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Why Breezepelt Is My Least Favorite Character by Ebonypaw

Ebonypaw shares why they dislike WindClan’s young prickly warrior, Breezepelt.

Art by Silverzoul

Breezepelt, like Nightcloud, is a cat who gets a lot of mixed feelings from the fandom. As many of you know, Breezepelt is my least favorite character, and it’s because of these reasons.

1. His Backstory

2. His Actions As A Villain

3. His Punishment For His Actions

1. His Backstory

I will say it right here: Breezepelt was not abused. He was never neglected nor verbally abused by Crowfeather. Crowfeather didn’t even hate him! Crowfeather did argue with Breezepelt a lot, but Arguing With Your Child =/= Abusing Them. Knowing both of their personalities, it’s expected that they would argue a lot. We also do see Crowfeather as a strict father, but being strict =/= abusive. Breezepelt just toke it as hate for whatever reason. Nightcloud did encourage his behavior (Which is one reason why I don’t like Nightcloud), but he got the idea that Crowfeather hated him by himself.

“I never hated you! That’s just what you were determined to believe. And Nightcloud encouraged you.” -The Last Hope, page 308.

He still caries that hate throughout Omen Of The Stars, even though Crowfeather had saved his life twice.

“Crowfeather was at his side in an instant, sending sandy soil flying in desperation to save his son. Breezepaw’s still buried!” Crowfeather panted.” -The Sight, page 352.

“Almost at once a terrified yowl burst from the WindClan apprentice [Breezepaw]. He was sliding forward, scrabbling frantically to stop himself. Hollypaw saw that a chasm split the top of the ridge, hidden from the sight in the shadows. She darted across to help Breezepaw, but Crowfeather raced past her. He fastened his teeth in Breezepaw’s tail and dragged him backward until he could stand safely on the flat top of the ridge.” -Outcast, page 205.

I do partially blame Nightcloud for spoiling Breezepelt and yelling at Crowfeather for the smallest things (Such as Crowfeather asking Breezepelt a clarifying question and having Nightcloud telling him that he doesn’t have any faith in Breezepelt, The Sight Page 293), but for the most part, Breezepelt was a grown warrior who could make his own decisions.

“[Breezepelt’s] a warrior. He’s been making his own choices for a long time now.” -The Last Hope, page 309.

Not to mention that he had plenty more who obviously cared for him like Heathertail, Whitetail, and Nightcloud. He needed to accept that in the real world, not everyone is going to treat you like a king.

But I would forget about his backstory and like him as a villain, if it weren’t for his actions.

2. His Actions

We all know that infamous scene in The Fourth Apprentice where Breezepelt attempts to murder Jayfeather and Poppyfrost. I will say that scene is necessary because it shows that the Dark Forest battle isn’t going to be easy, but Breezepelt’s motive is what bothered me.

He blames Jayfeather, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf for being born.

“Your mother betrayed my father as well as her Clan. You have no right to be a medicine cat. No right to even live among the Clans. I’ll never forgive you for what you’ve done! Never!”-The Fourth Apprentice, page 159.

But they had no control of being born????? I could see Breezepelt trying to murder Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze if he wanted to pull of an Ashfur and try to take away everything from Crowfeather, but no, he actually blames them.

He also whines about how the reveal ruined his life instead of accepting the fact that they had it worse than he did.

“Sending you to StarClan isn’t enough of a punishment. You need to know what it’s like to have every cat in your Clan stare at you, whisper about you. You need to know that you’re surrounded by lies and hatred and things that should never have happened.”- The Fourth Apprentice, page 239.

Even Jayfeather reminds him.

“You think we don’t know that?” Jayfeather challenged him. “The worst of the lies were told about us. We didn’t even know who our real parents were.” -The Fourth Apprentice, page 239.

Jayfeather was lied to by the cat who he thought was his mother and his mentor, had the secret told to every Clan, and lost his sister Hollyleaf. That’s nothing compared to what Breezepelt went through. Yet he still believes he went through worse. Even to the point of attempting to murder Poppyfrost to frame him.

“When her [Poppyfrost] body is found drowned in your precious pool, it’ll be your word against mine. I was never here tonight. My Clanmates can lie as well as yours, Jayfeather.” -The Fourth Apprentice, page 238.

So basically, Breezepelt attempts to frame and then murder the cat who also saved his life at the end of The Sight.

We also see Breezepelt attack Leafpool.

“Breezepelt’s lunge hit [Leafpool] square in the side. His claws tore her pelt as he dragged her to the ground. Another jet of blood sprayed the snow.” -Night Whispers, page 202.

In The Last Hope, we see Breezepelt lead a patrol to WindClan’s camp and is seen attacking a warrior from his Clan.

“As Breezepelt reared up to attack a WindClan warrior, Ivypool launched herself at him.” -The Last Hope, page 291

And we also see him celebrate Hollyleaf’s death.

“This has nothing to do with Brokenstar. Lionblaze should never have been born. None of them should. [Hollyleaf is] dead, now it’s your turn, Lionblaze.” -The Last Hope, page 308.

But aside from that, we don’t see him do anything but complain about Crowfeather and ThunderClan. He barely did anything as a villain. Yes we did get a fight with him and Lionblaze twice, but considering Lionblaze was invincible at the time, I don’t even count it. We only see him pose an actual threat once and that’s it.

3. His Punishment

He doesn’t have one! We see him do all those terrible things, and he automatically earns the respect of his Clanmates and a mate and kits. Breezepelt had a easy life afterwards while cats like Hollyleaf, Mapleshade, Needletail, Crowfeather, Petal, and Beetlewhisker never did.

So why does Breezepelt get a chance? He was still loyal to the Dark Forest and was one of the only two cats to fight against the Clans in the end (The other being Redwillow).

“Why would I leave the strongest Clan? My Clan wastes too much time looking after the sick and old. If you led us, we’d never have to beg another Clan for help again.”-The Last Hope, page 160.

“Breezepelt was looking smug and Dovewing felt an urge to rake his ears. She was sure he hadn’t wanted to be a better WindClan warrior. He had wanted power and strength, and that was all.” -Dovewing’s Silence, page 24.

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