Should Briarlight be Reincarnated When She Dies? by Cheetahspark

Cheetahspark explores the idea behind a possible reincarnation for Briarlight.

Art by idess

So, most of us probably know that Cinderpelt was reincarnated into Cinderheart. Cinderpelt was reincarnated because:
Cinderpelt never was able to realize her dream of becoming a warrior
Cinderpelt was never meant to be a medicine cat
Briarlight was sadly paralyzed and now can never be a warrior. Briarlight still earned her warrior name, but she now lives in the medicine cat den and doesn’t really fo anything besides her exercises. This is very sad and horrible for Briarlight.
As you probably all know, Cinderpelt was never able to become a warrior because of a tragic car accident. Cinderpelt, instead, became a medicine cat. Even though Cinderpelt didn’t necessarily want to be a medicine cat, it’s definetly better than sitting around doing nothing like Briarlight.
Now, for some reason, Briarlight is not a medicine cat. I don’t understand why, considering ThunderClan obviously doesn’t care if they have too many medicine cats and Briarlight already has a pretty good knowledge of herbs.
Moving on. If you read the title of this article, then you know I’ll be talking about why or why not Briarlight should be reincarnated. If you look at the small list above, we already have number one filled out: Briarlight and Cinderpelt both never were able to become warriors because of their injuries. For me, this is already proof enough that Briarlight should be given a second chance.
But there are a few obstacles. Cinderheart, after she realized that she used to be Cinderpelt, struggled a great deal with whether or not she should be a medicine cat. When Cinderheart eventually decided that she wanted to follow her heart and be a warrior and/or queen, Cinderpelt’s spirit ascended into StarClan by herself.
Let’s call Briarlight’s so-called reincarnation Briarheart. Even if Briarheart discovers that she used to be Briarlight, she wouldn’t really face any struggle about what she was meant to be like Cinderheart did since Briarlight was never a medicine cat. This is definetly good for Briarheart. But not really for Briarlight.
If Briarheart never really finds a way to separate herself from Briarlight’s spirit (like Cinderheart did with Cinderpelt), then would Briarlight’s spirit be eternally trapped in Briarheart’s body? When they go to StarClan, will they separate or be trapped within each other?
I don’t really have the answers to these questions. I don’t think StarClan would either. As it shows many times throughout the books, StarClan really isn’t that all-knowing. So if StarClan don’t know the answers to these questions, they probably wouldn’t take the risk of reincarnating Briarlight and having her being trapped within another cat for eternity instead of just letting Briarlight be healed in StarClan without being reincarnated.
And saying more about the StarClan-not-being-that-powerful situation, do they even have the power to reincarnate a lame cat within the same time period more than once? I don’t really know the extent of their power. But I feel like if they did have enough power to reincarnate any cat they wanted, why not Badgerfang? Why not Swiftpaw? Shrewpaw? Mosskit? The list is endless.
With all that being said, I feel that if any cat does deserve to be reincarnated, it’s definetly Briarlight.
That’s it! Thanks for reading! I really hope that wasn’t confusing. My thoughts are especially deep today 🙂

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  • I agree, but if Briarlight was reincarnated, I think It would take the magic away from Cinderpelt. Nice article! 🙂

  • Briarlight didn’t want to be a medicine cat, THAT is the most likely reason as to why she never became one! She had no desire to follow that path, and apparently she preferred to help as she could. Something just ticks me off a little when people say “oh Briarlight totally should have been a medicine cat,” because if she wanted to be one she would have spoken to Jayfeather about it and then they would have found a ways to bring her to the Moonpool to receive her blessing from StarClan. That could have happened if she wanted to be a medicine cat, but SHE DIDN’T.

    Well, why not Badgerfang? Because he was one of many kits forced to battle while still under six moons, the only reason why people are all sympathy with him is because he was focused on more than the other ones. If StarClan reincarnated all the kits that were killed under Brokenstar’s reign, we would LITERALLY have a kitpocalypse of too many ShadowClan kits born at the same time! And those kits would probably die anyways because they’d still be under Brokenstar’s reign! (From what we saw of Cinderpelt’s reincarnation, the new her was born almost immediately.)

    Swiftpaw chose to recklessly do what he did, and he never really needed to be reincarnated. Same with Shrewpaw.

    Mosskit seemed happier in StarClan.

    So the point is is that Cinderpelt really is one of the on,y cats I can think of who actually deserves reincarnation. No, scratch that, the ONLY cat. She was never satisfied (Hamilton anyone) with what she got, unlike so many characters who either deserved what they got or just found peace in StarClan. However, StarClan gave Cinderpelt a chance because she had the perfect opportunity that would come at an alright time, she honestly lost more than she got, and there are a few other things.

    Plus, Briarlight seemed content with her life when she died.

  • Yes! YES! SHE MUST BE REINCARNATED! Cinderpelt got badly injured so she took another path.She bercame Cinderheart.Briarlight needs to get another life like her.

  • Yes! Also I think there should be another cat like Jayfeather to come around so that he and the reincarnation of Briarlight could be together, like how Cinderheart became mates with Lionblaze (who was like Firestar), since she did have a crush on him and possibly “loved” him but due to her injuries and because Jayfeather was a meddie, well……

    The love that never blossomed…….

  • 🙁 She NEEDS TO BE REINCARNATED! Along with Swiftpaw….so sad. When she died in River of Fire, the song that Blixemi came to my head and I cried like a five-year-old…
    “Will I be complete…”
    I’m sorry for the all caps. 🙁 I just LOVE Briarlight and when she died, I CRIED! I almost NEVER cry when a warrior cat dies because they are in StarClan but none of them will ever be as special as Briarlight.
    Wait….what if one of Ivypool’s kits is Briarlight? Just a suggestion.

    • That would be amazing! But didn’t Ivypool have kits before Briarlight died? (I need to reread River of Fire so I don’t know…) Also, with Cinderpelt, they were born like, the moment Cinderpelt died. I too cried when Briarlight died, she deserved to be an elder! Reincarnation might not be the way to go, but when the next Thunderclan leader comes, (I hope it’s soon! No offense, Bramblestar, but I think we need a female leader for Thunderclan!) Briarlight can be featured! She can also give prophecies, but honestly, I think the Erins just wanted to keep us on our toes and keep up their character deaths streak to add drama, so, sadly, I don’t think we’ll be seeing much of her again. 🙁 *cries*