Kinkpaw Joins the Bandwagon

Kinkpaw answers the 20 Warriors Questions!

Art by GrayPillow

HEy blog! Since I’m quite possibly the most unoriginal human being on earth, I’m doing the 20 questions… thing just like everybody else is. Unpopular opinions and possibly spoilers below… just a warning! 🙂

1. When did you get into Warriors?
Ooh I actually remember this! It was in 2nd grade. All the girls in my class started a book club for Into the Wild and me, being the popularity-seeking outcast that I was, needed to join so I could finally be into something “normal.” Long story short I got into Warriors way more than I originally planned… so much so that for the entirety of 5th and 6th grade, I wasn’t allowed to read them because I was “too obsessed.” 😛

2. Favorite Arc?
Ummm?? I really like AVoS but since that isn’t finished I’ll choose the original arc. The original is always the best! 😀

3. Favorite book (not manga, super edition, or novella)?
Probably Thunder and Shadow or a Dangerous Path.

4. Favorite Super Edition, Manga, or Novella?
SE: Easily Crookedstar’s Promise, with Bluestar’s Prophecy in close second, Rise of Scourge, and Mapleshade’s Vengeance

5. Favorite Clan?
RiverClan! They have a reputation for being lazy, just like me.

6. Favorite Character?
Mapleshade. (Hey, I warned you guys about unpopular opinions 😛 ) Or maybe Ivypool, I like her too! And Brambleclaw. Not Bramblestar, Brambleclaw.

7. Least Favorite Character?
Dovewing or Firestar, I can’t decide. They had personality at the beginning but eventually just deteriorated into Sues.

8. Most Aesthetically Pleasing Cat?
Silverstream, she looks just like my fursona but with blue eyes.

9. Favorite Leader?
Raggedstar. He was actually a flawed leader, and we don’t get a lot of those.

10. Favorite Villain?
Mapleshade. Her story was so cool! The whole descending-into-insanity storyline is really fascinating to me for some reason.

11. Favorite Medicine Cat?
Yellowfang. easily. She’s sharp and sassy but still cares. She has one of the more discernable personalities in the series.

12. Overrated Character?
Firestar. He invites all sorts of non-Clan cats in and then uses his kittypet origins as an excuse. He was alright in TPB, but he’s a Sue now and it’s annoying.

13. Underrated Character?
Seedpaw. He died. Trying to get a stick. (Jayfeather would be proud.)

14. Favorite Minor Character?
Duskpaw- he’s so food oriented! Just like me!

15. Favorite Pairing?
Moth x Leaf or Yellow x Ragged.

16. Least Favorite Pairing?
Leaf x Crow. That one was just so out-of-the-blue and forced. And I’ve honestly had enough of forbidden relationships.

17. Favorite Friendship?

18. Favorite Moment?
When Raggedpelt tells Yellowfang that Foxheart means nothing to him and he’d rather spend his life with her. I’m a sucker for romance. 😛

19. Most Tragic Death?
Tragically hilarious? Firestar. Sad? Badgerfang or Mosskit.

20. Favorite Battle/Fight Scene?
Mapleshade killing people. Mapleshade killing everyone.
So that’s it, I hope I lept your attention this far. 🙂 It’s not the most original thing I could have done, but hey, I am not exactly creative. 😛
~ Kinkpaw out 😀

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