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Analyzing The Relationship of Crowfeather and Leafpool by Foxpaw

Foxpaw takes a look at Crowfeather and Leafpool’s relationship.

Art by DarkBroken

Hello, BlogClan! My name is Foxpaw and I’m here with a new article (*cough*it’sbeenalongtime*cough*)! This article is about the ever so complicated relationship of Crowfeather, WindClan deputy, and Leafpool, ThunderClan medicine cat. Here I will be analyzing the pros and cons and my personal opinion of this forbidden romance.

Let’s start off with the book Starlight – where the romance started. Crowfeather appears to still be grieving for his lost love, Feathertail. He is torn apart with his loyalty to his Clan and his feelings for the late RiverClan warrior. And to top it all off, he starts developing feelings for ThunderClan’s medicine cat apprentice, Leafpaw, who reminded him so much of Feathertail. This makes him feel awful as not only is he betraying his Clan more, but he moved on so quickly from the cat he thought he would love forever. He tries so hard to avoid this – his feelings for Leafpool – but he never quite manages it and what with Feathertail telling him to let go of his grief and live in the present, he stops refusing his feelings. When Leafpool was about to fall, Crowfeather saw the chance to start over – to love a cat with all the love he had in his heart, the love that he didn’t get the chance to spend with Feathertail. He saved Leafpool and confessed his feelings to her.

Now Leafpool, who had pitied Crowfeather for grief of Feathertail, couldn’t exactly believe his confession. But she accepted it – and it made her happy! Why? Well, for the past few chapters, she coincidentally started noticing how happy couples were and she started envying the future she gave up at the start. Now Crowfeather gives her the chance when she so wanted it. Before she could tamp down her feelings and realize what was most important. He confused her and despite what she was taught, she said yes.

This is a key point of their relationship. What was so special about Crowfeather that Leafpool would give up her passion since childhood for, something she worked so hard for? What did she see in him? What was it about him that she wanted him so much? You may disagree with me on this, but I believe the only thing that initiated this was because Leafpool was going through and adolescent phase, and she was confused with whether she wanted the path she had chosen or not. Crowfeather, who fell in love with her, ultimately pushed her into the wrong direction. How I see it is that Leafpool didn’t love Crowfeather – she loved the idea of being with someone. She loved the idea of rebelling, of having a cat look at her like no cat ever would. She wanted happiness and she thought it only lay in a mate and kits. She was blind to the truth and Crowfeather pushed her into a dark tunnel for it.

That being said, what about Crowfeather? Did he love Leafpool? I think he was more of an improvement because he saw her for her personality but was it just because her personality was so much like Feathertail’s? Did he ever like Leafpool for Leafpool, or did he love her for being Feathertail 2.0? I believe the latter. I guess the reason why the two of them clicked is because Leafpool wanted him for the opportunities he’d give her and Crowfeather loved her for her personality. They wanted in another what the other didn’t care about in this attraction they call love. Crowfeather actually dreaded the opportunity of being with her since he cared about his Clan and they wouldn’t approve. Leafpool saw nothing of his personality, took no note of it, and to this day, I think she didn’t care at all.

So then they run away but they hear of what happened to ThunderClan. Leafpool’s loyalty brings her back and Crowfeather reluctantly lets her go. They cut things off in Sunset, much to both’s despair. I think Leafpool at this point really loved him and wanted to be with him but she was stuck since ThunderClan needed her more than ever. Crowfeather, I assume, went back to a bunch of hostile faces and a reputation that could be compared to crow-food (haha) being smothered by maggots (I’m sorry). Basically, Crowfeather is crow-food (yes, I will never get sick of this c;).

In Leafpool’s Wish and After Sunset: We Need To Talk, we learn that Leafpool is having kits. So they went too far…And now they’re parents. In Leafpool’s Wish, despite being the one to propose ending their relationship, Crowfeather finds Leafpool near their Clan border. He kinda sorta flirts with her and she, being weighed down by the burden of carrying kits and not knowing what to do, sends him away harshly. This did break my heart, fyi, but it is true that Crowfeather ruined everything. Heck, she could be a happy doctor kitty doing what she loves 24/7 and then he waltzes in, destroys both their reputations and leaves her pregnant on his way out the door. And now he’s ringing the diddly darn doorbell. If I was Leafpool, I would’ve done the same thing.

But in After Sunset, Leafpool knows that he has a right to know about his children so she finds him only to have him mention his new wife and their son. How did that happen so fast? “Nightcloud had my kits last moon.” Um, shouldn’t queens be pregnant for only 2-3 moons? However this happened, it seems most likely that Nightcloud was expecting the same time Leafpool was. Anyone remember when Crowfeather left his patrol to talk to the pregnant Leafpool. Something kind of confusing is why Nightcloud is on the patrol. Do queens go on patrol? She was probably in the early stage of pregnancy if that was true or it was an inconsistency on the Erins’ part. But based on canon timeline, they must have been expecting at the same time of Nightcloud kitted “last moon”. Whatever the truth is, I’m still disgusted in Crowfeather for attempting to continue his ex-relationship with Leafpool when he literally just moved on. Adultery, much? You can’t switch between she-cats, Crowfeather. That’s not how it works.

In Power Of Three, we can see how lovely a brat Crowfeather and Nightcloud produced. His two families don’t really get along, as we can see. We can see him making snide remarks at his relationship with Leafpool and saying so in a way that insults Leafpool. He hurts her like this several times throughout the books with final showdown in Sunrise where he announces to the Clans that she means nothing to him or and disowns their kits. Leafpool accepts this quietly.

This is where I hate Crowfeather the most. Why should Leafpool suffer because he just couldn’t keep away? Because his feelings and grief got the better of him, he convinced her to abandon her Clan and when she was pregnant, lost, and afraid, he rejected her! Yes, he didn’t know but he didn’t give here a chance to tell him. He just walked off, pretended to forget she ever existed, and got together with someone, just like that. It made me feel like…What? He can’t just ruin her life and walk away with all the glory! He can’t leave her to suffer like that! Yes, this was a mistake on both of their parts, but if he truly loved her (he didn’t), he would’ve helped her up instead of pushing her down and running off with another girl! This reminds me of cheating in real life, and this just makes me so angry.

Before I give off the impression that I hate this ship (I already did, oh my god), I have to admit, they were sweet. They were adorable, and I don’t like admitting it, but I did wish they succeeded in eloping. Because if ThunderClan needed another medicine cat, couldn’t StarClan train another cat? ShadowClan and the situation with Puddleshine shows us it’s been done before. Alas, the Power of Three prophecy stops them anyways. If they hadn’t come back, the Clans would’ve been ultimately crushed and gone nearly extinct, if we are assuming the worst. (Of course, maybe history would repeat itself and a savior from SkyClan would come over and rebuild the Clans, but we can save all of this to need to happen, right?). Also, I would be surprised if they didn’t come back (even just to visit) sooner or later. They love their Clans and kin too much. Crowfeather has a mother, Leafpool has her parents and sisteer and mentor and friends. They couldn’t stay away that long and maybe they would choose to come back and stay anyways.

However, the fact that their reasons for wanting each other was so ridiculously cheesy (excuse my lanuage, please) and that there are so many things that wouldn’t have went wrong had they stopped it from happening, makes me wish this ship had never happened. It could’ve saved so much pain. But, of course, there’s that fact that Lionblaze and Jayfeather absolutely needed to be born, and the Clans would all be crushed without them. StarClan, I believe, was pushing for it to happen but wanted it to be prevented all at the same time. They were eternally grateful for the edgy badgers, and I guess we readers are too because without them, we wouldn’t have Power of Three and Omen of the Stars and A Vision of Shadows.

Three cheers for the edgy badgers!

That was a nice way to end an article. Merp.

♡ Foxpaw

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  • Ok, i’m pretty sure i’m the only person in the world that HATES crowxleaf. Their relationship messed things up for not only them, but Squirelflight, Brambleclaw, Nightcloud, Lionblaze, Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, Ashfur, Breezepelt, and there’s more than that. After Feathertail died, I figured Crowfeather would probably have a rough time finding love after something like that, but no. He had to get with the medicine cat apprentice from another clan. Most cats would never even consider something like that, but Crowfeather did. And Leafpool liked it. At that point, I was pretty upset with Crowfeather. I mean, he dedicated his warrior name to Feathertail, then forgot her so quickly when Leafpool was introduced. This hurt me, because Feathertail was one of my favorite characters. If none of that ever happened, I’d be alright with it. I could go with out Power of Three and Omen of the Stars…

  • I disagree with taking human standards as being warrior cat standards in all cases and I think we can buy into the books saying that they were basically *in love* even if “death of the author” can apply to and we can make our own conclusions about their infatuation.

    But I HATE how the books handled this pair. there’s so many other forbidden lovers in the series that just…handled it better? even if they didn’t end up together?

    leafxcrow was adorable and obv I woulda preferred a more romantic outcome but how it ended up and how they, especially Crow, reacted afterwards was just…idk. It made me feel just very bad about ever experiencing their romance to begin with. I kinda would have preferred it if they really did elope…or never just got together? I know Crow actually is a bit of a jerk and can be edgy, he brushed off his friends when the clans separated over and over again. Maybe we actually were made to trust too much in Crow being a cat with a heart of gold when tbh he’s not actually that consistent, he’s just selfish about his loyalities. Yes it makes sense to try cutting off Leaf, but his complete and utter coldness is just…sheesh! And I’m sure he didn’t HAVE to take a mate immediately.

    idk, there’s this bitter nihilistic vibe about how it was all written and handled later and tbh I guess a huge part of it that the Erins basically wanted to dispose of the drama rather than COMPLETELY deliberate tbh. I’m not even sure if to call it bad writing as I’m no expert…though their romance was def my LEAST favorite part of the books, seeing Crow act so mean afterwards rubs me the wrong way.

  • I’m a big Crowpool shipper!!! I mean yes he was mean to Leafpool but I’m sure if breaks his heart everytime.

  • Yeah I never liked them together. Their relationship had no development and it was just so rushed and forced. I do think they did love each other though. Yes Crowfeather was a jerk at times but I understand why he said that she and their kits meant nothing to him. His clan was extremely angry after he ran off with her and he had to regain their trust and so Leafpool saying that the kits were his, it just broke all the trust he had regained from his clan. I mean in his super edition cats in his clan still brought up the fact that he had run off with Leafpool even though it was such a long time ago. While I understand why he said what he said it was still extremely rude. But I understand why he said it. And he did care about Leafpool and his kits that he had with her it was just that he wanted to show that he was a loyal Windclan warrior. Of course I don’t agree with anything that he said but I know he didn’t truly mean it and he was only saying it to prove his loyalty to Windclan. For me Leafpool and Crowfeather being together made no sense whatsoever. I never saw her as a cat who would get with anyone. I understand that their kits were part of an important prophecy but I have never liked CrowxLeaf it’s just a weird ship. The only good thing about that whole relationship were their kits.

  • yeah, I agree with everything you said Jayda expect for some reason I just feel so

    comfortable with Leafpool & Crowfeather. yeah right jayda im sure crowfeather only acted mean to act loyal to his clan. I mean, i would do that too if it meant that i would be able to stay loyal to my clan! I also wish Leaf and crow could stay together. theyd have a happy life in twilight i wanted to read more about leaf and crow together all by themselves.

  • I would just like the idea watching them live by themselves only leaf and crow, watching their kits grow, too living happily together, and i wonder what names crowfeather would suggest! I wanted crow and leaf whole series and more! thats how much i want to read about their relationship.

  • I would just like the idea watching them live by themselves only leaf and crow, watching their kits grow, too living happily together, and i wonder what names crowfeather would suggest! I wanted crow and leaf whole series and more! thats how much i want to read about their relationship.

  • Wow. Long but nice article. Tbh, I like FeatherXCrow. I hate how people are like ‘Feathertail is a BRAT and a MARY SUE’ it’s so annoying. Plz stop if u do, when I was reading a artical one said, “Feathertail is just a selfish BRAT.” Ugh! I hate ppl that go over the top with Warrior Cat Ships. Besides, if Feathertail lived, Leafpool would possibly not be on Crowfeather’s life. You just never know what could happen,🤨

  • We wouldn’t have had A Vision of Shadows?? Well now I’m REALLY wishing they had either never happened or left and never returned.

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