Happy Clanniversary, Foxtail!

It’s Foxtail’s Clanniversary!

Foxie, today is your first Clanniversary! 😀 Hooray!

Thank you for being such an awesome member of BlogClan for the past year! You’ve made our little corner of the internet brighter!

We can’t wait for another 365 days of Foxtail! 🙂

Happy Clanniversary!

Iceeeeeeeeeee (Icy)


    • Thank you! 😸 I’m going driving today cause I just got my permit finally. =) We’ve traveled so much I didn’t have time once I passed the written test.

  • Happy Clanniversary, Foxtail! 😀 Thanks so much for all the wonderful, highly supportive comments you give, and how you brighten everyone’s day! <3

    • Thanks Snowy! 😊 That’s my goal: to make people’s lives brighter one comment at a time ^^

  • Wow I can’t believe I’ve been a member of BlogClan for a whole year! Time flies, doesn’t it? Thank you all for being such good friends to me and offering your friendship when I knew no one when I first arrived. I’d like to give a shoutout to some people here:

    Goldenfawn (I think that’s your name lol) – You were the first (or one of the first) to welcome me and say hi to me. Idk if you still remember that moment but I miss you and hope to see you on BlogClan again.

    Snowbreeze – You were one of my first friends here, I’d not the very first! =) I enjoyed reading your comments on the Hug Page and I’m glad that I’ve helped in some small way.

    Sundance – Is it ok if I call you the best mod here (to me at least)? 😛 I love everyone else don’t worry though! But Sunny you are so funny and always brighten up my day (like your name).

    Bluefire – You are such a good friend and I love how we’ve grown in our blogclan friendship over the months I’ve been here. I love your name and all the warrior names you create on the Warriors Name Page and all your fun generators.

    Cheetahspark – I’m glad there is someone out there who gets my jokes #budapest 😛 and likes my sense of humor. You’re a great person to have a laugh with I tell ya that! 😉

    Pantherpaw – My long lost apprentice who isn’t here anymore (although people say she’s on discord), you were a great apprentice and I miss you. Hopefully you will come back some day. Until then, I must find a new apprentice! (*hint hint* I am an available mentor guys 😛)

    Brightkit – You are a wonderful friend and I’m glad that I got to meet you. I would love to have you as my apprentice in the future (once you’re old enough). 🙂

    Lilypool – Your name generators are amazing. That’s all I have to say. 😛 lol I’m just kidding! You are a fun person to be around and I hope we can create many more memories! (I mean this to every BlogClan member and those who consider myself a friend to them)

    Wavesplash – You’re awesome! Thank you for accepting my friendship and ever since you’ve been a wonderful friend. We may have our differences but that’s what friendship is all about, right? Exploring our differences and accepting each other as we are, no matter what. <3

    Leaf Lost In Blizzard – My wonderful deputy of SlyClan! Ok I kind of left my Clan as well so it's not just you lol. But when my Clan was up and running, you had been an amazing deputy and I'm honored that I got to be your deputy if your Clan as well. Thx for being my friend and hope to see you around more!

    If I did not list you, don't worry! If I could write seperate letters (technically they would be novels cause I write really long letters lol) to each of you I probably would! (but maybe that's a birthday thing though haha)

    Love you all and thank you so much for making my day brighter and I'm glad that I got to light up some lives here too!

      When I think of BlogClan, you’re one of the first members to pop into my head! 😀 This place wouldn’t be the same without your kindness and generosity. Every moment with you is absolutely positively wonderful. ❤ I love and appreciate you as a friend and I hope you’re here a year from now to continue making happy memories with us. (At least you better be or we’ll all die from the heartbreak. 😢 )

      Pssssssssssst I got this book for you 😉 https://www.slideshare.net/AlexMcLane/fox-in-socks-1965-by-dr-seuss

      • Lol thanks Sunny 😝 And you’re so sweet! You’re one of the first mods (members) I think about when I’m on BlogClan too! ^^ I would love to know you in real life!(seriously there needs to be like a warriors blogclan comic con for us or something or like a real gathering)

        P.S. You know if you were on Instagram I’d follow you lol (if it’s not too risky) 😛

    • Awwwww thank you so much for being here Foxie <3 You're a wonderful person and I enjoy joking with you so much! 😛

    • Awww! 😀 You’re a sweet person, Foxie!! Sorry that I couldn’t comment earlier, I’ve been just a touch inactive. Happy Clanniversary!! 🎉 🎉 You are kind, an awesome friend, and an absolutely wonderful person! I’m so happy you’re on BlogClan, and hope you’ll stay here for seasons to come!

      (By the way, I’m pretty much an apprentice now, but I’ve chosen to say that I’m officially an apprentice on my birthday in August… for some reason… 😛 )

  • HAPPY CLANNIVERSARY FOXIE!!!!!!!!!! We love you so much and we’re so glad you’re here <3

  • Happy Clanniversary, Foxie! I can’t believe it’s been so long since you joined. It feels like yesterday. 😛
    You’re so kind, thoughtful, and encouraging to everyone in BlogClan, and that’s really admirable and amazing of you. Thank you for being so wonderful. <3