Which Warrior? Scourge and Tigerstar? by Iceclaw

Iceclaw debates who the superior villain is out of Tigerstar and Scourge.

Artwork by BowtieMySoul

can’t believe I’m on my third skit :P! One the comments for my first skit, some people wanted to do Scourge and Tigerstar, so here we go. Get ready! Who is the better villain?

Iceclaw: So…

*Iceclaw laughs nervously (and awkwardly)

Iceclaw: We are here to judge two of the most DANGEROUS villains of the forest, (in my opinion). Tigerstar and Scourge!

*Tigerstar and Scourge stalks up glaring at each other

*Iceclaw backs away, clears throat, and gulps

Iceclaw: Remember villains: The rules say that you guys can’t hurt anyone. Remember that! Or we will take you away from the clearing by force!

Scourge: Pah! I cannot be forced. I am undefeatable! I am-

Jayfeather: (slowly) May I point something out? You did get defeated. By Firestar.

*Scourge unsheathes claws and growls

Scourge: You dare defy me?

*Iceclaw yelps

Iceclaw: Remember the rules! Don’t harm anyone!

Tigerstar: (growls) We won’t, you fool.

*Iceclaw backs farther away


Iceclaw: (shakily) Ok, ok, ok. Warriors, who is the better villain?

Jayfeather: I honestly didn’t think I would side up with my Tigerstar, but he is a WAY BETTER villain than Scourge.

*Scourge scowls

Jayfeather: Tigerstar is smarter, stronger, faster-

Iceclaw: Ummm.. I wouldn’t agree with “faster”. Technically, Scourge defeated Tigerstar by speed.

Jayfeather: (impatiently) Yeah, but it’s not the point! My point is that Tigerstar rules in being the best villain, and Scourge, I am sorry to say, sucks.

Scourge: That’s it!

*Scourge stands up

Iceclaw: SCOURGE! Remember the rules! Remember the rules! Remember the rules! Remember-

Scourge: Shut up already!

*Scourge rolls eyes and sits back down

Iceclaw: JAYFEATHER! Stop provoking Scourge!

Jayfeather: (sighs) Fine. I was telling the truth though.

Scourge: It’s a surprise I haven’t skinned you yet.

Jayfeather: I doubt that you have the courage to try.

Scourge: Did you realize that I killed Tigerstar? So am I supposed to be a better villain than him? That totally makes sense.

Iceclaw: Just because you killed Tigerstar, that doesn’t automatically mean you’re a better villain than him.

Tawnypelt: Hey everyone! Look here!

*Tawnypelt drags a giant whiteboard to the clearing

Tawnypelt: I have decided to judge these villains by their skills. Speed. Strength. Intelligence.


Scourge: Did you hear what Iceclaw said? I defeated you by speed, so I WIN SPEED.

Tawnypelt: Right Scourge. You get the point!

*Scourge cheers

*Tigerstar rolls eyes

Tigerstar: Well, I definitely win strength and intelligence.

Scourge: Stop bragging. EVERYONE knows that I’M the best.

*Jayfeather clears throat

Jayfeather: Not everyone…


Jayfeather: Whatever.

Tawnyelt: Anyway, back to the topic. For strength, I would think Tigerstar is better one. He is physically stronger than Scourge.

Scourge: Excuse me? I defeated Tigerstar.

Iceclaw: By speed, not strength.

Scourge: I knew that! I was just testing your knowledge.

Jayfeather: (under breath) Yeah right…

Tawnypelt: It will be an interesting conversation about who wins intelligence.

*the clearing explodes with talking cats

Brambleclaw: Tigerstar was cunning, but apparently not when he got killed by Scourge. He underestimated Scourge. He was too confident. That made him get killed.

Iceclaw: Instead of intelligence, I would say Tigerstar lacked wisdom in that part.

Tawnypelt: Does wisdom count as intelligence?

Iceclaw: I’m afraid not.

Tawnypelt: What about Scourge?

: We didn’t really know Scourge since he came from the Twolegplace, but I would say that he had intelligence.

Brackenfur: All we know is that Tigerstar was really intelligent. No one can deny that. His plots were carefully planned.

Tawnypelt: I guess Tigerstar wins that one… well… CONGRATULATIONS TIGERSTAR! You have been crowned “the better villain”!

*Tigerstar sniffles and starts sobbing

Tigerstar: That’s all I ever wanted!

Scourge: (mutters) Crybaby!

Tigerstar: WHAT DID YOU SAY?

*Scourge gives Tigerstar a mischievous smile

Scourge: Nothing!

Jayfeather: Oh yes, and another thing to add; Tigerstar clawed his way up to power. Scourge just got lucky. Everyone in the Twolegplace feared and respected Scourge after he supposedly chased off a dog.

Scourge: Now I will skin you.

*Jayfeather sniffs mockingly

Jayfeather: I like to see you try

*Scourge drops in a crouch but sighs and sits back up

Jayfeather: You see?

Iceclaw: Jayfeather!

Jayfeather: What?

Iceclaw: You know what? This is going on in circles. This discussion has ended.

So? Did you enjoy this? Who do you think is the better villain? Share your thoughts in the comments below! I think my skit would be Graystripe and Brambleclaw. Who is the better deputy. I think one of you suggested that!

  14 Replies to “Which Warrior? Scourge and Tigerstar? by Iceclaw”

  1. July 23, 2018 at 9:56 pm

    Whaaaat?! I love Brambleclaw!! <3

    love lasts forever

  2. Mint That Grows In Shade
    June 19, 2019 at 4:05 am

    I thought Tigerstar was a much better villain. Scourge had too much mercy whilst Tigerstar was cunning. It was sort of like he was teasing the prey before catching it. Since Firestar knew about Tigerstar’s treachery, once he realised the villain was planning the attack or raid, he was itching to prove to the Clans what Tigerstar had done to his Clan. However, the thing about Scourge is that when Tigerstar defied him, he didn’t hesitate to kill his “ally”.

    Either way, in my opinion, Tigerstar is still the better villain. This is just my opinion, though, so no offense to you… Scourge haters!

    And then she disappeared.

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