The Supposed Connection Between Pinestar and Firestar by Lilyfrost

Lilyfrost explains how Pinestar set the path for the Warriors series as we know it.

Art by narutofirestar

We all know how Pinestar left ThunderClan to be a kittypet and all that good junk, and if you don’t…. well now you do, but have you ever thought about what might have happened if he hadn’t left. Okay, so let’s start small, if Pinestar hadn’t left, then perhaps Tigerstar wouldn’t have been evil, right? Because StarClan told Pinestar that he would have to teach his son to be a good clan member, and he wouldn’t be the vicious thing we know today. Great, step one done. If Tigerstar hadn’t been evil, he wouldn’t have become so easily influenced by Thistleclaw’s mentoring. Okay, you might wanna sit down for this, because it’s kind of shocking. If Tigerstar hadn’t been evil, Scourge probably wouldn’t have been evil either! Here’s why: In that scene where Tigerstar (Tigerpaw at the time) attacked a young kittypet kit for tresspassing on ThunderClan territory (This is from Warriors: Legends of the Clans) was purely from Thistleclaw’s influence. And, as you may already know, that kit was Scourge (Tiny). Now, think about it, Scourge was always picked on by his siblings, and what really pushed him over the edge was that attack from Tigerpaw. Literally, he killed Tigerstar because he remembered how helpless he was, which gave him more reason to be evil. Okay, so now we’ve gone from Pinestar to Scourge. Good, we’re making progress. Okay, now how did Firestar lose his first life? That’s right, killed by Scourge, who wouldn’t have been evil if it weren’t for Tigerstar, who wouldn’t have been evil if it weren’t for Pinestar, and in The Last Hope, Firestar is killed by the burning falling tree after the battle, but if Scourge hadn’t killed him, he would still have one life left. Meaning he would still be ThunderClan’s leader in A Vision of Shadows, and you might even be able to take it farther from there, like how Bramblestar and Squirrelflight made amends by making Squirrelflight deputy. If you wanted to go there, you would realize that the whole new series wouldn’t exist without Pinestar. And there you have it folks, how Pinestar’s leaving ThunderClan is connected to Firestar being ThunderClan’s leader, and possibly to us having this amazing new series. Let’s all just appreciate Pinestar for a moment for all he has done for us. *applause*

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