Happy Clanniversary, Hazelspots!

Happy Clanniversary, Spotzel!!! 😀

Thank you for being a part of BlogClan for so long — we’ve loved every moment with you! 🙂 You’ve left your mark on all our hearts. 🐾

In honor of your big day, allow me to shower you with pictures of tasty-looking cat themed pastries! But first, an introduction:

With that out of the way, it’s time for the main course!

A delectable mystery dessert (pudding, I presume?) with the cutest cat emoji face

followed by these chubby ice cream cats! 😛 Real heart stoppers, if I do say so myself.

And just look at those wee little paws they have!

Now there’s this . . . OH GOODNESS ME!! That’s no dessert! 😮

My mistake, whoooooops!

Still scrumptious looking either way, a real 12/10

Quickly moving on, here are adorable Pusheen doughnut holes!

aaaaaaaand that’s all I’ve got! 😉

Hope your clanniversary is wonderful, Spotzel!!! 😍