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Cheetahspark answers the Warriors 20 Questions.

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So, Ebonyrain did one of these a while back and tagged everyone, so I thought I’d give it a try! 20 warriors questions answered by me because I’m super bored! Also, there will probably be spoilers in this article.

1. How did you get into Warriors?
So in about third or fourth grade, a couple of my friends created this Warriors game during recess and got the entire grade involved even though they were literally the only two people who had ever read Warriors. It was basically a big Warriors RP, though nobody except the two people who had started it actually knew what the heck they were doing. After playing it for a while and still having not read Warriors, I was pretty curious at this point about the magical world of fighting cats, so I went to my school library and was about to check out the first book. Then my friend that had read them popped up and told me it was “much to gory for me”, so I didn’t get it. Either way, me and two of my other friends that hadn’t read it were curious anyway, so we decided to look at the Ultimate Guide. Bless our poor little fourth grade hearts, the first page we turned to was Brightheart’s page. We all screamed because we were all freaked out by her face. This only seemed to intrigue me more… Lo and behold, I got the first book and was immediately obsessed. I got a few more of my other friends into it, so here I am today.

2. Favorite Arc
My favorite arc is probably Dawn of the Clans. It gave me a nice break from the modern Clans, and it was something I had never seen before. It gave a cool new perspective to the world, plus I though the naming style was cool. I instantly fell in love with the characters (Gray Wing, Sun Shadow, and Turtle Tail mostly), and I just though the arc was beautifully written.

3. Favorite Book (excluding mangas, super editions, novellas)
Hmmmmm… That’s a tough one. I honesty don’t know. It would either be Rising Storm, Dawn, The Forgotten Warrior, The Last Hope, or Shattered Sky. But they’re all so great!

4. Favorite Super Edition, Novella, or Manga
I really loved Firestar’s quest. FireXSand is an amazing ship, and I loved seeing more development in their relationship. Plus I love Clan-builing stories 😛

5. Favorite Clan
WindClan, for sure! I always just felt connected to that Clan for some reason. If I were a cat, that’s what Clan I would be in. Maybe I’ve connected to my OC on a spiritual level??? I don’t know, I’d just love to run on the open moorland. Plus I love bunnies.

6. Favorite Character
Ivypool is definetly my favorite character. I relate to her in so many ways, and I love that she wasn’t perfect, but fixed her mistakes. Plus she saved the forest, which was pretty dang awesome. I also adore the IvyXFern ship.

7. Least Favorite Character
I have a few, but I’d have to say Rainflower. She legit made me cry when she abandoned poor little Crookedkit in Crookedstar’s promise. I never understood how a mother could be so cruel to her own kit.

8. Most Aesthetically Pleasing Cat
I’ve never really thought about that one… I like Cloudtail, Squirrelflight, Brambleberry, and Heathertail. Cloudtail is an adorable ball of fluff. I love the color dark ginger on Squirrelflight, plus her having one white paw is strangely satisfying. I just love Brambleberry’s coloring overall. And I hate Heathertail as a character, but I can’t ignore those purple eyes.

9. Favorite Leader
I really like Mistystar, mainly because she avoids most of the drama (she’s too good for the other Clans’ petty quarrels).

10. Favorite Villain
Antpelt is my favorite, with Sleekwhisker coming in a close second. I felt so bad when Antpelt got erased from existance, and I was just really sucked in by Sleekwhisker’s story in general, and I’m curious as to what led her to the choices she made.

11. Favorite Medicine Cat
Puddleshine, the poor little bean. He’s just adorable and I love him. He had to learn to become a medicine cat in a shorter time then most, then he was forced to obey Darktail, and he basically had to carry ShadowClan on his shoulders considering Rowanstar gave up and Tigerheart left.

12. Overrated Character
Well, I kinda think Breezepelt is overrated. I don’t like him, but I understood his circumstances. I’m just sick of all the arguments about him.

13. Underrated Character
Sun Shadow, the best most amazing cat of all time. I don’t know why I have such an attachment to him (well, I do, considering I wrote an entire article about it), but I do think he was pretty underrated.

14. Favorite Minor Character
Ummm… Toadstep, Hazeltail, Hollytuft, and Fernsong. Toadstep because he was like a mini Jayfeather. Hazeltail because…. I don’t know, just whenever I think of a minor character, she always comes to mind. Hollytuft because she reminds me of Hollyleaf, and she’s shown to be adorable and energetic. And Fernsong because he’s Ivypool’s mate and volunteered to be a stay-at-home dad.

15. Favorite Pairing
Jayfeather and Half Moon are one of my favorites. I just love the idea that grumpy Jayfeather finds love, and I think Half Moon brings out his softer side.

16. Least Favorite Pairing
I have a few, but I’ll say Skystar and Star Flower. She can’t go flirt with his son and then become mates with him. That’s just wrong. Plus they both by themselves are insufferable, so together they’re even more so.

17. Favorite Friendship
You can’t beat Firestar and Graystripe, the dynamic duo! They went through a ton together, and are best friends until death.

18. Favorite Moment

19. Most Tragic Death
Needletail, Gray Wing, and Hollyleaf were definitely some of the saddest, but the most tragic to me was probably Swiftpaw. He just wanted to prove himself to his leader, but he was killed.

20. Favorite Battle / Fight Scene
Well, the first battle was super emotional for me because they all turned on each other. It was also EPIC. The DF battle was super sad; I cried like 50 times, so that one was also good. The final battle with Darktail was also amazing, with Onestar killing him in the end.

Wow, this was fun! I guess I tag everyone else now? Anyway, have a nice day everyone 🙂

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