Giving Dead Kits/Apprentices Warrior Names by Otterpaw

Otterpaw gives Warrior names to those who never received them.  

    Art by Warrior-Junkie

Hello! Today, I am actually going to make an article that I think I actually won’t be embarrassed about! I’m going to give dead apprentices/kits that died warrior names. Simple enough. The names I am giving them is my opinion. Also, there might be spoilers so BEWARE!!! Anyways, let’s start off with… Swiftpaw.

Swiftpaw of ThunderClan died from a dog. He and Brightpaw (heart) wanted to fight the dogs to show Bluestar that they were worthy enough to have warrior names.

Hmmm… I’ll go with the name Swiftclaw. If he survived the dog fight, I think he would be named Swiftclaw because he was a good fighter and brave. So, I think Swiftclaw makes sense.

Mosskit of ThunderClan died of hypothermia (she froze). She died when Bluestar was taking her kits to RiverClan.

I like the name Mossfrost for how she died in the snow. Or maybe Mossflake. We didn’t get to see much of Mosskit, so I don’t really know.

Sweetpaw of ThunderClan died of food poisoning. She, Rosepaw (tail) and Bluefur (star) shared a bad rabbit. Sweetpaw was the only one who died out of the three of them.

Sweetheart. She is very kind and sweet, but her name is already Sweetpaw… so I think the name Sweetheart is fitting.

He died of smoke inhalation. Hawkpaw (wing) saved Pebblepaw instead of him when they were in the fire.

This is a hard one! Possibly Duskfire because he died in the fire and he was very mischievous and comical.

Snowkit was carried away by a hawk. He was deaf.

Snowhawk or Snowdrift because he was carried away by a hawk, of course. Or possibly Snowheart because he seemed sweet!

Ravenpaw is a loner, but he was formerly from ThunderClan. He is older than an apprentice but when he left ThunderClan, his name didn’t change. However, Ravenpaw did die of liver cancer.

I know, I know, he refused to have a warrior name, but I’m just thinking what if he wanted a warrior name? I know that if the Erins could give him a warrior name, it would be Ravenwing, but that’s already canon (and I don’t want to use Ravenwing). So anyways… I think I would give him the name Ravenheart. He’s so kind and he follows his heart, so I think the names fits.

Petalkit, Larchkit, and Patchkit were of ThunderClan. They were the kits of Mapleshade of ThunderClan and Appledusk of RiverClan. They drowned while Mapleshade was trying to bring them to RiverClan after they got exiled.

I like the name Petalleap because I think she has a lot of energy. For Larchkit, Larchwater because he liked swimming. Patchheart for Patchkit, because he was so sweet and loving to Mapleshade!

Seedpaw of ThunderClan drowned.

Ooh! Maybe Seedheart or Seedwater. Seedheart because she is kind and caring for jumping in the water to save her drowning sister, Lilypaw, and Seedwater because, well, she jumped into the water to save Lilypaw. Or maybe Seedwater because she survived from drowning from water.

Shrewpaw of ThunderClan was hit by a twoleg monster while he was chasing a pheasant.

Maybe if he caught the pheasant, he would be named Shrewfeather.

So yep, that’s my article! I hope you enjoyed!

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  • I only have one problem with that: everycat ( well nearly ) was given their warrior name for how they died

    • Dear Eaglejay, if they survived their survival would mean a lot to their close cats. So it would still make sense.

    • Dear Fowpaw/claw, if they survived their survival would mean a lot to their close cats. So it would still make sense.

    • Dear Lavaheart, if they survived their survival would mean a lot to their close cats. So it would still make sense.

  • Dear Otterpaw,
    I LOVED your ideas. I hope it’s okay if I use some for my Alternate Timeline Fanfictions about Mapleshade’s kits. Swiftclaw is good, I feel so bad he died, BLUESTAR COULD YOU PLEASE NOT JUDGE APPRENTICES BY WHO THEIR MENTORS ARE, then Swiftpaw wouldn’t have died and Brightheart wouldn’t have those terrible scars. Mossfrost sounds good too, how about Mossblizzard or Mosssnow ( after her aunt, SNOWfur, as well ) or Mossfreeze, because if she survived the cold she would be named after surviving it. Sweetheart sounds so CUTE, how about Sweetmouse because if she had survived she, eating that mouse, would probably be named after how she survived the poison, how about Sweetpoison because rotting sweet stuff usually smells sweet and used to taste sweet. Duskfire would be good too because if he could have survived the fire he would most likely be named after it, it would also symbolize his endless energy, Duskflame or Duskblaze would also work. But how about Dusksmoke, since if he lived through the smoke inhalation it would mean a lot to him and his close cats. Or how about Duskstorm, for surviving a firestorm. Snowhawk is good, how about Snowsight because he will have to learn to lip read and his vision would mean a lot to him. Ravenheart is good, but how about if Ravenpaw named himself, he could have named himself Ravenfire ( after his good friend Firestar ) or Ravenstripe ( after his other good friend Graystripe ) or Ravengrass or Ravenhay ( after his best friend Barely ). I also thought of Petalleap, though I really wanted her name to be Fawnkit, she looks so much like a fawn ;), then I would name her Fawnpetal 😉 I think it sounds cuter than Petalfawn!!!!!!! Or how about Petalstream or Petalsplash or Petalwater or Petalpool or Petallake for her RIVERclan ancestry. Larchwater is not that bad, personally, I think it sounds a little female, how about Larchriver for his RIVERclan heritage, that doesn’t sound that female though most water-related endings always sound female to me. Patchheart is good, I also thought of it. Seedwater is PURRfect, what about Seedsplash or Seedstream or Seedlake or Seedriver or Seedpool, because if she survived water would mean a lot to her close cats. If Lilyheart drowned instead of her 🙁 she could have bin called Seedlily or Seedflower or Seedpetal or Seedleaf or Seedfern or Seedmoss. If they both survived they could both be named Lilysplash/stream/water/lake/river/pool and Seedlake/river/splash/stream/pool. Shrewpaw has to be SHREWPHESEANT, LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!! Because that pheasant could have saved the clan from hunger.

  • Hi Otterpaw! I want to give my opinion for three of those cats, the ones from The Prophecies Begin: Snowkit, Swiftpaw, and Ravenpaw. Well, Ravenpaw didn’t die in the Prophecies Begin, but, you know what I mean. I want to start with Ravenpaw. I would of went with the Erins and named him Ravenwing, I like the name. But if I can’t use Ravenwing due to that being the name of a former medicine cat, I think I’ll name him… Ravenfall. I don’t know where the thought of that name came from, I just think it sounds good. Moving onto Snowkit. I would use Snowear since he’s deaf, but I don’t like Snowear, and it sounds kind of cruel. Okay, I think I’ll name him…
    Snowfrost. This name was like Ravenfall, as it appeared in my head, and it just sounded good. Moving onto Swiftpaw. I saved him for last because my explanation behind the name I’m about the give him is long. If Swiftpaw survived, let’s say while Bluestar named Brightpaw Lostface since she was insane at the time, she also gave Swiftpaw a cruel name, and named him Dogfood since he was almost killed by dogs. Soon after, Bluestar, who was on her last life, drowned, and died. When Firestar becomes leader, Cloudtail asks him to change Lostface’s name to something that isn’t cruel, and while he’s doing that, do the same with Dogfood. So, after Firestar makes Thornpaw a warrior and named him Thornclaw, he changes Dogfood and Lostface’s names. While he renames Lostface Brightheart after her kindness and her bravery, Firestar takes note that Dogfood was as fast and as swift as Runningwind, so he renames Dogfood Swiftwind after his friend who was killed by Tigerstar, who was Tigerclaw at the time two books ago (of course he didn’t know that it was two books after Runningwind was killed, but I didn’t know what else to put in)
    So overall, here are my names for Snowkit, Swiftpaw and. Ravenpaw:
    Swiftpaw – Swiftwind
    Snowkit – Snowfrost
    Ravenpaw – Ravenfall
    Thank you for reading and I hope you liked my opinions!

  • Shrewpaw’s death made me think of snowfurs death. Because they had the same death but I think that since shrewpaw was an apprentice it is sad I mean who am I kidding all the deaths are sad but when I was thinking of snowfur’s death it was more sad because she had a kit to care for and for bluefur it was more sad for her because when she wan an apprentice her and snow turns mother died. Poor whitekit and bluefur.

    • 🐅🌟Tigerpaw/shine (Tiger Dashing Under Shining Sun/Tiger Shine/Tiger) (mae/mim/mair/mairself, rav/rae/raven/ravenself, she/her/her/herself)🐅🌟 says:

      I agree, nice article.

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