on his radar. Starclan just screwed him up more because they gave him a prophecy about a cat he already knew about. This made him think Graystripe was trying to betray him.

  • For the most part, I agree with you. However, I couldn’t disagree more with the statements you made regarding Mothwing. Mothwing may be stubborn, but she can be so gosh darn kind and gentle at times. She knows the difference between good and evil. She’s got a mind of her own and her own set of beliefs yet she isn’t assertive or obnoxious about them. She deserves a lot more credit than she’s given & she makes an excellent medicine cat in spite of her unusual beliefs!

  • In my opinion, I would put:
    Spottedleaf at a lower rank.
    Mothwing at a higher rank.
    Leafpool at an 8.
    Echosong at an 8 as well.
    And for some reason I really love Kestrelflight, so I would put him at a higher rank.
    And you could also put Mothflight, Micah, Featherwhisker, Mudfur, Cloudspots, Willowshine, and maybe Sagewhisker or Echosong’s apprentice, Frecklewish. (sorry, that’s a lot of cats 😛 ). With everything else, I totally agree! Nice work on this article! 😀

  • 1. Spottedleaf-she’s an entitled love interest. She’s kind and caring, with a “sweet scent”, and she and Firepaw had little to no romance.
    2._ Hawkheart-he was just defending his Clan. I mean, some ThunderClan she-cat stole his herbs, and there was a battle raging around him.

  • There aren’t that many bad medie cats are there? 😛 I would put Jyafeather as a ten because of his special relationship with Starclan, but thats just my opinion. 🙂
    Nice article! 😄

  • Honestly, I think that the top four cats are:

    4. Hawkheart. Who knows how many kits and elders might have died if he hadn’t killed Moonflower? Yes, it’s not good, but we did only get Bluepaw’s opinion on it. If we had had Hawkheart’s, Tallstar’s or any other cat in WindClan’s opinion, then we wouldn’t hate him for it. He thought Moonflower was evil – in fact, Moonflower was being evil. We don’t hate on Firestar for killing an ‘evil’ cat, so why do we hate on Hawkheart?

    3 & 2: Moth Flight and Acorn Fur: They both gave up the chance of living with their kits/significant others when it wasn’t even against the warrior code? They didn’t have to, they did an amaing thing for their Clan.

    1. MOTHWING!!! She didn’t believe in StarClan, but she still tried to do the best for her Clan. Also, it wasn’t her fault. Hawkfrost was the one that destroyed her belief in StarClan by sending the fake sign.

  • I also disagree with Yellowfang.
    Yellowfang was one of the worst medicine cats ever. Yes, Brokenstar drove her out, but it was her own fault. By extension, so was Tigerstar taking over SC (because if Raggedstar had still been alive then he wouldn’t have been able to), and WC being driven out. She broke the medicine cat code, and then instead of giving up her position as a medicine cat to take care of him as her son, she gave him to Lizardstripe, who never wanted him.

  • Could you rank Alderheart, Shadowsight, and Sagewhisker? Also, amazing article, and I definitely agree with most of it.