Top 10 Worst Warrior Names by Otterpaw

Otterpaw share a list of some of the worst names in the series. Are any of them on your list?

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Hello! Otterpaw here and today, I am here to show you the worst names in warriors in my opinion!

10) Deadfoot – I didn’t place this higher on the list because I’m just glad that his mother, Meadowslip, had a problem with the name. (Maybe Rainflower should take parenting lessons from Meadowslip 😛 ) I liked the name Hopkit, it was cute. Hopfoot sounds like a better name than Deadfoot, though!

9) Runningnose – Well yes, Yellowfang named him for a reminder that medicine cats can’t cure everything, but seriously? Runningnose? Okay, I just think this name is a good reminder and all, but Runningnose isn’t the greatest name to give a cat.

8) Hollowbelly – Whoa, this cat must always he hungry! 😛 This name is just… just… why?

7) Loudbelly – This is almost the same name as Hollowbelly, but his stomach is always yowling for food! Maybe as a kit he was always eating food? Maybe? I don’t know, but this name is just an bad name to give a cat.

6) Harrybrook – Okay, this name makes no sense. A harry brook? That’s just a terrible name, Leafstar. Especially

5) Foxheart – Well, yes, Foxheart is sort of a… fox-heart but that’s not the point here. Anways… SERIOUSLY CEDARSTAR?? (right?) WHY WOULD YOU GIVE A CAT THE NAME FOXHEART!!! THAT IS JUST RUDE AND A TERRIBLE NAME!!! WHAT EVEN???


4) Twigbrach – … Seriously? A twig and a branch is basically the same name. It’s like naming a cat Fawndeer or Speckledapple. It’s the same thing, and there are much better warrior names for Twigpaw than… Twigbranch.

3) Crookedjaw – The only problem I have about this is that Rainflower, Crookedstar’s own mother, asked for him to be named it. I’m just glad Shellheart stood up for him, but I just didn’t like this name when I was reading Crookedstar’s Promise because of Rainflower.

2) Lostface – This name is very rude to Brightheart. Yes, she lost part of her face but you don’t have to rub it in, Bluestar! I’m just glad that Firestar changed it to Brightheart.

Honorable Mentions)
Sneezecloud – Does the cat sneeze a lot? I put this in the honorable mentions place because it’s just a weird name to name a kit, yet I still sort of like the name because it’s cute. 😛

Snookthorn – I’m not even going to get into it. 😛

1) Clawface – Really? REALLY??? Why, just why? It’s bad enough that a queen named their kit Clawkit, but the leader at that point (I forgot who it was… Raggedstar?) just decided to name him Clawface? Oh geez…

Anyways, that’s my article! I hope you guys enjoyed, and I would love to hear your opinions! 😀

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  • Dude. DUDE. DON’T JUDGE TWIGBRANCH!!! Her name represents her growth as a character. and also a twig is very small while a branch can kill a cat. Or you.

  • “This chainsaw belongs to Clawface” if anyone gets that they win a cookie emoji and a friend xD

  • you forgot 2 that came to my mind and just no I-

    1)Mac’gyver- like huh?

    2) Heavy’step- poor guy ;(

    this was a great article! Honestly I kinda like Clawface ngl and Sneezecloud is just cute, but I totally agree with the Twigbranch one

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