My Top 5 Least Favorite Characters by Stormberry

Stormberry lists their least favourite characters from the series.

Art by Dawnheart101

Hello! Stormberry is back with another article! Today my topic will be the opposite of my first article! Ooh this will be interesting! SPOILER ALERT
5.)Tigerheart-Yeah. He is SUPER annoying. Dovewing you are awesome and your powers are soooooo cool! Ha ha ha ha no. *I am not like that!!!*Yes you are Tigerheart. Yes you are. *Am Not!!!* Okay now you just sound like a kit. *growls* Okay moving on……….
4.)Brokenstar-Do I even have to explain this one? Do I?! I don’t think I do but here it goes. Hello my name is Brokenstar and I kill kits aren’t I the best leader ever? All the mothers will thank me! No they won’t Brokenstar no they won’t. *yes they will!!!* I told you no! It also very sad about Badgerfang. *starts crying*
I don’t care if he was a cute kit! He is a M-U-R-D-E-R-E-R .A murderer I tell you! I just can not sympathize with him. He killed Hollyleaf!! No, just no that crosses the line so I was glad when he was dead forever. *I didn’t mean to kill Hollyleaf!* Guess what, you were trying to kill someone so that doesn’t really help you at all.
I hate Darktail. Absolutely hate him. He is also a crazy murderer and he caused so much pain for a lot of cats.*cough Hawkwing cough* In case you have NO idea what I’m talking about here is some info-he killed Hawkwing’s father, took Hawkwing’s home and pretty much ruined Hawkwing’s life when it comes to the gorge.
1.)Tigerstar (or Tigerclaw)
I just- no I can’t, there is to much rage when I talk about this character but I’m still going to talk about him. So he tried to take over Thunderclan, murdered many cats, tried to kill his leader and pretty much shattered the code. If you are thinking right now jeez, don’t put all the hate on Tigerstar it’s all Pinestar’s fault! We’ll I’m sorry but I 100 % don’t agree with that but I’m not going to explain it because you can just read my article on Pinestar.
Onto the fun part! Starclan decides if my Least Favorite characters should go to Starclan!
Bluestar-Hello today we will be deciding if these cats should go to Starclan or go to Starclan when they die! First up Tigerheart!
Yellowfang-He should be able to come in and that is the end of that.
Hollyleaf-Okay…. moving on, Brokenstar
Nightstar-No!!! He left Shadowclan in pieces!
Yellowfang-He also killed kits!
Bluestar-We’ll who brought him into this world. Hmmm? *cough cough you Yellowfang sneeze*
Yellowfang-Hey! That is not fair! You mated with a Riverclan cat so ha!
Spottedleaf-Okay moving on… Hawkfrost
Hollyleaf-No! He is not coming in no no no no NO! And if anybody argues with me I will hit them with a fly swatter!
Bluestar-Next up Darktail
Cloudstar-You better not let that fiend in here! He almost destroyed SkyClan! My clan would have been gone forever!
Yellowfang-Okay okay we won’t let him in. And finally Tigerstar!
Bluestar-AHHHHHHH!!!!! *attacks Tigerstar* Die! die! die! die! DIE!
Spottedleaf-*pulls Bluestar off of Tigerstar* Calm down calm down we were just joking we were never let him on here.
Yellowfang-Our results are that one Cat is allowed in!! Yay for him!
Tigerheart-Yay for me!
Bluestar-Don’t make me kick you out!
*the imperial March from Star Wars starts playing*
Well that’s it! I hope you enjoyed my third article and I’m sorry if I offended you! Stormberry out!

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