Which Warrior? Millie, Rainflower, or Lizardstripe? Skit #2 by Iceclaw

Iceclaw is back with another skit, this time with Millie, Rainflower and Lizardstripe!

Art by Scourgeseer

Most of you probably remember my first skit: Ashfur or Mapleshade (or maybe you don’t) :P. It was several months back. The majority of you in the comments wanted me to do a skit with Millie, Rainflower, and Lizardstripe. So brace yourselves and get ready! This is my second skit. Which one is the better mother?

Iceclaw: So StarClan, we are back with three other cats to judge. Millie, Rainflower, and Lizardstripe, come up.
*Millie looks somewhat scared
*Rainflower holds her head up high
*Lizardstripe stalks towards the stage haughtily
Iceclaw: First up, Millie.
Blossomfall: I have to admit. She hurted me when she scolded me after I came out of the cave. She literally said that Briarlight was better right in front of me. It’s like she didn’t care for me at all… She just cared about Briarlight.
*Iceclaw nods sympathetically
*Ferncloud, Sorreltail, and some other queens talk quietly to each other
*Sorreltail steps forward
Sorreltail: I speak in behalf of all queens. We agree that Millie should have paid more attention to her two kits, but as a queen myself, I can understand how Millie worries for her kit.
*Millie gives the queens a grateful look
Sorreltail: Rainflower is worse though. Unlike Millie, she paid attention to her other “perfect warrior”. We like to think that she paid attention to Oakheart just to spite Crookedstar.
*Rainflower looks like she’s about to deny it, but closes her mouth
Sorreltail: Lizardstripe basically ignored and mistreated Brokenstar. Maybe that’s why he turned into a ruthless leader.
*Lizardstripe turns her head away and huffs angrily
Iceclaw: Anyone else want to say anything?
Crookedstar: My mother was really complicated. I was never really sure whether she was just bitter, or she wanted to punish me.
Shellheart: I think she was bitter. In a way, she loved you.
Crookedstar: All I see in her is a bitter and vengeful heart. Why did she even decide to change my name into Crookedkit?
Rainflower: The name “Stormkit” did not suit you anymore.
Crookedstar: (sadly) Is that the only reason?
*Rainflower turns her head away
Iceclaw: Well….
*Iceclaw chuckles nervously
Iceclaw: In my opinion, the worst mother is Rainflower.
*Rainflower glares at Iceclaw
Iceclaw: WHAT??!! I’m just telling the truth. No need to be angry. You should feel at least some guilt about the way you treat Crookedstar.
*Crookedstar looks at Rainflower with huge, sad eyes
*Iceclaw glares at Rainflower
Iceclaw: You know, this is helping you get first place in the title “the worst mother in the whole wide world”.
*Rainflower snaps her jaws shut
Iceclaw: Well, this is getting awkward…
*Brokenstar appears in a puff of smoke
Lizardstripe: You-
Iceclaw: THAT WAS MY IDEA!!!
Brokenstar: Who cares? As I was saying, Lizardstripe didn’t care about me at all… and she made that VERY obvious. Plus, she verbally abused me.
Iceclaw: I guess that’s true…
Lizardstripe: Don’t trust anything Brokenstar says. I thought you stupid clan cats know that already. Did you forget that Brokenstar caused chaos in the forest? Did you realize that he almost wiped WindClan out of existence?
Brokenstar: I wouldn’t say “wiped out of existence”. They survived perfectly outside the forest.
Lizardstripe: As I was saying, don’t trust Brokenstar. HE should get a trophy for “worst villain of the world”.
*Brokenstar sighs dramatically
Iceclaw: Okay Lizardstripe. Enough of your rant. Technically, you were took part of Brokenstar turning all evil and stuff.
*Lizardstripe growls
*there is silence again
Iceclaw: SO… It’s getting late. Brokenstar, you are not supposed to be here. StarClan, just a quick question, do you sleep? If you do, it’s actually really late. This is the end of the discussion! BYE EVERYONE. See you next time!

Did you enjoy this skit? Who do you think is the worst mother? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Until next time, BlogClan!

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  • So Lizardstripe was an okay mother, she was a little rude to Brokenkit at that time.
    Millie was really worried about Briarlight and stressed she shouldn’t deserve worse mother, she loved Briarlight and then she’s permanently injured
    Rainflower was mean. She changed Crookedstar’s name. She totally hated him because of his jaw. Look past the jaw see the kit inside! Honestly she should shred Goosefeather, he was the reason Crookedstar got his jaw.

    Palebird on the other hand was just ignorant. She did care for Tallstar. She didn’t show emotion when he left or came back. She was just terrible.

  • 🍰 Strawberrykit can’t comment or hit the reply button! The comment button is gone. says:

    I think Rainflower or Millie are the worst moms. I mean Millie totally ignores her other kits and Rainflower changed Stormkits name to Crookedkit when he fell and broke his jaw. Crookedkit was already suffering the pain of a broken jaw and she had to go and humiliate him!

  • Rainflower is the worst, because of what she did to her kit just because of his crooked jaw. Lizardstripe is the ‘best’ because she never wanted kits in the first place and she was really unhappy… Millie is something between them.