June Art Contest Results + July Caption Contest

Me when I announce a contest                      VS                        Me when I have to choose the winners

Let’s great right into the thick of things with the . . . 

Main Contest Results

1st place winner: Brightberry!!! She redrew a frame from FlightFootWarrior’s AMV “Broken.” 

🏆 Your prize: a drawing (fursona, OC, Warriors character) AND the ability to choose live chat’s colors

2nd place winner: Potato!! She redrew a frame from GinjaNinjaOwo’s AMV “Surprise”

🏆 Your prize: a drawing (fursona, OC, Warriors character) OR the ability to choose live chat’s colors

3rd place winner: Asterstorm! She redrew a frame from the Noodlers’ part in the MAP “Kids Again”

🏆 Your prize: a drawing (fursona, OC, Warriors character)

Congrats, you guys! Your drawings were absolutely phenomenal!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😍

The other spectacular entries can be viewed below:

Thank you all for entering! 🙂

And a final congratulations to the winners — Brightberry, Potato, and Asterstorm!!!

Now give a warm welcome to Wanda The Wheel!!! 👏👏👏 She has rolled all the way here to announce the names of those tasked with drawing prizes for the winners:

“Moonbreeze will be drawing for the 3rd place winner, Honeypelt for the 2nd place winner (if they choose to have a drawing), and Jasminepelt for the 1st place winner!” 


Mini Contest Results

Oh gosh, it was so incredibly hard to choose the winner for this contest. I am in love with every single entry we received. They deserve to hang in museums across the world; they should be studied in art schools nationwide. Everyone should bare witness to their unfathomable beauty.

But, alas . . . I was forced to choose just ONE😭

So give a warm round of applause to our victor, Owlfeather!!!!!!! 😊 With her piece titled “Whistlers mother with all my cats.” Congrats!
Your prize is a drawing by the ever so talented Bramblefire! And 10-20 secret pages to claim if you’re interested in that.

(Because I was feeling indecisive, I asked my Mom to choose and she went over each one while saying things like “UUGGGHHH, this is hard” before suggesting that we consult my sister who helped us decide on Owlfeather’s. 😂 )

Before you continue to scroll down, please spare a hour minute of your time to marvel at the rest of the entries:

Now make way for our . . .

July Caption Contest!!! 😀


(Normally we’d have a fanfiction contest, but I asked those on live chat yesterday which they’d prefer to do, and the caption contest got the popular vote sooooooooooooooo here we go!!! 😛 )


  • No cursing
  • Only one entry per person
  • The deadline is July 31st, 11:59 PM EST


  • The ability to select a new emoji for live chat! Your emoji can be anything you want, so long as it’s appropriate for the Blog, and it will remain on live chat for a month! 🐱

Without further ado, here is the image for you to caption!


P.S. Our lovely lady, Wanda The Wheel, has decided she wants to embody a Magic 8 Ball today and tell people their fortunes, so if you have a yes-or-no question that you desperately want answered, please write it in the comments section below and Wanda The Wheel shall get back to you soon . . .

Example: Is Scourge the best character in Warriors?


Sorry Scourge fans 😢


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