Analyzing Millie and Briarlight’s Relationship by Sparktooth

Sparktooth shares their opinion about Millie and Briarlight’s relationship in the series.

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Guess who’s back, bloggers! Sparktooth’s long-awaited return has come 😛 😉 . I know some of you are like, “Oh, it’s another Millie defense article by ol’ Sparktooth. When will she learn my opinion can’t be changed?” Well, this is a bit different than that. So many people write articles and focus on Millie’s rocky relationship with Bumblestripe and, of course, Blossomfall. But what about Briarlight? Millie’s relationship with her is much more complex than it gets credit for. I’m here analyze the two of them and their bond.

When Blossomkit, Bumblekit, and Briarkit were born, it was clear Millie loved all of them very much. She was constantly keeping an eye on them and making sure they were safe. I’d like to point out she was always very cautious about her kits since they were born, most likely because she wasn’t used to Clan life yet.
As we all know, shortly after Millie have birth to her kits, she came down with a horrible case of greencough, which can be fatal for cats. Many cats became very ill as the sickness spread, but the two who were most sick were Millie and Briarkit. Millie could hardly even stand! The ill cats were moved to the old abandoned twoleg nest to be cared for there. Millie was separated from her two other kits.

From an early age, Briarkit spent most of her time with just Millie. This was certainly accidental, but that’s how it ended up. So it would make sense that Millie got to know Briarkit more because of the time they spent together when they were ill.
But Millie also was absent from all of her kits because she was dying. She could hardly move, and if she was able to talk, her voice was quiet and rapsy. Briarkit was bored and wanted to hangout with her siblings and her parents. I’m sure it was just as heartbreaking for Millie to hear her kit cry out wanting her mom back as it was for us to read about it.

“‘Don’t want mouse,’ Briarkit’s mew was hoarse. ‘I want milk.’ Her voice rose to a feeble wail. ‘I want my mother!’ Lionblaze turned away, unable to watch.” -Long Shadows, pg. 241.

This continued for a while while Millie was so sick she could have died anyday. Finally when they got better and moved back, I don’t remember any Millie neglecting any of her kits for a while after that. Not too long after that, Briarkit was attacked by the snake and Honeyfern died saving her. Millie was already very protective before that, but after that I’m sure she was determined to keep her kits save, especially Briarkit, who I’m sure next to her siblings seemed somewhat more vulnerable.

Later, when Briarpaw’s backbone was crushed, she ran the risk of dying everyday. Millie had been in the Clan long enough to know cats dying wasn’t unusual, so she became worried for her kit. Briarpaw even refused to eat for a while, saying she’s pointless to the Clan and didn’t have much reasons to live. Millie was horrified Briarpaw would even say that. She became determined to not let her die. One thing’s for sure about Millie, she’s pretty stubborn, and even in the mangas when she’s set her mind on something, there’s no going back. Graystripe wouldn’t even be with ThunderClan if she didn’t have that attitude!

So Millie spent as many minutes as she could spare helping Briarlight through her injuries. It wasn’t right for her to spend more time away from Bumblestripe and Blossomfall, that’s true. However, Millie had now become blind. She was only thinking that her kit needed her help, and she wasn’t gonna let Briarlight slip through on her watch, so much that it became somewhat extreme. This is why I don’t like when people say she’s a Rainflower 2.0, because she’s honestly not.
Briarlight was grateful for the help, but with the whole Clan treating her like that as well, that’s what became overwhelming. I’m sure she had become used to her mother watching over her, but with all of ThunderClan on top of that, she started to rebel.
I also would like to point out, Millie eventually realized Briarlight would be okay. But she still kept checking on her just in case.

Well, that’s gonna wrap it up for this article! Again, was it totally okay for Millie to do that and create more of a rocky relationship with her other kits? Great StarClan, no! But is it somewhat understandable why that would happen? For me, my answer is yes. I can see why she would do that, with her relationship with Briarlight and all, but it still doesn’t completely justify it; it somewhat justifies it. I hope you enjoyed reading this article! 😀

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  • Yeah Rainflower is actually kind of the opposite of Millie cause while Millie payed most of her attention to her injured kit, Rainflower paid more attention to her NON-injured kit. And yet again they both did ignore their other children but I agree that Millie had a much better reason to do so than Rainflower.

    Nice article! I agree that Briarlight and Millie had more of a mother-daughter relationship than the others because of all the scary events that had happened to them.

  • I don’t agree. I’m not in the mood for a large debate because I think we’ve done that enough about these characters, but I think that Briarlight eventually got frustrated at her mother’s doting attention because she saw how it was affecting her siblings.

    • And I also agree with Sky 😛 (I have two opinions on this because I can see both sides of the argument)

    • Haha, totally understood, with all the paragraphs we’ve typed about Millie, we could make over 10 articles 😛 😛 ! Tbh I do agree with that statement, I think Briarlight began to notice how it was affecting Bumblestripe and Blossomfall. I think she didn’t know how to tell Millie, so getting frustrated was her way of trying to tell her. However, I don’t hate Millie for this, for the reasons I said in the article.

  • I agree. My opinion has changed. I think that Millie should have been more aware of her other kits, but after what you’ve pointed out I can see how by that point Millie would have become very protective of Briarlight. She probably believed that Blossemfall and Bumblestripe were fine without her because they didn’t catch greencough or have their legs crushed. In other words, she was blind to what all her kits needed.

  • Ooh, I did an article defending misunderstood cats, and I was ranting about how Millie has good reason to be so protective of Briar, and this article is basically what I SHOULD have copied and pasted 😉 Nice!!

  • I would like their relationship better if Millie hadn’t neglected her two other kits for her. I understand that Briarlight was injured but that doesn’t give Millie the right to neglect her other children. Personally I’ve never and will never like Millie. In my opinion Millie wasn’t a good mother to Blossomfall or Bumblestripe they deserved a mother who actually paid attention to them. That’s why I’m glad they had Graystripe at least he paid attention to all of his kits. Also Millie shouldn’t have fussed over Briarlight so much yes again Ik she had an injury but she was doing well with her exercises and even told her mom that she was doing fine. I get that Millie was upset that Briarlight wouldn’t get to do the things that her siblings got to do but again that doesn’t excuse her neglecting her other children and making them feel unloved.

    • Agreed.
      Put that thing back where it came from, or so help me!

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